Fortress Investment Group Has Grown Considerably Under the Leadership of Peter Briger

Making profitable investments on a large scale might seem difficult in today’s economic market because of the kind of fragility that is seen in the market these days. It is not possible to make investments and completely forget about it as the markets are unpredictable and often sluggish, to say the least. Once you make the investments, you also need to monitor its growth and movement to ensure that it would be able to get the results you expect it to derive in due course. Most of the companies find it difficult to manage their finances for this particular reason and hire third-party investment managers to develop investment strategies for long-term growth. One of the most trusted investment management firms in this regards is the Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Investment Group has for years been a company that small to large sized enterprises as many high net worth individuals trust from across the globe. The investment strategies provided by the company are personalized to meet the individual requirements, and there is no one size fits all approach, which showcases that Fortress Investment Group cares for its clients. The fact that Fortress Investment Group is catering to more than 1,800 clients currently speaks a lot about the trust that the company has won of its customers over the years. The Fortress Investment Group ensures that the clients get the results they are looking for without having to suffer from unprecedented loss, irrespective of how sluggish the financial markets are. Being able to predict the market movements beforehand has been one of the expertise of the company.

The main reason why Fortress Investment Group has been successful so far is that of its top management. The chairman of the company is Peter Briger who is a great leader and dedicated towards his work. He had previously worked as a partner at Goldman, Sachs, and Co for nearly 15 years. It was the only company that had worked before he joined Fortress Investment Group and it shows how dedicated he is to its work. He was a student of Princeton University from where he received his Bachelor’s degree. He then completed his MBA from the Wharton School of Business after which he was offered a place at the Goldman, Sachs, and Co. He worked hard and climbed the ranks in no time, becoming a partner in 1992. Peter Briger has helped Fortress Investment Group accomplish the impossible and is continuing to do so.

A Look into Michael Hagele’s Day

May 5, 2018

Michael Hagele is a renowned professional in the field of law who has made a name due to his entrepreneurial approach to this field. He has specialized as a general counsel for technology firms. Some of the industries where he offers his services include aerospace, defense, and biotechnology. He has in the past invested in various promising technology industries with the aim of growing with them. Michael also has created many ventures. Many of his investments are in the hospitality and restaurant field. Michael Hagele has been key to completion of many domestic as well as international deals to many companies in the telecommunication field. He is so much sought after due to his immense knowledge in handling law matters in the area of telecom. Learn more about Michael at Crunchbase.

Mr. Hagele once worked as an in-house attorney. He mainly specialized in serving venture capital companies. Some of the services that he delivered to these institutions include corporate governance, employment, and management of mergers between firms. Michael Hagele is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley where he got his law degree.

In a recent interview, Michael discussed his journey to becoming the successful lawyer that he is today. He had formerly worked as an independent attorney as well as an employee of a firm. From the two experiences, Mr. Hagele chose the former. He says that working independently gives one an opportunity to work with clients closely. This way, one can get their needs and respond to them appropriately to bring about fulfillment. Michael believes in the provision of quality services to his clients. Working as an independent attorney gives him an appropriate platform to do so.

Mr. Hagele usually has a busy day. He begins the day by checking his daily tasks and what he had planned to do on the day. He begins with checking intellectual property cases and counseling. After that, Michael Hagele engages in the creation of contracts like technology licensing agreements. After finishing these tasks, Michael takes time to ride his bicycle. This is meant to give him a break from the tedious and engaging office work. After the ride, Mr. Hagele is more set to further deliver to his numerous clients. His days are always spent in doing activities that are meant to give satisfaction to the client needs. See:


Jeremy Goldstein: The Prominent Corporate Lawyer From New Yrok

May 2, 2018

People who are on the lookout for good lawyers are always faced with a number of dilemmas when it comes to finding the right legal support for their case. People always want a good lawyer, but because they are the kind of professionals that only come to mind in times of need, it can be harder to find the right ones on such short notice.

The internet is one of the best places to be able to find a lawyer that is right for the case that you are involved with. Because people often tend to review the services that they go in for, it can be easier to determine if a lawyer is right for you or not.

However, there are always those times during which people struggle to find the right lawyer for the job. Even the reviews that are available online might not be sufficient to convince a person to hire that particular lawyer.

With the view of making the entire process a lot easier on those looking out for a lawyer, the New York Bar Association decided to come out with a plan of action that would make the task of finding a good lawyer a lot easier. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase

The organization decided to implement an online system that would list all of the well-reputed lawyers that are registered with the organization, and who are known to provide a high quality of services to those who come to them.

