Who is Sujit Choudhry

In looking at the article about Choudhry on ReleaseFact, we can see that he is an expert in politics and comparative constitutional law. The article goes on to talk of how Choudhry’s expertise also include managing the transition from turmoil to peaceful democratic politics, as well as things such as the creation of a constitution in ethnically divided societies, the transfer of authority from central to local government, formally withdrawing from a federation, federal governmental structure, and official language policy.

Sujit Choudhry is a professor of law at the UC Berkeley School of Law, prior to this he served as the dean of the school, as well as the professor of law at New York University. Before his work with at U.C. Berkeley, Choudhry participated in philanthropy, he held an academic chair position at the University of Toronto. In his knowledge concerning comparative constitutional law he is a renowned and respected figure, due to his background and schooling in law. When speaking, he combines a variety of research points with field experience to advise constitution building processes. Due to this diversification of research his word maintains a high validity. Choudhry has done constitution building in countries including Egypt, Libya, Jordan, South Africa, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, and Ukraine. In looking at Choudhry’s schooling experience we can see that he earned a BA in law from the University of Oxford. In addition to this he received a B.S. from McGill University, and attended the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. To top it all off Choudhry received a Master of Law from Harvard Law School. While he was at Harvard, Choudhry was a Rhodes Scholar (blogs.law.nyu.edu).

Currently, Choudhry is also the founding director of Center for Constitutional Transitions, a company specialized in generating knowledge in support of constitution building through research which has a focused purpose. The Center for Constitutional Transitions was founded in 2012. In addition to his impressive list of accolades, professor Sujit Choudhry is also considered a world-renowned scholar. He has written generally on Canadian constitutional law. Choudhry has recently also published a book chapter which is planned for release in a newsletter. In addition to this he has a published book in partnership between Tom Ginsburg called Constitution Making.

Learn more about the company at http://constitutionaltransitions.org/director/#Choudhry

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