Taking a Look at Nick Vertucci’s New Book

June 16, 2018

Nick Vertucci came from a humble background and after losing his father when he was 10 years old, he had a great impact in his life. After he was 18 years, he spent his life living in his car and he didn’t lose focus in the life. That is when he started a company of selling computers spare parts. It is by the experience that he started recognizing the entrepreneurial freedom both in money and time. Through the discipline and hard work, it made Nick Vertucci stop camping in his van because he was earning a seven-figure. He married and then blessed with three daughters and after that, his life expanded.

Nick Vertucci founded NVREA in Orange County in 2014, California basing the idea that wealth is waiting. In his academy, he has been helping the students achieve their dreams in the real estate investment. He offers classes that teach the students on the way to succeed where he provides education on; commercial investments, asset protection, rehabbing and flipping of properties, wholesale and the flipping contracts and many more. He has broken the transactions into different simples steps which are “Get in”, then “Get out,” and lastly “get paid.” It is a concept that will help in finding the best deals, get them and then get your fortune.

Nick Vertucci recently released a book, which guides and mentors the seven-figure decision. He has shared his personal life challenges in the book where he explains with details on the principles that are related to real estate investment. He has also accounted on how these principles he talks about has been his guide after applying and gained entrepreneurial freedom and financial wealth. He has been able to explain that you will not be able to strike to richness if you play safe. He describes the fundamental decisions that you can go from being in middle class and become a millionaire.

In Nick Vertucci book, “Seven Figure Decisions” or having balls so that you can succeed, he has defined the most important aspects that brought his success and being able to identify specific lessons that he learned and how he changed the past mistakes. He covered some of the mistakes in the book which included: how you can push the fears from your past and be able to alter your mindset so that you can pursue your dreams, how you can raise your sights high and how they can even drastically change the professional outcome and why it is important for you to come from place of service after attending to your clients than self-service place and by doing so, how it will help you achieve your seven-figure dream.

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