OSI Industries – Growing Exponentially Under the Leadership of its CEO Sheldon Lavin

OSI Industries is a company that has grown massively in the past few decades. The reason behind the massive growth of the company is the leadership skills of its COO David Macdonald and its CEO, Sheldon Lavin. They have helped the company to become a leading name in the world of food processing and production. OSI Group has some of the largest food processing factories in the world. At present, it has 65 food processing and production facilities in the world. The workforce of OSI Group consists of over 20,000 employees. Forbes has listed OSI Group as the 58th largest company in the world with the total valuation of over six billion dollars. The success story of OSI Industries is one of the most inspiring success stories of the last century.

It started off as a butcher shop and slowly with time continued to grow. It was, however, the association with Sheldon Lavin that marked the turning point for the company. Before joining the food processing industry, Sheldon Lavin was in the banking world. He achieved considerable success in the banking world as well as an investment banker. Sheldon Lavin came in contact with the owners of Otto and Sons, which was the former name of OSI Group when the later was looking for a business loan. The bank asked Sheldon Lavin to become one of the board members and guarantors to facilitate the loan.

It helped the company get the loan and expand overseas as well. With time, the role of Sheldon Lavin in the company continued to grow. Eventually, it led to Sheldon Lavin becoming its CEO and executive chairman. Today, OSI Industries supplies to numerous clients across the globe. It has production units in seventeen countries to ensure that the clients always get the best and the fresh produce always. The company has some of the most stringent quality checks in the industry, and the clients can be sure that they would get the product they can rely upon. OSI Industries continues to lead the food production industry by setting new benchmarks and reaching out to more customers worldwide.

“Consider investing in futuristic IOT technologies,” says stocks guru, Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly, one of Banyan Hill Publishing’s top editors, recently posted an article encouraging investors to invest in the future by considering upcoming technologies such as the Internet of things. Even though he always makes sure to warn his readers that doing so will be risky as some innovations never manage to see the light of the day, Paul states that futuristic technologies revolving around the area of the Internet of Things are the best investment choices that entrepreneurs can opt for while looking for areas to invest in.

He goes on to give examples of a few that are undoubtedly going to not only see the light of the day, but also receive a warm reception from the world such as the recent Pratt & Whitney PW199G plane engines which pack more than 5000 individual sensors that generate up to 10 GB ever second! This innovation is likely to take over the world because no matter how fast our devices are, none can generate 10 GB of data in one second. Most of them often take days to do so, and according to experts, such innovation is enough to fill an average modern apple computer with data in ten seconds.

Having such an engine on an airplane will significantly increase the efficiency and safety of air travel and at the same time improve the durability of the plane. Besides enhanced air travel, according to Paul Mampilly, IOT technologies also go a long way in helping us take care of Mother Nature. He cites several examples such as smart home appliances which automatically turn themselves off after they are left on for a long time hence helping conserve energy and the new AT &T smart irrigation system which significantly reduces water wastage in farming thus helping preserve this precious mineral for future use.

Why investors listen to Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is famous in the stock and business arena thanks to his expansive knowledge of how the market works. The Fordham University graduate has been a critical player in this scope for more than two decades now and has worked with top shelf companies in Wall Street, such as Deutsche Bank and Kinetics asset management. This has seen him gain a lot of insight on which stocks are the best and the ones that investors should steer away from immediately. While working with these firms, Paul proved to be an incredibly useful asset. For instance, he helped increase Kinetics hedge fund to about $25 billion thus enabling the firm to gain 26% annual returns from the fund. Paul Mampilly boasts various achievements, but he’ll forever remain a valuable asset for investors as he gives them tips on the best stocks to invest in through his Profits Unlimited Newsletter which currently has over 60,000 subscribers.

Malcolm CasSelle: Cryptocurrency’s Best Target is Gaming

August 17, 2018

Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins. And OPSkins is the leader in merchandise sales denominated in Bitcoin. What OPSkins sells is in-game assets for eSports. It’s a big market — 400 million gamers make such purchases.

The problem from CasSelle’s point of view is that there is too much friction in the sales process. That friction, in CasSelle’s opinion, comes from the centralized nature of OPSkin’s business model. It’s not an antiquated model, but it’s just that it could be better if it were not centralized. That’s the problem OPSkins aims to solve with their new WAX platform. WAX stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange.

Buyers and sellers will be paid (or pay) in WAX tokens — a cryptocurrency token designed for that purpose. When you hear cryptocurrency token, you know that blockchain is bound to pop up soon. And indeed WAX will function on blockchain-based smart contracts.

