Upwork is Moving Up

October 31, 2018

What Is New with Upwork

Recently patch.com did an informative article about Upwork. Upwork offers an online platform for clients and freelancers. Upwork is a company that is completely freelancer based. Freelancers can go onto this platform, and they can post information about their skills and their qualifications. Once they have created a profile, they are able to get jobs from international clients. Clients also go on this platform in order to find qualified candidates. When clients are looking for a professional who can carry out certain tasks, they can go through the profiles of different freelancers in order to find one who has the skills that fit their needs. This is an extraordinary platform. It has allowed millions of individuals to connect and to find work.

More on Upwork

Upwork was founded because of a merger of two different online freelance companies. These two companies were Elance and Odesk. This merger took place in 2014, and the results has been phenomenal. Upwork has been able to raise over $100 million in funding from investors, and recently, Upwork has gone public on the NASDAQ. Several high ranking companies have decided to become stakeholders for this innovative company. When it comes to revenue, Upwork has been able to generate more than $225 million. Upwork’s shares started at $15 each, and they have had a 53% increase.

The future of Upwork

Upwork continues to have success when it comes to freelancing and clients, and the company has been able to help individuals in more than 180 countries to find work and connect with professionals. There is a worldwide trend towards online work; this allows a person to be location independent. Since Upwork has created the perfect platform that enables professionals to find work online, the future looks bright for upwork.

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