Sanjay Shah Opens Up About Entrepreneurial Success

April 20, 2016

Dubai based investor Sanjay Shah recently shared his views about making it in business. This was during an interview with media personality Eric Dye who hosts a show on Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio. The program is devoted to providing a platform where budding entrepreneurs from all over the world are advised, informed, motivated and inspired. Mr. Shah’s recent interview gave such prospective capitalists insights about the commercial world. He shared his story about the growth of Soho Capital from humble beginnings. He expressed optimism that his success story will act as an impetus for listeners become successful business owners.

Shah himself is an astute entrepreneur, having led Soho Capital to become one of the largest financial services providers in the UK. During the interview, he retaliated that anyone seeking to start a business should not underrate the amount of money that they have. They should start at a small scale and expand with time. In addition, they should not make the assumption that they can do all the work related to the business on their own. They need to bring on board those who are experienced in that particular venture.

Brief Notes about Sanjay Shah

The firm’s specialties are professional sports ventures, financial consultation and exclusive trading. Since its incorporation in 2011, Sanjay has led it into an era of unprecedented commercial success. Currently, it has assets totaling over 65million pounds. Besides this, Sanjay has diversified into other sectors of the economy and owns Aesa S.a.r.l, which is the parent company of Solo Group Holdings. He has also invested in more than 10 companies that are incorporated in the United Kingdom, British Virgin Islands, Luxemburg, Cayman Islands and Malta.

Prior to his forays into the world of entrepreneurship, he worked at notable firm such as Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. He is a renowned humanitarian, who has given away millions to charitable causes. He is most known for founding Autism Rocks, a philanthropic organization that raised funds for autism research.

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