Gregory Aziz; Definition of Expedition for Excellence

Commonly known as Greg, Gregory James Aziz is a real businessman and people-centered administrator. He pursued Economics from Western University in Ontario, and clearly, the course has continually informed his career journey. Greg J. Aziz has been a great entrepreneurial mind. For this reason, he involved himself with his family business after school. Greg J. Aziz was part of the venture as it grew and expanded their horizons to amazingly high levels. Apart from that, James Aziz also engaged himself in other banking investments where he honed his skill sets comprehensively. After fully informing his talent and finances, James made a bold step and purchased National Steel Car in 1994.



National Steel Car Under Greg’s Administration



When buying the company, Greg’s motive was to transform it into North America’s best railroad freight car manufacturer. Greg James Aziz took up the challenge and sought to rejuvenate the once prominent Canadian firm. Under James’ ownership, National Steel Car emphasizes well-built engineering capabilities. This is what influences their quality production, which allures masses of potential clients more often than not. They also dedicate substantial human and capital investments, something that scales up their transactions significantly. In fact, National Steel Car raised their production capacity from 3,500 cars on an annual basis at the time of purchase to 12,000 in 1999. Within that period, the business also grew their employees from 600 to about 3,000.



Understanding Milestones Made by National Steel Car Since Inception



In 1912, Sir John Gibson joined hands with his fellow six eminent entrepreneurs and launched Imperial Car Company. The venture was to rebrand a month later when they attained the name National Steel Car. The business prides in over 100 years of competent service and excellent engineering. They started off as a humble business, but they have since grown tremendously to become a dynamic and more innovative brand. Most important, the company’s immense success is attributable to their continued hard work and pursuit of distinction in product delivery.



Why National Steel Car is a Real Market Leader



To begin with, everyone wants to invest in components that will benefit them. Throughout their service, National Steel Car has been producing high-quality railcar parts and components for all car models. They manufacture components that they would use for their own vehicles, meaning they focus on excellence. In case you are looking for a railcar part that they do not have, they always help you source for your choice of components from dependable dealers. Cultivating on customer relations helps them maintain ties that also earn them referrals. See More Information Here.


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Freight Expert and Economist-Gregory Aziz

He is not only an entrepreneur but he loves cars and engineering. Greg Aziz is one of the people who has been controlling the transport and freight activities in the United States. On 30 April 1949, Greg was born in Ontario, London to a family that was much involved in business activities. After his High School graduation, Gregory James Aziz attended Ridley College and later the University of Western Ontario where he majors in Economics. After his education, Mr. Greg had an opportunity to practice his education working in a family food processing business back in 1971. The food business has expanded to be one of the famous fresh food delivery businesses in Central and Southern America as well as Europe.


Mr. Greg is known to be a go-getter and a man who takes any opportunity presented to him He does not settle for anything less than what he wants, that is why he decided to venture into the finance and banking industry to increase his income. Mr. Aziz began serving in various banking and financial facilities in New York in 1980s and late 1990s. He gained experience in the industry and later he took a totally different turn in business when he purchased National Steel Company from Dofasco in 1994. The company which was established in 1912 is responsible for manufacturing as well as engineering of cars. Gregory J. Aziz is the current President, Chairman, and the Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car. Mr. Aziz has been working extra hard to make sure not only his dreams and goals are met but also to satisfy and even go beyond meeting the needs of their clients. Visit This Page for more information.


Greg is the driver behind the success of National Steel Company. Ever since he acquired the organization, the engineering and manufacturing firm has been experiencing tremendous expansion. National Steel Company now manufactures more than 12000 vehicles per year unlike before when they only managed to manufacture about 3500 cars. Mr. James has is proud to be associated with the only railcar company in North America which complies with the ISO 9001:2008 certification necessities. Gregory is not a businessman he is also involved in community activities as a humanitarian. Through his organization, Greg funds Theater Aquarians in Hamilton, the Salvation Army, as well as the United Way among others. Greg Aziz is married to Irene Aziz and together they are sponsors of the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair which is Canada’s most respected agriculture fair. The car company is celebrating 100 years of excellence and Greg Aziz is proud to be part of the innovation and development in the firm.

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Amicus Therapeutics’s Growth And Success

September 26, 2017

There are businesses today that offer the best in the market at the most affordable cost. This goal is possible only because they put a lot of effort in developing the product they’re selling. With the right product that the company sells, they will guarantee the promise of growth and sustained revenue increase. This achievement is nothing new with Amicus Therapeutics


Amicus Therapeutics: The Brand That Lives Up To The Praise


Amicus Therapeutics is right now the best global biotechnology company that offers the trending but sustainable products that offer the best deals on the market. The company’s leadership in the biopharmaceutical industry also gave it the record of being listed on NASDAQ in 2007 under the trading symbol FOLD.