Several well-known names have been listed here, one of which is the well known corporate lawyer from New York, Jeremy Goldstein.

Jeremy Goldstein has been a part of the New York City Bar Association for several years. He is considered to have an incredible reputation for the work that he has been doing and for the companies that he has worked with.

The area that Jeremy Goldstein specializes in is in the field of corporate law and is something that he has been working in for several years. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein:

Corporates across the city of New York have opted for the services that Goldstein provided to help them with their legal matters, and to seek legal aid. Because of the work that Goldstein has done, several businesses have been able to benefit and grow.

Jeremy Goldstein leads his law firm that goes by the name of Jeremy Goldstein and Associates. It is a well-known firm that has gained an impressive reputation for the work that it has done and for the clients that it has been able to serve.

Bruno Fagali And The Significance Of Nova/SB’s Corporate Integrity Program

May 2, 2018

The Fagapress contains details about Bruno Fagali’s Law Firm – The Fagali Advocacia, which was created with the goal to combine the profound knowledge of the firm’s staff and the environment in which it operates to be able to give its clients the best legal service possible.

Fagapress also showcases the Fagali Advocacia’s areas of expertise, including the company’s ethical and social responsibility.

Bruno Fagali, the co-founder of Fagali Advocacia, is an outstanding lawyer in Brazil who specializes in the follow fields of law: Parliamentary Law, Election Law, Anti-Corruption Law, Advertising Law, Public Law, and Compliance Law. He also has a Master’s in Administrative Law, which he took at the USP’s Faculty of Law.

At the moment, Attorney Bruno Fagali is involved with the integrity program inculcation of Nova/SB, which is an advertising agency that designed a code of conduct that adheres to the Anti-Corruption Law; and it is the only agency within the advertising industry that consulted with the CGU concerning the corporate rules that it currently has.

Follow Bruno Fagali on Twitter

A couple of years in the past, Nova/SB began creating its Corporate Integrity Program, which at the moment is already complete and being implemented. The regulations integrated in the program complied with the Anti-Corruption Law and was presented to the General Comptroller of the Union (CGU), an organization which is newly established by the Ministry of Transparency, Supervision and Control.

The founding partner of Nova/SB, Bob Vieira da Costa, clarifies that the move the company has undertaken is the expected outcome of their continuous concern of the limitations and transparency that comprise the advertising agency’s principles. So, it should always be enacted in a comprehensive and rational manner that is often appropriate. And the procedure of implementation is quite extreme where it necessitates changes within the organization that adheres to ethics.

The employees of the agency have already read the code of ethics as well as have undergone the necessary training. A soft copy of the cited ethics code is likewise available on the advertising agency’s private internet network. Bruno Fagali, Nova/SB’s Corporate Integrity Manager, is responsible for the implementation and training, which he already executed in the Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Sao Paulo offices. Bruno Fagali has an employment contract with Nova/SB for three years.

Read more: O cigarro no banco dos réus: no Brasil, os aditivos; nos Estados Unidos, os advertisings

How Jeff Yastine’s Kennedy Accounts Will Save You A Lot of Money

Is it possible to turn five hundred dollars into more than a million? Is it possible to turn eighteen hundred dollars into ten million? Is it possible to turn one hundred and twenty two dollars into one hundred thousand? Yes, it has happened! How has it happened, you ask? Well, it has happened through the Kennedy Accounts, an investment opportunity that noted financial advisor Jeff Yastine talks about. Read this article at

Banyan Hill Publishing has done a lot of research into the Kennedy Accounts to try to find out if they are real or not. After all of their research, what they found out was astonishing! The Kennedy Accounts are real and totally legit. However, Wall Street does not want you to find out about these Kennedy Accounts. The Kennedy accounts, which were started by President John Kennedy as a way to jumpstart the economy when it was in serious decline, allows you to invest in companies through Direct Stock Purchase Plans, which are also known as DSPP.

There are around four hundred and fifty companies that allow direct stock purchases. Why does Wall Street want to hide these stocks from you? The answer is that they know that they will be cut out of the picture if you find out about these stocks. After all, these are called Direct Stock Purchase Plans for a reason. They let you buy stocks directly from the source. You do not have to go through a Wall Street broker anymore. They cut out the middleman. This costs Wall Street brokers hundreds of millions of dollars a year because they rely on the commissions they make as a middleman. Follow Jeff on Twitter.