WAX will decentralize the process, allowing a player to purchase assets from another gamer while still playing the game. The buyer authorizes the spending of WAX tokens and shortly after, while still playing, receives the asset(s).

WAX does not waste massive amounts of energy on mining tokens (like other cryptocurrencies). WAX tokens derive their value from a process of democratic consensus. Yes, hashing blocks of transactions is still required, but the absurdly difficult constraints imposed on Bitcoin hashes are not part of the WAX protocol.

Instead, holders of WAX tokens, which carry voting rights, vote to delegate the responsibility of hashing a transaction block to a trusted Guild — initially there will be 64 guilds to choose from. The guild for a given game will choose a transfer agent, who, just like the guild, depends on democratic consensus to remain in business. Absent the intentionally-costly proof-of-work hash mining required for Bitcoin, WAX transactions will complete in moments not minutes.

It’s not surprising to find Malcolm CasSelle deeply involved in such a technically-challenging endeavor. CasSelle founded NetNoir back when AOL ruled the web. He was a top executive in a joint venture between Groupon and Tencent. He has served as CEO for multiple corporations and has also served as CTO for another, and as noted above, now serves as Chief Information Officer for OPSkins.

Malcolm CasSelle received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from MIT and Stanford respectively. Both degrees are in Computer Science.

OSI Industries: Spreading the Success Fragrance in Food Industry

OSI Industries is regarded as a premier food provider internationally. The company is trusted even by the leading brands in the world for their quality and consistency in their products and services. David McDonald is the president of this great company while Sheldon Lavin serves as its chief executive officer and chairman. OSI IGroup has been able to cut through incredible growth curve. This has been effective because of the input from various sectors and team members. David McDonald is among the pillars of the company who have undergone phases of growth as the company grows. He landed at the company as a project manager after college and rose to his current position. David is the chief operating officer and president of this unique company.

OSI Industries stands out as an international leader in the industry of food. It is a story of growing from grass to grace. It started out as a butcher shop that was run by a German immigrant in Chicago. As years went by, in mid-century, OSI Industries attained the levels of being a major regional meat distributor for the well-known McDonald restaurant chain. This won the company great reputation and many other clients came along forcing it to expand its production and supply. As a result, OSI Group has aggressively embraced new ways and ideas to ensure expansion and growth do not go below their targets. They have set up new facilities to cover various places in the United States and another part of the world.

OSI Group has grown from being a local firm to be a global firm. Through the leadership of David, OSI is expected to steadily encounter much expansion than it has accomplished today. Some of the achievements include the purchase of the Flagship Europe and Baho Foods. Others include Tyson Foods. These acquisitions and expansions have been made effective through quality leadership and use of reliable innovative technologies. Sheldon Lavin is the executive that has expansively accelerated the growth of OSI Industries. He has ensured that OSI Industries remains committed to sustainable food production within the food industry and market. It continues to shine a star and innovator in the food industry.

Guilherme Paulus; the Trend Setter in Brazil’s Hospitality Sector

 Guilherme Paulus; the Trend Setter in Brazil’s Hospitality Sector

Based on confirmed bookings, CVC is one of the largest tour operators in Brazil. The company provides an assorted portfolio of travel products in addition to services for clients of all income capacities. Also, the management is keen on offering the customer a broad portfolio of packages for more than 1,000 international destinations. Besides, the travel products include airfare, accommodations, complimentary services, and travel insurance.


Behind the success of the company is Guilherme Paulus, the co-founder. He helped establish this firm in 1972 with the objective of offering top-notch services in leisure travel products. For decades, he has made sure that the management offers pre-packaged and tailored products that have come with flexible payment terms as well as attractive value propositions for clients. Besides, Guilherme Paulus is among the pioneer providers of leisure products including luxury hotels for accommodations. Over the years, he has also fostered an asset-light model that has allowed the company to bag up to 39.9% returns yearly. Read more articles by Paulus at advb.com


Besides, Guilherme Paulus has propelled the augmentation of an extensive online platform by incorporating interactive websites. This is solely for the sale of products in Brazil. Consequently, the company has received over 50 million visitors on the landing page. Other accomplishments he is well known for include helping the company to develop a complimentary virtual platform like improving web navigation flow and reinforcing call center structure to increase visibility.

