DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani: Business Lessons

Legendary Emirati businessman Hussain Sajwani is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of DAMAC Properties, the Middle East’s largest real estate development firm. Hussain’s business experience over the years stretches from the oil industry to catering and hotel development. He has been behind several of the biggest booms ever seen in the region as the leader of DAMAC Properties and his story is a truly compelling one.


Hussain learned to value hard work at a very early age. He worked in his family’s shop in the town of Deira every day after school from the age of seven onwards. Hussain attributes this time period and experience as being formative in helping him to learn the value of a strong work ethic. He has always been entrepreneurially inclined and credits the many lessons he learning helping in his family’s business as being the inspiration for this. Hussain always talks about how his father was a very savvy businessman and many of the tricks of the business trade that he still employs to this day as the DAMAC owner were learned by observing how his father ran his business.


Today, Hussain Sajwani ranks as the 10th richest Arab in the world. Renowned financial publication Forbes places Hussain’s fortunes in the region of $3.7 billion. Hussain’s most successful business venture DAMAC Properties is the 4th largest publically traded, Arab own company in the world as of 2017. This success has largely been due to Hussain Sajwani’s willingness to make brave but calculated business moves. Hussain has also, very impressively, always financed his own development projects from the very beginning.


The success of DAMAC Properties and Hussain Sajwani and the DAMAC owner reached a crescendo in 2013 when the company gained the prestigious distinction of being the first Middle Eastern real estate development firm to gain a listing on the stock exchange in London, United Kingdom. Since that time DAMAC Properties has engaged in a steady stream of new development projects across the Middle East as well as in the United Kingdom.


As the DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani has also developed a very close business relationship over the years with current United States President and fellow real estate developer Donald Trump. This business relationship extends to President Trump’s family as Hussain has a great working relationship with Trump’s sons as well. The relationship has yielded, among other things, the development of several luxury golf resorts.

AvaTrade Review: Trusted Forex Broker

AvaTrade is a forex broker that is regulated and dedicated to offering its customers with trading solutions without referencing on the customer’s prior knowledge of the market. The firm focuses on educating and training customers. It takes it as the core activity of the organization. Therefore, AvaTrade is committed to providing its clients with training and educational materials to equip them with every information that is needed in the trading market.


The Avatrade review provides more than 250 different tools to trade such as the 59 currency pairs. It was formerly known as AvaFX broker. It is popularly known for its ability to safeguard both its money and customers. AvaTrade has superb protection for its customers and assets, a fantastic reputation, and great amenities. Its latest financial report details its turnover to be over $60 million per month.


AvaTrade broker is headquartered in Dublin. It is, therefore, an Irish based company. Some of its officials are also found in various places such as Paris, Milan, Tokyo and Sydney. AvaTrade is regulated and supported by the Irish Central Bank. The Irish Central Bank has in several instances been mandated to monitor the local financial brokers and financial institutions. Apart from the Irish Central Bank, AvaTrade is also controlled by ASIC. The regulatory agency helps in keeping financial transparency and safeguards the AvaTrade assets at first-class rate.


AvaTrade broker review started offering its services to its diversified customer base since the year 2006. It has recently received support regarding regulation from other developed places such as Japan and Britain.


The Avatrade review has established a well arranged and detailed customer support service to ensure that all the customer needs are responded to in time and responsibly. The customer care service department ensures that its staff members are always available throughout the day.


It becomes exciting to learn that they communicate in multiple languages such as Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Germany, and Arabic. It is more exciting for customers to inquire anything at AvaTrade since the customer support services are free of charge. Clients can make calls, send emails, send a text message or even use a recent live chat to make any inquiry.

Meet the Vibrant Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine is the editor of Banyan Hill publishing, a site that focuses on offering investment advice to its over 400 readers who are always looking for investment information and advice. The site has global experts who Americans rely on to help them handle their financial decisions. The site was formerly known as the sovereign society but was rebranded to Banyan Hill publishing in 2006. View Jeff’s profile on Linkedin.

Jeff Yastine also known as Jl joined investor Banyan Hill in 2015 as an editorial director. Jeff Yastine is a weekly contributor of the Total Wealth insider, he gives investors financial advice and informs them of profit-making opportunities. He has vast knowledge in finance and economics having been in this field for over two decades. Jeff has been a financial journalist covering significant events. Before joining Banyan Hill, he was a financial correspondent at PBS Nightly Business Report where he left in 2010 after ten years. Jeff Yastine holds a degree in Journalism from the University of Florida. After graduating, he started his career as a local television reporter in North Carolina.

