Strategies Used By Fabletics to Be at a Competitive Advantage Over Amazon

April 11, 2017

Very rarely will you hear a company enter the industry and start competing with the industry pioneers. In most cases, they will compete on a lower level, until they have learnt the tricks to navigate the industry. But Fabletics is not your ordinary company. They have been around for around four years now but they are already giving Amazon a run for its money. Now, you would think that I am just blubbing but wait until you see the figures. In just the three years that the company has been in operation, they have managed to make sales of over $250 million. Surprising, right? But that’s the fact and this has not been a result of sheer luck. Rather, the company has had to work really hard to come up with strategies that would put them at a competitive advantage over Amazon and other big league companies that are in this industry. And, this is how they do it



Changing the Narrative


Fabletics has managed to change the sportswear industry narrative. In the past, companies that are known for quality would also be marked by a high price. This made it impossible for the ordinary athlete to purchase quality apparel. Identifying this gap in the market, Fabletics have come up with a way of providing the same quality but at a very affordable price. They cut their costs to the minimum and in that way, they are able to sell at lower prices. Also, Fabletics has changed the notion that sports gear has to be boring and dull. Now, you can get fashionable exercise gear, coming in various patterns, designs and colors.



Capitalizing on Online Data


Fabletics knows that the world today is highly digital and that most information that you need about your clients, you will get it on social media. They use such data to make apparel that suits the lifestyle of today athletes. They heavily rely on this data for the success of their physical stores. They listen to the wish of their clients and turn them into products. And, that’s where they go right.



Kate Hudson


Working closely with Kate Hudson has made the Fabletics brand sell more. Kate Hudson is seen modelling most of the company’s new apparel. And, being a best-selling artist who is largely followed, she gives the brand a push in the right direction. Besides, who wouldn’t want to rock something that Kate Hudson finds fabulous and even wears herself?



Reverse Showrooming


Fabletics knows their consumers only too well. They know that there are people who will come to their online store only to check out what is trending and will then go to the physical stores to look for the exact items. For this kind of consumers, they have established physical outlets. Today, they have more than a dozen stores in the US and UK and continue to open more physical stores.

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