The Observation

Guilherme Paulus, who started his entrepreneurial journey at 22, is as hardworking even today. Of course, a commoner would say that he is now expected to enjoy the millions he has garnered from the business in the past. For him, this is not the case. Like any other day in his earlier days, he starts his day as early as before and delves into the development of different projects depending on priority. Today, he has managed to market the tourism and hospitality business in different countries. Other than that, he applies strong entrepreneurial networks to garner constructive partnerships that will help grow the business. As such, he has become Brazil’s most celebrated business leader. For emerging entrepreneurs that would like to succeed in the hospitality business, this is the right person to follow. Read more: https://www.panrotas.com.br/noticia-turismo/mercado/2017/08/guilherme-paulus-heroi-ou-vilao-do-turismo-veja-opiniao_148369.html


OSI Industries Food Group Soars

The Service You Get With OSI Food Solutions

The OSI Group, a superb food industry processing corp has made recent international business news. They have been able to allow other dedicated professionals to carry their brand under their trusted name. The OSI Group lends over a century of experience in the food industry. They’re the largest food processor in North America and are proudly based in southern Illinois. Their team of executives are also interested in expanding the OSI global portfolio. To date, their assets are estimated at over $60.2 billion dollars. Feed your family a balanced diet with OSI.

Team Executives Behind The Success Of OSI

The OSI is backed by strong executive professionals that continue to be a part of the active growth of their food corp. Leaders like Sheldon Lavin, COO, leads their food corp in an effort to expand their international presence. They have been in China and the United States for over a century. Their success in the food industry lead to them being the 2016 honoree of the prestigious Globe of Honour Award. They award was given by the UK food industry for their high level of food excellence.

OSI Business News

Did you know OSI Food Solutions has created a global initiative to create jobs? That’s right; the popular OSI network has allowed their corporation to create over six thousand jobs worldwide. In fact, their President, David McDonald says, it’s important to do more than provide meals for the families they serve. Their Chicago Tyson food plant bid is responsible for hundreds of displaced workers maintaining their job. They continue to serve the general public while putting a safe meal on the table, restaurants, and grocers around the world. Trust the OSI Food Group to feed your family smart.

Knowing More about the Entrepreneur, Investor, and Philanthropist; Mr. Ara Chakerian

July 20, 2018

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur and an investor who is known to possess a big heart. He serves as a managing partner at ASC Capital Holdings LLC. The firm focuses on investment of early-stage healthcare institutions. He is also one of the biggest founders of TMS Health Solutions, where he is also a member of the board. Because of his competent skills, Ara Chackerian has been instrumental in modeling the health sector.

The foundation of TMS Health Solution

In an interview, Ara Chackerian shaded light about the establishment of TMS Health Solution, saying that the idea came about after they came to a conclusion together with his business partner that there was a gap in the healthcare industry to offer quality patient care when it comes to diagnostic disorders. Because of his extensive experience in outpatient diagnosis, he decided to establish a facility that was going to enhance service offered in the society.

His background and entrepreneurial interest

Ara Chackerian comes from San Francisco which has really paid off in his entrepreneurial pursuit. He keeps on treading through the rough and dangerous, but stimulating path of representing his achievement and dream as an investor and philanthropist. Due to his spanning career, which has gone on for decades, one would say that he really knows a lot that people who are learning in the medical field have not studied yet. Right now, he has fascinating endeavors in the healthcare technology adding to his knowledge that it is good to put one’s cards on the desk when dealing with matters related to health. You can visit vimeo to see more.


His perception of digital healthcare

Ara Chackerian has always shared his impression about digital healthcare. In an interview, he went on to state that the digital healthcare applications could improve values of medical services around the society. He added that patients suffering from depression have communication problems when it comes to speech and communication pacing. Ara continued to point out the fact that such issues require algorithms. This would assist patient’s communication with physicians in dealing with the deterioration to advance the health of the victim. You can visit his Facebook page.


Click here: https://medium.com/@arachackerian



Talkspace, Improving The Lives of People

July 16, 2018

Talkspace has adopted the use of the modern technology to help people handle their problems. The therapists from the online therapy firm have acquired a chance to offer their counsel with a vast number of people from various places in the world. Michael Phelps, a champion swimmer is one of the lucky people to feel the life-changing experience of Talkspace. Michael expressed his views on the stigma that people suffering from mental illnesses experienced and he encouraged people to treat such people with care.

