UKV PLC Offers Useful Wine Selection Tips

May 5, 2017

Learning about French wines can be pretty overwhelming. Even those who are thoroughly experienced when it comes to wine can feel as though French wine production and labeling is especially complicated. If you’re a beginner on the subjects, here are some basics that will give you a better understanding of French wines.


Many regions in France produce either white or red wine. However, both types of wine are produced in Burgundy and are of equal quality and importance. Reds from Burgundy include Pinot noir that have earthy and complex flavors. Burgundy whites are made from Chardonnay grapes, and these wines have light, mineral notes. Burgundy is well known for its vineyards and has been a favorite of winemakers for hundreds of years. Some of the wines from the region are also particularly high priced and world-famous, like the Cote de Beaune Chardonnay.


While many people use the terms “champagne” and “sparkling wine” interchangeably, you haven’t had Champagne until the wine came from the Champagne region in northeastern France. Sparkling wines that come from other places are technically referred to as cremant. The method of production is the main difference between cremant and Champagne. The Champagne region is cold and high-altitude, and a double fermentation process is traditionally used to produce the wine.

Purchasing Wine Through UKV PLC

France produces 8 billion bottles of wine annually, and wine enthusiasts looking to sample some of the best wines the country has to offer may benefit from a supplier like UKV PLC. The qualified consultants at UKV PLC have an extensive understanding of French wine and can assist you with wine pairings. The staff can also recommend the best times of year to buy certain wines.

UKV PLC is also an independent company, and is not affiliate with a limited supply chain. This means you’ll have more access to quality wines. If you enjoy wine with your meals or want to increase your wine collection, UKV PLC can help you accomplish your culinary goals.

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