Mr Yastine has contributed to remarkable reports in the financial world. In 2010, Jeff covered the impact of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, he also reported on the effect Hurricane Katrina had on the financial market. In 1999, he covered the landmark handoff of the Panama Canal from the U.S to Panamanian control. Jeff did an investigation into the American inadequate infrastructure system where he reported on underfunded public infrastructure. It is this remarkable achievement that got him nominated in for a 2007 business Emmy Award.

Jeff’s extensive knowledge in stock market economics and market trends has had an impact on Americans. It is from his reporting that many people have learnt of less popular investment opportunities which have given them the chance to grow their wealth and reduce financial problems. His reporting has saved investors from hiring financial advisers who charge high prices only to provide information that is inadequate.

Jeff has had an opportunity to interview famous people in the business world, some of whom include Nobel prize winner Richard Thaler, Bill Gross the founder of bond mutual fund giant PIMCO, Wayne Huizenga founder of Waste Management among many others.

His editorial role at the Total wealth insider continues to offer financial solutions to its readers by giving them information on the right companies to invest in to grow their wealth. Jeff Yastine is also a very successful investor. View: https://medium.com/@jeffyastine/cybersecurity-is-a-gold-mine-for-investors-19039bac9924

Lee May – Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame Star

June 3, 2018

Lee May – Introduction to his Career


Lee May recently passed away on July 29th, 2017 as a Hall of Fame member of the Cincinnati Reds baseball organization. Lee May signed with the Cincinnati Reds in 1961, and played within the organization at a lower level for several seasons. In 1967, he became well known and received a chance in the big league after playing sensationally well.


Lee May – Rookie of the Year (The Sporting News)


After a fantastic rookie season, and accomplishing some very respectable numbers, Lee May was named Rookie of the Year by The Sporting News. His rookie season included twelve home runs and many outfield drives and base hits. One of his teammates even nicknamed him as “The Big Bopper of Birmingham” after his success.


Lee May – More Success in ’68 and ’69


Lee May continued his success in 1968 and 1969 solidifying his spot on the roster of the Reds. He often led the organization in home runs throughout the regular season, which helped raise the Reds to the top of their division. His presence on the field played a significant role when trying to intimidate opponents, or when trying to assist teammates through a slump.


Lee May – Hall of Fame Induction


Lee May was inducted into the Reds Hall of Fame in 2006 for his remarkable contributions on the field for the organization. His success with the team lifted his teammates and his city, and much of the success could not have been possible without May’s contributions.



Dr. Johanan Rand, changing the perception of old age through innovative strategies

June 3, 2018

There is something about old age that tends to freak people out. Maybe it’s the fact that it creeps up on them slowly and by the time they are noticing it, it is already part of them and they are way deep into the baby boomers years or rather golden age. Fortunately, we live in the 21st century where the term impossible is no longer in use thanks to innovations which come up with each wake and Dr. Johanan Rand’s innovativeness is something that we will all rejoice at. The renowned doctor can now help you combat your biggest fear and all the conditions that come along with it and that is old age.


A brief overview of Dr. Johanan Rand


Trained at Albert Einstein Medical center which is one of the best training facilities in aging, Dr. Johanan Rand is one of the titans behind the Healthy Aging Medical centers. Having been in the sector for more than fifteen years, the doctor has dealt with a diverse array of aging conditions and has helped countless patients lead a much comfortable life using his top of the shelf knowledge. Some of the age-related disorders that he has helped treat include menopause, the erectile dysfunction which comes with aging, hot flashes, anxiety, insomnia, depression, night sweats among many others.


Unique approach


So what’s so special about the doctor? Well, unlike most physicians who focus on treating a condition, Johanan focuses on reversing the stressful conditions and thus helping improve the quality of life for his patients. He achieves this by giving a special focus on regenerative treatments, weight loss, and anti-aging therapies. Additionally, having been in the sector for over a decade, Dr. Johanan Rand understands that our bodies no matter how identical two people are, they can never function the same. That is why he takes his treatment techniques a notch higher by customizing an integrated approach for each patient depending on the condition that one suffers from. His state of the art facility contains the latest equipment in the medical world which when combined with his prowess makes all these possible.


Patient educational programs


In addition, Johanan Rand understands the power of being informed about various conditions. He knows that by empowering his patients with information about the condition that they are suffering from, they will be more willing to take their prescriptions, exercise and eat right. But when they are not aware, they’ll feel as if they are being forced. That is why Johanan Rand goes the extra mile in by offering patient education programs through his team of highly experienced professional doctors and nurses and also him. He is indeed a game changer and a big deal in the anti-aging arena.

