Why OSI Food Solutions Rules the Food Processing Industry

August 24, 2018

OSI Food Solutions has more than a century of business behind it, and its position in the food processing industry is secure. The company is the largest provider of protein in the world. Their operations span across continents, and their offerings include every type of meat. Reaching the top of a large industry takes some creativity, but OSI understands the need for original ideas.

Innovation plays a key role in making OSI Food Solutions one of the top 100 American companies. If you want to stand a chance in this market, you need to have an advantage over other companies. Early on, OSI focused on cryogenics until it became the standard for meat preservation. When the competition adopted their methods, OSI Food Solutions looked outside the box for answers. The company took its multi-state operation worldwide, and it secured its success for decades. No other food processor can compare itself to OSI. Making it onto that top 100 list is an achievement, but it isn’t a finish line. OSI must continue to grow larger, and it needs to find new markets for the protein it produces. When companies this size relax, they can easily lose all their hard work.

OSI Food Solutions recently doubled its chicken capacity to reach its new goals. The demand for protein continues to grow, and they can continue to supply fast food chains as needed. Although their position in the American market is firm, their new plants in Europe need more attention. The recent acquisitions of Baho Foods, a Scandinavian meat deli, should help. These meat processors are familiar with the European market, and they’ll be able to do much of the initial work. On an international scale, OSI needs to focus on precise and careful investments.

Today, OSI focuses on developing a sustainable business model. The company wants to keep its profits high, but it also wants to protect the environment. Finding a way to give their customers what they want without environmental impact is their plan. Meat consumption isn’t going away, but the way we process our meat is going to change in many ways.


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