The success of the company was also because of how the managers of their former venture capitalists who helped handle the business’s assets. Some of these venture capital firms include Radius Ventures, Enterprise Associates, and Canaan Partners. All these contribute to the growth’s famous name and progress that many of the clients vouched for today.


The Numbers


With the company’s total equity reaching $50 million and with 92 employees that work with the enterprise, Amicus Therapeutics finds itself winning in the numbers game ( It might be safe to say that the success of Amicus has something to do with the fact that its headquarters is in Cranbury New Jersey, United States, with the key people leading the company and giving it the leadership it needs.


These key people that provided important help to the company include John Crowley and Bradley Campbel, who are the CEO and the COO respectively (SeekingAlpha).


Corporate Management


Amicus Therapeutics is also successful today because of the strong contribution of Brandon Wustman, who held the post as Director of Exploratory Biology in the operations of the firm. It is also the secret of the company to provide the best treatment and care for rare and particular diseases, especially the ones involving the lysosomal storage disorders of the patients.


With Amicus Therapeutics‘ technology called Chaperone-Advanced Replacement THerapy or CHART, it can provide a platform for the development of enzyme replacement therapies that offer a lot of help to the wellbeing of a patient.

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Osteo Relief Institute Provides Tips to Manage Osteoarthritis

September 26, 2017

Osteo Relief Institute, a leading medical center treating people with different types of arthritis, confirmed that arthritis is not a single disease, and there are at least 100 types of them. The most common among them is osteoarthritis, a type of degenerative joint disease. It is considered as degeneration of cartilage between the joints. The Institute further states that the age, excess weight, previous injury, and family history play an important role in the disease. Though it is incurable, self-management can reduce the impact. Osteo Relief Institute instructs the patients to follow some daily routine, exercises, and medical options.


The Osteo Relief Institute states that the patients should do gentle exercises and should adjust their positions while working. It also asks people not to follow repetitive movements to avoid the use of the single joint. The Institute also demands people to quit smoking and control weight to prevent damage to connective tissue and joints. While coming to the exercises, the Institute asks people to choose workouts developing muscles in and around joints. Walking, water exercise and cycling can bring desired results in the long-term. While coming to the medical options, consult with physicians before using any pain relief medication for the disease. By using the service of a professional physical therapist, the patients can learn the tips of body movements with minimum pain.


Osteo Relief Institute is a New Jersey-based medical institute that focuses on various types of joint diseases. It offers integrated treatment options to the patients following state-of-the-art treatment solutions.


The Osteo Relief Institute communicates that trusting the physicians and treatment methods are most vital to the survival of the patients. The Institute also ensures that eligible and highly experienced staff is taking care of each patient and offering the best treatment options.


The Institute was founded in 2012 and quickly expanded across the country with qualified service. As a leading Osteoarthritis relief center, the Osteo Relief Institute specializes in non-surgical relief options to the patients, considering it can drive better results with minimal effort and expense (AskReporter).


The Osteo Relief Institute has branches across the country, and it attracts a significant number of patients in all the major cities. It also has offices in Jersey Shore, Phoenix, Chicago, San Diego, Colorado Springs, Denver, Long Island, and other major cities.


Eli Gershkovitch: The Man Who Set The Pace For Craft Beer In Canada

Earlier this year, the U.S Open Beer Championships were held, awarding some of the best producers of beer in North America. Steamworks Brewing Company was one Canadian brand that seemed to take home a few notable awards. Founded by Eli Gershkovitch, the brewery is one of the most well known in Canada. Youth nowadays are turning to more craft beer brands than mass produced ones which have made breweries like Steamworks hugely popular. People don’t usually think of Canada when they hear the words craft beer, but breweries like this one are changing the game.

Eli Gershkovitch was in Europe when he first realized his love for craft beer. He was taking a break before he started working as a corporate lawyer. He is a firm believer in doing something that you love, which was when he got the idea to start his own company that makes craft beer. But when Steamworks first came into existence, breweries were not as cool as they are now, and people weren’t as adventurous and rarely ever swayed away from their standard brands. But now, with the growing demand for breweries, Steamworks has become a name that resonates with good craft beer in Canada (


Eli Gershkovitch established his first brewery in 1995. At the time, it was the only brewery in the entire country that used steam power to make their brews. Before that, no other establishment used this, which is also what gave Steamworks its recognition. Being a lawyer, Eli Gershkovitch thought it would be best to patent his brew so that no other company could copy what he had done, making his completely original, and one of a kind.