IC System: A Famous Accounts Receivable Company

IC System is a company in the field of accounts receivable. It has been in the area for over 80 years. They are committed to customers in delivering quality services. Jack Erickson and Ruth established it in 1938. Its headquarter lies at St. Paul in Minnesota. Its primary principle since inception remains provision of honest and ethical services to the clients. The company has a history of being handled by three generations of the founding family. Despite this, it has always remained focused on what it believes in. Their consistency on ethical service has made it recognizable by various independent organizations. IC System was a finalist for three on consecutive years since 2013 for Better Bureau Torch Award for Ethics. The company continues to exist as the best and leading innovator in the collections industry.


Apart from the commitment to the innovations, IC System does well in giving back to the community. It performs most of these functions through many initiatives. It is keen on ensuring that all the employees are participating in the volunteer projects in the company. Some of the charitable activities that the company has been involved in the past and currently include, The American Red Cross, The Special Olympics, and Toy for Tots and many others. The company meets its goals through a combination of endeavors like communication with their partners, operation methods, and analysis of success and failures. Their core values stand at sustainability and charitable initiatives. They value the culture of the company, which includes the priority on integrity virtues, respect on serving customers, quality delivery of services and performance in general, pursuing innovative ideas, and being proud of their work in general. IC System ensures that they influence the right environment at work by promoting the work done by the employees. This attention is given to those that are committed to excellence in the company.


When it comes to the compliance concerning IC System practices, as an accounts receivable company, they ensure that their methods are up to date. This is achieved through systems of extensive auditing, training, and correct documentation. They maintain a good report through the Compliance Risk management System. IC System is licensed in the United States with fulfilled requirements.

The Spectacular Advancements of Dr. Jorge Moll in Neurosurgery

Jorge Moll’s reputation in medical sector especially in neurosurgery has vastly spread. His outstanding capabilities in this sector are attributed to his education background and his interest in human psychology and many other mechanisms which govern the human body. Based on his past works, Jorge aims at proving how the inner mechanisms in a human body are manifested to physical characters studied through behaviors. Moll interconnects all these medical aspects with the culture and the today’s society. This characteristic of his work and the research he is doing makes him to be not only be an expert in medical field but also to maintain his title as the best and qualified doctor.


Jorge has made quite a number of publications which explain facts he has so far discovered about human brain and success he has attained on tests on the human body. Not only is Jorge Moll a multi billionaire but also a shareholder of most Brazil’s medical centers. He has a family and owns a research institute that specializes in neurology. The institute is located at Rio de Janeiro equipping its students with complete knowledge in neuroscience.


To most people it might be so stressful to combine all these responsibilities. However, Jorge partakes all of them with no mistakes or hesitations. This is one of the many reasons that attributes to his successful life. Jorge’s publications have not only benefitted Brazil where he comes from but most parts of the world. His knowledge in Neuroscience has left many amazed since he is so perfect and accurate in all neurosurgery activities he conducts.


His love to always be of much help to people facing negative conditions medically is what has made Moll what he is in our medical world today. Over the past years while practicing neurology, Jorge Moll has been able to meet his goals and most importantly answer the questions he always had previously.

Graham Edwards – His Rise To The Top

About Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards studied economics at the University of Cambridge. He is the CEO of Telereal Trillium for almost two decades. Telereal Trillium is a billion dollar property outsourcing and investment corporation. Before his career at Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards was the CIO of Talisman Global Asset Management, a billion dollar corporation.


Graham Edwards was employed at Merrill Lynch Investment Management as its Fund Manager. He was also the leader of the property finance department for BT Group Plc. He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, and man other organizations and associations.


Graham Edwards – The Rising Star

Graham Edwards, the current CEO, has been recently appointed to Executive Chairman. Edwards has been with the corporation since its inception in early 2000. He has been leading the corporation to greatness and recognition in the field of property management and investing.


Edwards’ has risen to a new post; as Executive Chairman opens an opportunity for Russell Gurnhill. Gurnhill will take control as Managing Director at Telereal Trillium. Other advancements within Telereal will trickle down to Adam Dakin, as the new managing director for the New Business and Services. Graeme Hunter will continue his current position at Telereal. Michael Hackenbroch is continuing on as group Finance Director.


