Wes Edens, the Marvelous Leadership at Fortress Investment Group LLC

Wes Edens is a Co-Founder of Fortress Investment Group LLC. He serves as the company’s Private Equity Chief Investment Officer. Since August 2009, he has also been the President of Private Equity, Co-Chairman and, Head of Private Equity. From December 2017, Wes has served as a Co-Chief Executive Officer at the company. He is charged with the responsibility of overseeing the alternative investment businesses and, the private equity.

Wes Edens has valuable experience and knowledge in the investment industry. He is well-known as an officer as well as a skilled director of public and private companies. He has served at Union Bank of Switzerland as the Managing Director in 1997 and 1998. In October 1993 to May 1997, he was a Partner and Managing Director at BlackRock Financial Management Inc. He has also worked at Lehman as a Partner and Managing Director in late 80s and early 90s.

Mr. Edens has also served in several leadership positions under Fortress Investment Group LLC. He has served as the principal and Co-Chairman of Fortress Credit Corporation, Chairman of New Senior Investment Group Inc., Mapeley Limited, Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC, Gatehouse Media, Springleaf Finance, Florida East Coast Railway Corp, New Media Investment Group Inc, New Senior Investment Group Inc and, Newcastle Investment Holdings. He has also served as a director of Global Signal Inc., Impact Commercial Holdings, Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc, Aircastle Ltd, Rail America, Inc., Brookdale Senior Living Inc., Seacastle Inc., Springleaf Finance, SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd and, Pinnacle Holdings. Mr. Edens holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Oregon State University.

Wes Edens is actively involved in philanthropic activities. Together with his family, they set up The Edens Family Fund for Climate Change Research at Princeton University. The organization is the mastermind of the Urban Challenge, an event held at Princeton Environmental Institute. For his selfless dedication, he was honored as the inaugural co-chair of Brown School of Public Health Advisory Council. The Macalester College awarded him a research fund and, a professorship in global health. With the fund, Wes Edens has advanced his philanthropic endeavors by combating environmental health hazards and, infectious diseases in the world.

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