When Eli Gershkovitch first opened the brewery, he knew that he was walking into unchartered territory. It was now up to him to set the pace and the standards for others to follow (Crunchbase). He has always been one for unique approaches to his business and adopted some of the most unheard of marketing strategies to make his brewery more known. They ended up working brilliantly for Steamworks, and the company is now what it is today because of it.


LaunchPad Holdings, LLC CEO & Co-Founder Glen Wakeman

September 25, 2017

Glen Wakeman is a successful public company CEO, Board member, financial services executive, executive mentor, small business owner and investor with more than 21 years in management positions. He is zealous about building businesses by developing individual and company agility and applying proven methodologies that rely on five major dimensions of performance including human capital, leadership, execution, governance, and risk management. Presently, Glen Wakeman is the co-founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings ( The company includes a fully automated software service that allows first-time entrepreneurs to systematize their thoughts into workable plans properly.

Education and Career

Glen Wakeman studied at the University of Scranton where he graduated with a degree in Finance and Economics in 1981. After that in 1993, he joined the University of Chicago for his MBA in Finance before beginning a successful career at GE Capital in business developmental and P&L positions. Glen Wakeman also presided over and founded Nova Four.

Besides being a renowned entrepreneur and mentor, Glen Wakeman has transformed businesses with more than $15 billion in assets and over 17,000 staff members during his lengthy career. Wakeman’s work has included the guidance of M&As, start-ups, new market entry, exponential growth, divestitures, and more.

Being a writer and investor has enabled Glen Wakeman to share his insights about emerging markets, international fiscal matters, strategy, management, and administration through blog posts (Inspirery). As a mentor, Wakeman has helped a wide range of C-level executives achieve their goals. Presently, he counsels Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded.

Glen Wakeman Frequent Blog Posts

Glen Wakeman blogs frequently about global affairs, leadership, business transformation, and emerging markets. Moreover, he provides advice on angel financing, capital raising, and strategy. He is very passionate about innovation, executive development, and growth.

Glen Wakeman has lived in about six different countries. Additionally, he has been responsible for smooth operations in over 30 regions globally something that has allowed him to gain considerable recognition internationally.

Gregory James Aziz – A Legacy Through The Centuries

There are not whole lot of people on this Earth who would be able to run a business and make sure that it could survive for over 100 years. But if you are able to find that person, then you must hire them as your chief executive officer. The Canadian-based rail company, which is known as the National Steel Car Company did this and they have found an amazing amount of success.


The man they hired goes by the name Gregory James Aziz. He is a Canadian native who knows how to run a Canadian business.


It is from the wisdom that Greg Aziz has, which he acquired while attending Western University, that he has been able to strengthen the national steel car company so that they could successfully do business in the new millennium.


One way that Gregory J Aziz was able to accomplish this with simply by forcing the company to continue growing. It may not seem like such a small thing to you and me, but when your products stop advancing, all it takes is for the competitor to come on in and they will steal your business. James Aziz knows this, which is exactly why he instilled into the people the vision that we are to be innovators. See More Information Here.


This Innovation paid off. Not only the Greg Aziz push for innovation, but his company was able to innovate a more efficient method to produce rail cars. What this allowed them to do was create custom made content and deliver it more speedily than their competition. In North America, it got to the point that it was a no-brainer, if you needed a railcar you went to National Steel Car.


Gregory J Aziz also took a strong position on helping the environment. Through the innovation that he instilled into the company, he was able to create more efficient rail cars which decreased gas emissions by 90%. This allowed several other companies who are not able to meet the gas emission requirements in Canada to use National Steel Car to create their real cars, and thus, grow their business into the great North Country.

While not every business can be as lucky as National Steel Car and gain a Chief Executive Officer who is a business prodigy such as Greg Aziz, each leader could still sit at the feet and learn a few tricks from this master of business.

Gregory Aziz’s Achievements In The Railroad Freight Cars Business

National Steel Car is a top North American firm that has specialized in manufacturing top-notch railroad freight cars. The company is currently owned by Gregory James Aziz, and its main offices are in Hamilton, Ontario. Aziz is 68 years old and has made significant accomplishments as a business leader. He majored in economics at the University of Western Ontario. The businessman kicked off his career by serving as a manager of Affiliated Food. The enterprise was owned by his family, and he served as its head for about 16 years. Affiliated Foods focused on wholesaling foods to clients in Canada. Under the leadership of James Aziz, the company grew rapidly and started serving customers in the United States and Eastern Canada. Affiliated Foods also became an international importer and purchased fresh foods from South Africa, Europe, and South America.