However, what it means for you as an investor is that you will save money while having access to great stocks that have a great growth opportunity. You do not have to spend money anymore on broker fees, so it is a win win for you.

However, the treasure chest is far from over, says Jeff Yastine. Not only do you save on commission fees, but many of these companies will allow you to buy stocks at a discount, sometimes more than ten percent, usually around five percent. You can save a lot of money this way. Wall Street has tried to lobby for the deletion of the law that put the Kennedy Accounts into place since it was started. Read more:

Banyan Hill Company & The Successful Ted Bauman

Investing, in the financial world, does not come without its trials and tribulations. At the end of the day, there could either be a big payout or a bug loss of profit. Regardless, there is no denying that the professionals in this field have to be on top of their game. Any slip up in this field and, it could mean the difference between an advancement or a disaster. In addition to that, it is important to understand that professionals in investing come in all shapes and forms. In other words, there is no level of professionalism in this field that is regarded or considered more important than the other. Because of this, we have witnessed many successes in this industry. Nonetheless, one of the best examples of a successful investing and financial expert is Ted Bauman. As an integral part of the investment company Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman has been nothing less than a difference maker with his abilities. perhaps that stems from years upon years of experience but, his skills are indeed effective. How he has achieved success at Banyan Hill Publishing is quite impressive. Altogether, as a chief editor and executive at Banyan Hill Publishing, there is more on his plate than most of his peers at the company. With that said, here are some  the ways Ted Bauman has been successful at Banyan Hill Publishing. Visit Ted on Facebook for more updates.

Ted Bauman & His Achievements at Banyan Hill Publishing

As stated before, Ted Bauman has many tasks to handle as chief editor and executive at the company. Among many things, Ted Bauman has to deliver on tasks such providing in asset protection, dealing with privacy, and also handling migration affairs on a global scale. In addition to that, he is also personally heavily involved in low-risk high-reward investment strategies. In summary, Ted Bauman is a necessary part of Banyan Hill Publishing. In fact, without his outstanding work and great contributions to the company, who knows if Banyan Hill Company would have been as successful as they are currently. Furthermore, his actions as a professional have shown to be top-notch and nothing less. His investment strategies and knowledge of his field has landed him various recognitions and, perhaps more importantly, the respect of his fellow investment professional. Entirely, Ted Bauman’s career has been wonderful in many ways. Considering how much he has achieved in his career, it would be a safe bet to say that he will continue in those ways. Read more:


The Impressive Career of Brazilian Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf was born on December 2, 1961, in Sao Paolo, Brazil. This 55-year-old Brazilian managed to achieve a lot. He has a degree in mechanical engineering and has graduated from Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation (FAAP).

Later the businessman also went to the University of New York to study business. Flavio Maluf is, in addition to being a highly educated and successful businessman, a real family man. He is a proud father of three children. All three of his children are also very well educated. Which shows that Flavio Maluf works well in the role of a father too. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

His biggest immediate preoccupation is the leadership of 2 highly successful companies: Eucatex and GrandFood, which is the owner of the brands of rations Premier Pet and Golden. Revenue tax refunds are something everyone eagerly awaits each year.

Flavio Maluf was a member of Eucatek Group since 1987. During his business career in this enterprise, he was a professional executive in several departments that the company deals with. For the first few years, he worked in the sales area of Eucatek Group. After that, he moved to the technical department where he worked until 1996. This year was a crucial year for his professional progress. His uncle, who was president of the company, invited him to join the leadership team. Not only he did not disappoint the confidence of his uncle but also excelled in this position.

In 1997, due to the results he achieved, he was promoted to the director of the company and is in that position today. The business success of this endeavor has been gradually increasing since then. And Flavio Maluf gives a unique importance to modernization and development in the field of management. Initially, Eucatex produced only acoustic ceilings and soft sheets of wood fibers, but after achieving great results, they expanded their production to the level when they started to manufacture insulation and acoustic panels.

In addition to achieving the success of the company and even gradually improving profit. FlávioMaluf also takes part in charity activities to support local communities. One of his most recent charity activity was a collaboration with the Hospital and Maternity Lang Carli, which is the formal home of Santa Emilia Health. View:


The Role Sujit Choudhry Has Played In Enhancing Political Democracy

There are several renowned international scholars in various fields including in constitutional law and politics. The comparative issues that these scholars address and research on are of a wide spectrum. Most people have arguably affirmed that constitutional law and politics is a giant field only fit for the smart mind and courageous hearts. This is what Sujit Choudhry decided to become.