Besides. The champion swimmer also shared his story of suffering from depression and anxiety. He gained insight from the experts at Talkspace and he encourages people to seek the counsel of the firm’s therapists. Today, Michael is fully dedicated to encouraging other people not to despair in their lives but rather seek professional help in case they are faced with hard situations. He was named among the firm’s board of directors and he looks forward to sharing his counsel with the firm’s executives on the various ways they can develop for growth. Besides, Michael Phelps will also share his views on the various strategies that the firm can adopt to achieve success in their endeavors.

Talkspace seeks to encourage people to adopt the use of their online therapy to manage their mental health. The form has brought invaluable data-driven improvements in their firm with an aim of making the procedure fast and efficient. The highly experienced therapists in the firm fully understand the needs of their clients and they strive to help them handle their issues using effective strategic approaches. Besides, the firm has also used other social media platforms to bring hope to other people. Through the Instagram page that they launched, they have shared videos with their followers on the various ways they can improve their lives and make it better. A vast number of people have benefited from the counsel offered by the firm’s therapist and felt encouraged through sharing their ideas with other people on social platforms. Talkspace seeks to inspire people in the moving years through making their services available to every individual regardless f the impact of their problems.

Flavio Maluf Advocates For The Business Advantages of Tax Incentives

Flavio Maluf is a prominent Brazilian businessman and one of the fiercest advocates for reducing the enormous tax burden that small businesses throughout the country currently experience. As the president and CEO of the Eucatex corporation, Flavio Maluf has been at the forefront of the Brazilian tax debates for over a decade.

Throughout that time, Maluf has seen the results, up close and personal, that ensue from overtaxing the very people who are the backbone of a country’s economy. Maluf says that overtaxing small business is one of the single most harmful things that any politician could impose upon his constituency. The overtaxing of small businesses leads to a dramatic drop in investment in both the community and the businesses themselves. This leads to the eventual closing of many small businesses while promoting the interest of the much larger corporations who can afford to spend the millions of dollars necessary to successfully offshore their operations and shield their income from burdensome taxation. Learn more about Flavio Maluf at InfoMoney

Maluf has proposed a number of concrete measures to reduce the tax burden on small businesses. He cites the project known as Zona Franca de Manuas, which was able to radically transform the West Amazonas region of Brazil, causing it to go from one of the most impoverished and neglected areas of the country into being a genuine powerhouse of manufacturing activity. This, says Maluf, was the direct result of intelligent taxation policies, particularly those that included the subsidizing of small businesses and the allowance of more capital retention by small business owners to invest in both their own companies and in the communities in which they operated.

Maluf says that the record of such programs is very clear. When small businesses are empowered it to keep more of their hard-earned money for the purposes of reinvestment in both their own operations and in the community as well, this leads to broadly salutary effects on the economy of the country as a whole. There simply is no substitute for the organic growth that occurs when small businesses are able to pursue their own destinies in the way in which they see fit.

Read more: http://blogdoronco.blogspot.com/2014/05/empresario-flavio-maluf-prestigia.html


Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine is an editorial director at Banyan Hills, a publishing company known for it quality work output. He was promoted to the high ranks due to his vast knowledge in the field. Additionally, he is an editor of Total Wealth which gives advice to the venture capitalists on where, when and how to invest. Jeff Yastine’s main goal is to shed light on opportunities available in monetary trends, business, and economic trends in the world.

When it comes to detailed facts on how to spend wisely, then the man to look for is Jeff Yatine. Furthermore, he has worked with not only Michael Dell but also Warren Buffett in financial matters. During his constant interaction with business moguls, Jeff Yastine acquired unique techniques that have propelled him to greater heights. Therefore, he is one of the most valued assets of the company. Additionally, his experience in the field which amounts to about 20 years makes him a giant in his field. Learn more about Jeff Yastine at Crunchbase.

Among his contributors to the man he is today, he is a humane individual. He takes part in helping people in need. When Hurricane Katrina struck the United States in 2005, he took part in making sure that those affected have food, shelter, and clothing. Additionally, in the year 2010, he helped the people affected by the oil spillage to recover. In comparison to people of his caliber, he has always proven to people that all human beings are the same despite the state that you are in.

Last but not least, Jeff Yastine has visited the Cuban republic severally as an investor. The visits are important because not all investors have managed to go for foreign visits. Therefore, Jeff Yastine is a very determined individual who not only has his own interests at hand but also the interest of others. He is a determined editor.

Read more: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=332074010&privcapId=109183793&previousCapId=109183793&previousTitle=The%2520Sovereign%2520Society