The businessman later quit his role at the firm and moved to New York in the early 1990s. He focused on building a successful career in investment banking. James Aziz had earned a fortune by 1994, and he decided to buy National Steel Car. The company’s production and revenue were low when it was owned by Dofasco. Aziz committed himself to making sure that he transformed the firm into the leading manufacturer of its kind in North America. National Steel Car produced 3,500 cars per annum when he acquired it, and its production increased to 12,000 after five years. The number of workers who served the business also increased from 600 to over 3000 within the same period.

The outstanding engineering designs and innovation of National Steel Car have enabled it to maneuver the North American market. The firm is now working to increase its production so that it can serve clients across the world. National Steel Car’s high-quality cars have enabled it to be the only railroad freight car builder in North American that holds an ISO 900I:2008 certificate. The company also has exceptional manufacturing standards, and TTX SECO acknowledged it in 1996.


Apart from Greg Aziz’s ventures in business, he is a liberal individual who has been supporting the Hamilton community. He has led his company in helping non-profit organizations such as the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera, and Theater Aquarius. National Steel Car has established a healthy relationship with its staff. It has been inviting employees to Christmas parties every year. The firm has also been on the front line in supporting local food banks by organizing food drives.


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Communications Solutions Being Provided By Securus Technologies

September 20, 2017

Securus Technologies always knew how important communication is to the facility operations. I know how it affects the safety both inside as well as outside the Facilities. This impacts the revenues, as well as overcrowding too. Besides, communications directly impact the inmates, their friends and family members besides their wellbeing.


This is why Securus Technologies provides the Secure Call Platform™ (SCP). This is a call management system which can be considered as being central to any kind of communications management solution. This way Securus Technologies has provided its customers the benefits of operating on a digital network that is centralized and hence offers several advantages.


Such a platform by Securus Technologies provides greater flexibility. In this way, it becomes possible to control the phone of any inmate from any location in the country. Hence, the prison authorities are able to exercise much greater control. There is on-site control that is being provided over investigations, as well as communications. This helps to keep a check on the inmate activities too. Besides, it helps in the identifications of culprits so that notifications can be issued and crimes can be prevented from taking place.


This platform by Securus Technologies has helped to increase efficiencies. This is because all the facilities as well as operations can be managed from a single access point. Besides, all kinds of investigations as well as reporting can also be managed easily due to a single point of access that can be inside the facility or even outside these facility walls.


In this way, convenience increases in a big way. Now investigators along with administrators were able to access any file, or task, or feature of this platform any day and at any time. in this way, the crime fighting abilities of the authorities are increases immensely.


Larkin and Lacey Succeeds in Fighting For Human Rights

September 15, 2017

The demonstration of upholding for common, human and transients rights includes ensuring and protecting human rights. Moreover, it incorporates giving a voice to the persecuted people and calling for responsibility from oppressors for their wrongdoings.

The gatherings that are engaged with this procedure of supporting for common, human and transient rights are commanded to a thorough exercise that requires a vital and target examination, maintain and advocate for activity against human rights mishandle.

One of the gatherings is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The prime supporters of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have contributed in financing vagrant rights associations.

The two columnists had uncovered the presence of stupendous jury procedures which looked for articles covering the sheriff from correspondents’ notes. It was on October 18, 2007, when the Maricopa County Sherif Joe captured them. The team had been taken from their homes and imprisoned at the center of the night. They raised a settlement of $3.75 million simultaneously. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

The South Texas Human Rights Center is another gathering. The association is group situated in Falfurrias, Texas. They ensure and guard human poise and rights in South Texas. The gathering, through group activity, has a mission to end the passings and sufferings in the Mexican and Texas fringe.

The goals of the South Texas Human Rights is to reinforce the limits of families finding missing darlings. They likewise start arrangements that avoid transient passings. Likewise, the association is commanded to expand open attention to militarization of the fringe and transient passings.

Another driving movement human rights and change promotion office in the United States is the Border Network for Human Rights (BNHR). Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

With an enrollment of near 4,000 people or 700 families, the association helps in sorting out other community arranged gatherings on the outskirt and has made the far reaching Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance. The BNHR is at present teaching chose authorities about the necessities of outskirt groups at each level of the legislature.

In conclusion, we have the American Friends Service Committee which underpins advancement and development of worker drove associations. AFSC has an objective to bring the voices and worries of settler groups into banters on different level of the state from nearby to national level. The association has created “human rights councils” organize.

Taking everything into account, the gatherings are various in number yet all slanted to one particular goal; to advocate for common, human and vagrant rights.