This reconstruction within was planned long before now. The company will continue to be headquartered in London and continue their partnerships with Aviva, Royal Mail and others. The newly reconstructed team will continue to use their expertise to guide the corporation into the future. Telereal believes that these changes will deliver valuable profits to stakeholders and allow Telereal to continue to manage United Kingdom’s largest property investment portfolio.


A Little About Telereal Trillium

Telereal Trillium owns thousands of properties in the UK. The corporation is responsible for many of Britain’s working class. The corporation has working dealings with BT and the Department of Work and Pensions. The corporation has increased its portfolio with 55 properties including the Coutts Bank building. All these transactions have been a success with Graham Edwards at the helm.


June 3, 2018

Most people only have common knowledge of finance since for many years their parents have always been in charge of their finances. It all dawns on someone when they graduate, and they now have to make financial decisions on their own. To be one’s own responsible manager, there are challenges to overcome.


Financial illiteracy is the first challenge. There is need of financial knowledge among the young generation, but unfortunately, it is rarely taught in schools. The vice president of Phoenix operations for Freedom Financial Networks, Kevin Gallegos says that it should be a personal initiative of the young generation to teach themselves. Christopher Linkas, European Head of Credit at UK-Based Investment Group, states that the young generation is at an advantage in that being acquainted with modern technology, they can get all this information online.


The second challenge is repaying student loans. Undergraduate degrees are barely enough in this era yet students still apply for students’ loan to finance their education which they might be unable to repay even after graduating and landing a good job. Based on FinAid.org, the number of students borrowing loans to finance their education is more than half, leaving them with debts of around $10,000 that they have to pay.


Another challenge is learning to invest and risk taking. According to Christopher Linkas, the young adults probably don’t have a lot of money to invest, but they have a far more valuable asset called time. Compounding takes time and occurs when one invests the little they have, gets the earnings from it and re-invest it. This will help slowly grow one’s wealth without budget strain. Linkas goes on to say that investing at a younger age provides more learning opportunity to study markets and trends. With time on their side, the young generation easily recover from financial mistakes and grow to become smart investors with better strategies.


The last challenge is overcoming pressure to do things in a specific way. The older generation went for big salaries, cars and houses while most young people want to be free to do what makes them happy. Everyone should choose their own best path.


In conclusion, financial education and patience are critical for the young adults, but as Cruze says, the young generation should remember they are still young and be grateful with what they have, but they should work hard to be able to make significant purchases without paying interests.

Stansberry Research Revisits Some of its Market Analyses that Investors Could have taken for granted at their Own Expense

It was some time in 2011 when the opinionated market research analyst Mr. Steve Sjuggerud commented in one of his posts that the Japanese Stocks were only set to go higher. Interestingly, the commerce pundits and policymakers in Japan thought that Japan was receding into deflation; another euphemism for recess in trading. Japanese strategists sought to raise inflation to save the situation. Well, readers of Stansberry Research may remember that so far, since Steve’s call, the stocks in Japan are over 20% higher.


Testimonies that Surprised the Markets


The Bank of Japan, which sought to increase inflation at all costs when Mr. Sjuggerud made his comments regarding the stock markets in Japan, testified that it stopped the massive stimulus program for once. As things stand, both policymakers in Japan and Stansberry analyst Mr. Steve Sjuggerud have projected that the prices hit 2% by the time 2019 comes around. So, one wonders whether it isn’t time to hit the road, anyway.


Outside Pressure


The President of the Bank of Japan has been under tremendous pressure owing to the trends, including the raising of rates by the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank contemplating normalization. Mr. Kuroda is under immense pressure to announce when he will bite the bullet and follow suit. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that the mentioning of the need to plan an exit by 2019 is a market-shaping statement. While the President of the Bank of Japan did not say that BoJ would terminate its stimulus then, the market does not give a hoot. The Yen went higher. The Nikkei 225 Index, on the other hand, sank ever lower.


The Connection of the Events with the thesis presented by Mr. Sjuggerud


If you are wondering whether the stocks boom is finally busting, Mr. Sjeggerud says it isn’t. According to the Stansberry Research analyst, Mr. Kuroda does not intend to let inflation hit 2%. He says he wants to overshoot the 2% mark. He confirmed it in his latest statements. According to Stansberry Research analyst, however, overshooting 2% is a farfetched idea, at least not by 2019. Steve says that the one-way bet for Japanese stocks still holds.


Stansberry Research


Stansberry Research is an independent subscription-based financial advisory publishing company with integrated advice profile that has no leanings to any of its analysts. The company has over 500,000 subscribers. It offers tailor-made financial advisory services to its clients.