Where to Find Freedom Checks and Other Types of MLPs

It is very likely by now that the majority of people have heard about Freedom Checks. While some people have written them off as something that they don’t want to be involved in, there are those that are interested in finding out more about them. One thing that they want to know is where they can get these Freedom Checks. Fortunately for them, they do not have to find some special area where MLPs are sold. They just have to look in the usual places where they make money. The best things about them is that people who know what to look for will easily find them. Check at bitcoinexchangeguide.com to know more.

The best place to find Freedom Checks is in the stock market. As a matter of fact, these types of assets are traded publicly. Another good thing to look at when it comes to these types of assets is that they are exempt from taxes for people who have actually profited from them. This is yet another reason to invest in Freedom Checks. Another advantage that is worth looking into with these assets is that they are based on income. They offer people some money for holding on to them.

Investing in Freedom Checks is a lot like buying stocks with dividends. This asset pays out in a quarterly fashion. Therefore, people do not have to wait until the asset they have invested in gets to a high enough price to make money from it. One good thing about this type of MLP is that it is another way to make money. One thing that people need when it comes to finances is options. Without the right types of options, some people are not going to be able to make money. With more solutions and opportunities coming out, people are finding something that works for them.

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Taking a Look at Nick Vertucci’s New Book

June 16, 2018

Nick Vertucci came from a humble background and after losing his father when he was 10 years old, he had a great impact in his life. After he was 18 years, he spent his life living in his car and he didn’t lose focus in the life. That is when he started a company of selling computers spare parts. It is by the experience that he started recognizing the entrepreneurial freedom both in money and time. Through the discipline and hard work, it made Nick Vertucci stop camping in his van because he was earning a seven-figure. He married and then blessed with three daughters and after that, his life expanded.

Nick Vertucci founded NVREA in Orange County in 2014, California basing the idea that wealth is waiting. In his academy, he has been helping the students achieve their dreams in the real estate investment. He offers classes that teach the students on the way to succeed where he provides education on; commercial investments, asset protection, rehabbing and flipping of properties, wholesale and the flipping contracts and many more. He has broken the transactions into different simples steps which are “Get in”, then “Get out,” and lastly “get paid.” It is a concept that will help in finding the best deals, get them and then get your fortune.

Nick Vertucci recently released a book, which guides and mentors the seven-figure decision. He has shared his personal life challenges in the book where he explains with details on the principles that are related to real estate investment. He has also accounted on how these principles he talks about has been his guide after applying and gained entrepreneurial freedom and financial wealth. He has been able to explain that you will not be able to strike to richness if you play safe. He describes the fundamental decisions that you can go from being in middle class and become a millionaire.

In Nick Vertucci book, “Seven Figure Decisions” or having balls so that you can succeed, he has defined the most important aspects that brought his success and being able to identify specific lessons that he learned and how he changed the past mistakes. He covered some of the mistakes in the book which included: how you can push the fears from your past and be able to alter your mindset so that you can pursue your dreams, how you can raise your sights high and how they can even drastically change the professional outcome and why it is important for you to come from place of service after attending to your clients than self-service place and by doing so, how it will help you achieve your seven-figure dream.

How Lacey and Larkin Are Breaking the Cycle of Anarchy

June 12, 2018

Have you ever heard the story of Jim Larkin, Michael Lacey, and Jim Arpaio and how the three met? Well, it is an interesting story, only that Larkin and Lacey are the heroes and Arpaio the devil incarnate. Joe, who turned out to lead Maricopa County sheriff’s department for twenty-four hours, is the worst of them all.

As the story goes, Joe joined the county with guns blazing. While campaigning, Joe had insisted on transforming Maricopa for the better but little did the residents of the county know that Arpaio’s plan was to target Latinos and immigrants all along. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/jim-larkin/ and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Village_Voice_Media

Sections of the public had time and again opposed Joe’s uncouth behavior and even dictated his terms of operation. Unfortunately, Joe Arpaio never took any of the allegations lodged against him lightly and so he took to the corridors of justice for legal protection.

The pressure kept piling on Arpaio and his department and it is in 2007 that the county boss did the unthinkable. Joe sent his officers to arrest Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey on one dark night because they had disclosed some vital information on an on-going jury inquiry. It is only later that it got discovered that Lacey and Larking who are journalists have uncovered some truths about Arpaio.

Recall, the arrest of Jim and Michael was unlawful and so they had to take the county to the task. Years went by without any success but 2013 came the breakthrough. The court had ruled in the duo’s favor and even granted them a settlement amounting to over three and a half million dollars.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund came shortly after and has gotten used by Jim and Michael to support other organizations fighting for the rights of immigrants in Arizona. Jim and Michael’s organization has become a beacon of hope to people and communities that felt left out for decades.