He focused on using the constitution as a tool in transiting violent conflict into democratic politics that are peaceful (  According to Sujit, the constitutional design has several divisions of societies which include minority and groups rights, official language policy, bill of rights, federalism, transitional justice, semi-presidentialism, constitutional courts and secession, and decentralization.

Sujit is one renowned author when it comes to the constitutional law matters in Canada. Constitutional Democracies in Crisis is his book chapter that was recently published. The former U.S Attorney General, Eric Holder, triggered Sujit to write this book through his tweet, which Sujit found undesirable. Eric has suggested that peaceful demonstrations ensue and this would have resulted in something that hurts peace. Sujit noted that this would have compromised the democracy that America had enjoyed for a long time. He also notes that a presidential term limit of up to two terms was appropriate. He said this would keep off those who would wish to hold on power for a longer time subjecting the country into a state of emergency.

In most cases, you will find Sujit on the ground with his boots on. In 2003, Sri Lanka had an ethnic conflict and Sujit was one of the foreign constitutional experts who went there to develop a federalist solution. He also went to Nepal in the year 2007 and 2010 just to ensure the constitutional negotiations were highly enhanced. Sujit leaves the Law Faculty at the Toronto University to teach comparative constitutional law at the University of New York ( Sujit is known to have changed the political landscape in South Africa and Eastern Europe in the late 1990s and this is the time he started writing books on constitutional law. Although Sujit was raised up in Toronto, he was born in Delhi. His parents were Indian immigrants. Nanda, his father was a lecturer at Toronto University where he taught economics making his home a grooming zone for scholars. For a related article, check on

Connect:  LinkedIn.


Alexandre Gama A Self-Made Man

April 16, 2018

As one of his country’s greatest creative minds in the last 40 years, Alexandre Gama has plenty to be proud of. He is the most decorated Brazilian copywriter of his generation, a successful entrepreneur, and an award-winning advertising executive. He single-handedly built his company, Neogama, from scratch. He founded Neogama in 1999 and within 2 years it was already being recognized around the world for its work. Since its founding Neogama has been awarded with 23 Golden Lion Awards at the Cannes Film Festival, become one of Brazil’s top agencies, and worked with companies all over the globe.

To say that Gama is a safe made man would be an understatement. He worked his way through college at the prestigious Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. He then started at the bottom of the industry as a copywriter for Standard Ogilvy & Mather post-graduation. He worked in the industry for nearly 20 years before founding Neogama.

Matt Badiali- Natural Resources Investor.

Matt Badiali- Natural Resources Investor.

Matt Badiali is a specialist in the industries of energy, agriculture and mining. He invests in Mining to make enormous profits in natural assets. Matt is a former Geology lecturer at the University of North Carolina. He is the founder of Real Wealth Strategist Company. Matt Badiali boast bachelor’s in Earth Science from Penn University. Matt Badiali later proceeded to pursue his Master degree in geology at Florida Atlantic University. Matt also enrolled at the University of North Carolina for a PhD and spent five years before he was introduced to the business by his buddy.

Matt worked with his friend in the finance department to come up with investment crafts and advice that appealed to any typical American. Matt developed the interest of helping other investors and businesspeople make great investment deals in metals, natural resources and energy. Follow Matt on

Matt Badiali went on to launching his newsletter called Real Wealth Strategist with the renowned Banyan Hill. Real Wealth Strategist offers help to various investors and readers as it created a network of loyalists who genuinely like Matt’s natural resource stock pieces of advice. Matt Badiali is a go-get kind of an investor. He travels to different places and countries around the globe to create networks and venture into new areas for investment. Badiali has a character of going to find experts whenever he wants to share with them. Matt Badiali has been to different places such as Haiti, Iraq, Switzerland, Turkey, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Singapore and Peru.

Matt Badiali has also been to several mining centres, company headquarters and oil projects centres to collect new methods and ideas of investment.

In his interview, Matt Badiali revealed that he used some unique skill sets to come up with a newsletter about natural resource business. He admitted that Natural resources are hugely hypothetical and recurring. He also noted that one has to understand markets, science, companies and finance before putting it down on a newsletter. According to him, this understanding is very vital to investors who wish to invest in the natural resources field fully.

Matt Badiali utilizes his experience and education to make his ideas practical. In his writings, Matt Badiali likes drawing his points on his actual skills, and by so doing, the articles appear so real to the readers. The times that he wishes to document on any new idea, Matt has to travel to places where they are found to experience it first. Matt focuses on one specific thing at a time to avoid overlapping concepts. Visit: