The Engaging New Website Experience from U.S. Money Reserve Attracts more Visitors

June 2, 2017

U.S. Money Reserve, a major bullion trader in the country, has introduced a new website recently, and it is turning out to be engaging the visitors well and helping to increase its customer base. The new site,, is reflecting its world-class service, the position of being the industry leader with top-quality products, commitment to the customers, and also reflecting the core values of the firm. The entirely revamped design of the website contains high-quality images of its precious metal collections and the President of the company and former Mint Director of U.S., Philip N. Diehl. Interestingly, the site has options to educate the new customers about the various financial terms and importance of investments in precious metals, and even assistance is provided for the potential buyers.


“Our new site and its options generate quality content across various platforms, helping to communicate with the clients, and offers world’s best precious metal products through our online store,” said VP with the responsibility of Brand and Creative, Ryan Buchanan. Ryan took care of the site redesign and played a crucial role in making it a fully-responsive tool. The online shop is part of the website, and it offers gold, silver, and platinum products at competitive prices. For regular and specialized buyers, it even offers PCGS certified coins. Also, there is an option to register for the free gold information kit to get regular updates about the precious metal market including various options and the prospects. The site also has a Knowledge Center, which offers more details about as grading, minting, and purchase of precious metals. Additionally, there is a News Room that provides the latest news regarding bullion market and trends.


U.S. Money Reserve is founded in 2001, to retail the platinum, gold, and silver bullion issued by U.S. Government. Later, it started selling foreign government and agencies bullion as well. The excellent quality products with world-class service helped the firm to grow significantly in the bullion trading market, and the firm has more than 400,000 satisfied customers now. U.S. Money Reserve is currently one of the largest distributors of coins issued by the U.S. government. The company is focused on increasing its customer base with innovative solutions and products of investment. The bullion trader has a 30-day BuyBack Guarantee for its products; it assures a full refund if buyer returned the product within 30 days of the purchase. U.S. Money Reserve also designed a new retirement investment plan based on gold called Gold Standard IRA.


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