Michael and Jim, through the Frontera Fund, have been doing anything and everything to ensure that individuals like Joe Arpaio have their day in court. Indeed, their efforts are paying off as Arpaio, before his presidential pardon, was a resident of the prison’s system. Therefore, there is some truth in the notion that justice delayed is not justice denied.

President Trump, after releasing Joe has caused a significant stir in Arizona, but the likes of Lacey and Larkin remain unshaken. The duo is back to what it does best, active journalism.

These two individuals not only want to restore sanity to the many institutions in Arizona but also want to prove to the world that anarchy is easy to conquer provided that there is a lot of unity and a level of commitment to the same. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Jim and Lacey met in 1972 and since then the two parties have forged a partnership that is not easy to break. The team of Lacey and Larkin has always believed in the freedom of speech and expression and that is why they are using their new website to advocate for the same. Therefore, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are men extraordinaire.

Matt Badiali Predicts the Future of the Natural Resources and Why They are Good Investments

Banyan Hill Publishing is a leading financial publishing house in the United States, headquartered in Florida. The publishing house was established with the aim to help common people understand the financial world clearly and provide them with the investment tips that would secure their future financially. There are many emerging sectors that Banyan Hill Publishing covers, including the already established sectors. Providing readers with firsthand knowledge of different sectors help the readers make an informed decision about on what to invest and when. The timing of the investment is important as well, and it is necessary that people are ready to invest in some risk involved. It is when people know how to minimize their risks are they able to earn huge profits from their investments.Read more articles by Matt Badiali at Banyan Hill.

Matt Badiali also works with Banyan Hill Publishing as an expert on natural resources. The expertise of Matt in the field of natural resources is partly due to his educational background as he has done Bachelors in Science from Penn State University and received the Masters in the same field from Florida Atlantic University. He even pursued Ph.D. in Geology, but midway entered the world of finance. The expertise of Matt Badiali in the field of natural resources is undisputed, and many of his predictions in this field have not only come true but have also helped his readers and followers to earn huge sums from their investment in the sector. As an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt Badiali wants to make sure that his readers are well informed about what is going on in the field of natural resources so that they do not make any wrong choices with their investments.

Matt Badiali has been recently promoting his newsletter named Real Wealth Strategist with the help of ad where he has been showcasing Freedom Checks. Basically, he wants to say to people that they should subscribe to Real Wealth Strategist so that they are able to gain access to the investment strategies that would definitely gain them dividend checks from their investments, year after year. There are various investment strategies that Matt Badiali has tried and tested over time, and which has helped him become seasoned investor himself. As he does extensive research in the field of natural resources on a regular basis, the knowledge and information he has gathered in the sector is unique and speaks a lot about his expertise in the field. Visit: https://medium.com/@MattBadiali/fraud-ec6eecc6ce1b



Paul Mampilly: Giving People The Information They Need To Have A Better Financial Future

Getting a secure financial backing is something that a lot of people struggle with, especially if they are not very familiar with the finer aspects of the financial field. It can be rather easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of possibilities that exist to be able to attain a better financial future which is why a lot of people only stick to their main jobs as a way to secure their finances. Because of this, there are so many potential ways to earn that people generally don’t know about, and which can even help them get out of tight situations in their lives. Watch Paul on Youtube.

Paul Mampilly is someone who was able to identify this need for sound financial information that could help people who are seeking a better financial future. As someone who is well versed in the field, he understood the finer intricacies of the field and how one can improve their financial standing. At the same time, he realized that not everyone was like him, and a lot of people were left in the dark about what they could potentially do. He saw a lot of people around him, especially people within his family who were struggling to get a grasp over this subject, and were not being able to benefit much from the routes that exist to secure a better financial future.

As someone who was already proficient in the field and who knew what to do, Paul Mampilly decided to impart his knowledge to those who were willing to learn and were seeking ways to get the right information that can help them.

With this idea in mind, Paul Mampilly decided to start up Profits Unlimited, a blog that would help him get the word out about the things that people could do, even if they were unfamiliar with the financial field, the stock market, and other facets of the industry. He decided to publish this blog through Banyan Hill Publishing, a site that is known for putting out high-quality content with regards to finance and economics.

As soon as Paul Mampilly decided to write his first blog, he started gaining an impressive following of people who were looking to improve their knowledge of the field. Today, the blog stands at over ninety thousand readers, with more coming in with every post that he publishes on the blog about different aspects of the field.  Visit: https://ideamensch.com/paul-mampilly/


End Citizens United Fights Corporate Money

June 9, 2018

The political pushback continues. Debates as to whether Citizens United is right for the country or a demon in disguise continue on. The Supreme Court ruling in 2010 changed the political landscape.

Has a basic tenet of the Constitution of the United States been tampered with? Or does the court ruling level the playing field?

Citizens United may be a once in a generation supreme court ruling. The decision says free speech given to us by the constitution, is now extended to a corporate entity. Corporations can now influence the outcomes of elections without fear of reprisal from the government.

Both political parties say it gives the other an advantage. The Republicans believe the ruling will keep the Democrats from tying up campaign contributions. The Democrats feel the decision favors Republicans because of their deep pockets.

The reaction has largely been condemnation from everyone. Continuous polls show the American people are firmly in favor of limiting what PACs can and cannot do. The Democratic party platform advocates a constitutional amendment to reverse the Citizens United decision.

End Citizens United was created in March 2015 with the express intent of ending the Supreme Court ruling. The funding for End Citizens United has been a grassroots effort. The group is trying to do away with corporate contributions and their huge influx of money.

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End Citizens United sides with the Democratic party to stay in lock step with the American People. The group has the same goal as Democrats of a constitutional amendment to rein in the money.

End Citizens United has two strategies to accomplish their goals:

1. Support those candidates who want to reform campaign finance. The group does have Republicans in the fold, but Democrats are behind the move.
2. Begin targeting each state with their grassroots funding to build support.

Leadership of the group are savvy experienced political veterans. The political action committee has plenty of industry veterans on the staff and support from their board members.

• Tiffany Muller is the first and only president of the group. She has seen phenomenal growth with the PAC, as contributions have topped almost twenty-five million.
• Matt Burgess another veteran has a decade of political campaigns.

End Citizens United is currently gearing up for the next political cycle and beyond. The group counts nearly 130 candidates they endorse with a base membership of almost 380,000. The PAC seeks to support those candidates who are giving up corporate donorship.

The pledge is “No Corporate PAC”

The Slow Change of Democracy

Renowned constitutional scholar, Sujit Choudhry, says the idea of democracy has evolved much all over the world since the Cold War. He says one great example of this is Poland’s Law and Justice Party. Since this party was voted by the public into office in 2015, it has focused almost exclusively on undermining and redefining democracy in Poland to the end of eliminating any efforts to do away with their ruling power (releasefact.com). They did this by first completely changing the country’s Constitutional Court. They remade the court’s constitution of panels, redefined voting procedure, revolutionized the assignment of judges to cases, and many other related matters. In essence, they have since been taking steps to an entire overhaul of the Polish democratic system.

This is just one example of democracy being drastically tampered with through recent decades. These are not things happening naturally but are being done through underhanded manipulations by the ruling governments for their own ends. We are seeing democracy used by undemocratic regimes to get themselves in power so that they can then undermine and change this democratic system from within and thus make good their own ends. These regimes are successfully getting into power because they are also successfully tricking the populace into thinking they are actually democratic.

The collapse of democracy in this way, says Choudhry, is bringing authoritarianism closer and closer to many countries. He points back to the Polish government as an example. Although it is making a much slower motion, the American government is also making this slide, albeit it extremely slowly. One reason why our ideas are becoming easier to change these days is that more and more it is becoming the case that we live in an environment where there are no right or wrong answers. However, governmental bodies are not the only ones producing these changes. The media is also at fault.  For an interesting interview of Sujit, click iconnectblog.com.

Choudhry’s book was published by the Oxford University Press (works.bepress.com)

For more details about Sujit, visit http://sujitchoudhry.com/

All About the Southridge Capital Company

The Southridge Capital company is a financial solutions corporation that has been around since early 1996. The main office is in Connecticut, but they also have offices throughout America and overseas in Africa, Australia and Singapore. Because of their ability to provide financial services overseas, they have become the fastest-growing financial company in the world. The executive team of Southridge Capital has redefined and refined their financial strategies that are currently being used by other companies. They create a level of control with an understanding of the current marketplace to provide better funding to their customers. The structured investment team of Southridge Capital has currently made over $1.8 billion in American investments. With over 20 years of experience, Southridge Capital can customize a financial plan for a customer and execute these plans without risk of failure. You can visit Bloomberg to know more.


According to PR Newswire, serving well over 250 public companies, Southridge Capital has the extensive experience that’s needed to face corporate growth and change despite the age of a particular company. Currently, Southridge Capital employs less than 10 main financial analysts who work on the hundreds of corporate owners who come to them for financial aid. These professionals include Stephen Hicks, who is the CEO of the company, Linda Carlsen, Henry Sargent and Laurence Ditkoff. Working as a team, these expert analysts and advisors create unique spreadsheets and data plans that keep your financial potential in check with superior education that prepares you for your own monetary future gain. The experts can teach you about changes and trends within the market which will secure your company’s assets. Their services include restructuring analysis, mergers and acquisitions, financial solutions, credit enhancing and repair as well as balance sheet optimization.


The CEO and founder of Southridge Capital is Stephen Hicks, who is a graduate of BriarCliff Manor and Fordham University in New York. Before creating Southridge Capital, he worked as an investor and financial analyst for the Bridge Group for over 10 years. His experience in the field as well as his team of hard-working financial experts gives them an edge to create a personalized plan that will establish and alter your business administration. You can visit their website southridgeholdingsllc.com



Click here: http://newyork.citybizlist.com/article/286326/southridge-capital-entered-into-a-new-5-million-equity-purchase-agreement-with-andalay-solar

Class Dojo Connecting Schools, Families, and Communities From Different Continents

June 8, 2018

Class Dojo is a classroom tool and app that connects teachers, students, parents, and school administrators to build classroom communities.

Using classroom dojo teachers can share ideas, communicate, and interact with students, parents, teachers, school administrators as well as other teachers, administrators, students, and classrooms from different states or around the world.

Class Dojo is convenient for teachers because they can use all the categories that are in the toolkit to prepare for the school day and to prepare their lessons and activities for their class or classes. The different categories in the toolkit include Directions where the teacher can put directions for assignments, projects, or tasks for the day. Teachers can play music for students to do work to or to take a brain break from classwork. There’s a noise meter so students can have a visual of how their voice levels are. There’s also a timer, and a category titled Today, where teachers can post or write schedules, assignments, and events for the day.

Class Dojo makes sharing, communicating, and interacting with parents very convenient because teachers and parents can download the app to there phones and computers. Teachers can post class and school announcements, videos, and events that are happening in the classroom or the school.

Students can also work on and make portfolios for different topics or assignments that are assigned by there teacher by adding photos and pictures.

Class Dojo allowed the students from an Illinois school to collaborate with students and their teacher from Africa and help them with their project.The students from Illinois donated school supplies to the students in Africa and the students in Illinois was working on the topic of kindness. Class Dojo provided a way for both classes to discover similarities and differences between there cultures.

Classroom Dojo is a great, useful, and convenient tool for schools, parents, teachers, and administrators both in the United States and around the world.

Most schools in the United States are already using Class Dojo.

Felipe Montoro Jens Reports on IDB’s Stance on Private Investments For Latin America

June 5, 2018

Felipe Montoro Jens, an Infrastructure Projects Expert, recently reported on a special meeting held by the governors of the Inter-American Development Bank or IDB that was held on March 24th in Mendoza, Spain. The meeting of the governors was held to discuss the promotion of private investments in Latin America and Brazil specifically. After much discussion, it was agreed that private investment would benefit Latin America and aid Brazil in its infrastructure projects. Visit infomoney.com to learn more.

Dyogo Oliveira, the Minister of Planning, Development, and Management, defended his stance to the governors regarding the importance of attracting private investments and believes that establishing some guarantees regarding the financial success of the investments will attract more foreign investors. Luis Caputo, the Chairman of Inter-American Development Bank, agrees with Oliveira and proposals to work on leveraging private investments into the region are in the works. Spain’s Secretary for Economy and Business has mentioned that Brazil is a highly dynamic market and that it is worth placing it as a priority for Spain.

Dyogo Oliveira predicts that a new industrial revolution is on the horizon. He termed it the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and thinks that private investments are integral to the success of this new and upcoming industrial revolution. He may indeed be right that private investments into infrastructure could push Brazil into a new industrial revolution that will bring new business opportunities.

However, at the moment private investments are down and are not enough to spur the growth that DyogoOliveira hopes for. This could damage Brazil’s plans for future infrastructure projects. As a result, Brazil has looked in a new direction. Brazil has formed public-private partnerships or (PPP’s) for public works projects. Felipe Montoro Jens reports that Brazil hopes to use these partnerships to achieve its goals, but there may be a problem in the difficulty of mobilizing private capital.

Learn more: http://frenchtribune.com/teneur/25613-felipe-montoro-jens-details-his-vision-future-brazils-privately-owned-corporations