Can Wen Make a Difference In Your Hair?

April 14, 2017

WEN hair care line is created by stylist Chaz Dean, has been popular for quite some time. Several celebrities have used Wen and say that those products make a difference in the texture and health of their hair. Wen is also known for being made from plant extracts and essential oils that are beneficial for the hair and scalp.

If you’ve been thinking about changing your shampoo, conditioner or styling products, it may be worthwhile to give Wen a try. This Bustle review from Emily McClure could help you decide if Wen is truly for you.

Emily decided to buy from eBay the Fig conditioner from Wen for her week-long experiment, since the conditioner is formulated to moisturize the scalp and add volume to the hair. She had to use quite a bit of conditioner to fully treat her hair, but says that her hair felt healthier after only one use.

On the fourth day of the experiment, Emily was in a rush that morning and didn’t have time to wash her hair. She used a curling iron to give her hair a little more body, but her curls soon fell, since the conditioner made her hair oilier than usual. Her friends on Facebook commented on a photo of her hair selfie. She has received tons of compliments.

Overall, Emily says that the conditioner is great for women who use heat on their hair daily, and for women who have thinning hair and want to add more shine and volume to their tresses.


Mobilizing The Immobile Authority

April 11, 2017

According to most accounts, Austin TX and its surrounding communities are conflicted with few transit options yet plentiful challenges regarding the region’s traffic. In December of 2016, Williamson County assembled an panel to discuss possible solutions to its traffic problem. The panel is known as the Mobility Authority. Although several possibilities were mentioned, there is one that stands out like a grapefruit in a vineyard.

It was the proposal issued by ArgoDesigns’s Jared Ficklin. Jared Ficklin proposed an aerial gondola system for Central Austin. Aside from traffic problems, Williamson County is facing technological problems as well. Driver-less vehicles and ride-sharing apps are changing the way we view modes of transportation.

We are in the era of smartphones, where mobility is prioritized. Everyone is always on the move. Services like Uber and Lyft have changed the way we drive around town. Another option presented was a tech solution.

One person pertinent in bringing about solutions is Mike Heiligenstein. Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority for Austin, Texas. Since its inception, Mike has been apart of the Mobility Authority. In addition, Mike Heiligenstein oversaw the development of their first project.

Recently, the Mobility Authority opened the 290 Toll Manor Expressway project, and is constructing Express Lanes on MoPac Loop 1. Also, the Mobility Authority is also collaborating with regional transportation entities to study six other planned expressways across the Central Texas area. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

Currently, Mike serves as President of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association. For over 23 years, Mike served citizens of Williamson County as a public official. According to Crunchbase, Time and time again, Mike Heiligenstein has proven he understands the needs of the people of Williamson County.

Previous achievements of the Mobility Authority include the U.S. 290 toll road between Austin and Manor. As a result, it tripled the capacity of the previous road while improving non-toll lanes that were there before. Future projects include making “smart roads.”

Fiber lines would be embedded along the 183 South project between US 290 and the airport. Of course, this would take place when vehicles have the ability to talk to road infrastructure. A key problem mentioned by the authority is congestion created by the repetitive starting and stopping of drivers on busy roadways.

In most cases, it is caused by minor breakdowns. Getting drivers moving again or off the road quickly would make dramatic improvements on congestion.

Strategies Used By Fabletics to Be at a Competitive Advantage Over Amazon

April 11, 2017

Very rarely will you hear a company enter the industry and start competing with the industry pioneers. In most cases, they will compete on a lower level, until they have learnt the tricks to navigate the industry. But Fabletics is not your ordinary company. They have been around for around four years now but they are already giving Amazon a run for its money. Now, you would think that I am just blubbing but wait until you see the figures. In just the three years that the company has been in operation, they have managed to make sales of over $250 million. Surprising, right? But that’s the fact and this has not been a result of sheer luck. Rather, the company has had to work really hard to come up with strategies that would put them at a competitive advantage over Amazon and other big league companies that are in this industry. And, this is how they do it



Changing the Narrative


Fabletics has managed to change the sportswear industry narrative. In the past, companies that are known for quality would also be marked by a high price. This made it impossible for the ordinary athlete to purchase quality apparel. Identifying this gap in the market, Fabletics have come up with a way of providing the same quality but at a very affordable price. They cut their costs to the minimum and in that way, they are able to sell at lower prices. Also, Fabletics has changed the notion that sports gear has to be boring and dull. Now, you can get fashionable exercise gear, coming in various patterns, designs and colors.



Capitalizing on Online Data


Fabletics knows that the world today is highly digital and that most information that you need about your clients, you will get it on social media. They use such data to make apparel that suits the lifestyle of today athletes. They heavily rely on this data for the success of their physical stores. They listen to the wish of their clients and turn them into products. And, that’s where they go right.



Kate Hudson


Working closely with Kate Hudson has made the Fabletics brand sell more. Kate Hudson is seen modelling most of the company’s new apparel. And, being a best-selling artist who is largely followed, she gives the brand a push in the right direction. Besides, who wouldn’t want to rock something that Kate Hudson finds fabulous and even wears herself?



Reverse Showrooming


Fabletics knows their consumers only too well. They know that there are people who will come to their online store only to check out what is trending and will then go to the physical stores to look for the exact items. For this kind of consumers, they have established physical outlets. Today, they have more than a dozen stores in the US and UK and continue to open more physical stores.

Clay Siegall’s Cool Blog And His Pursuit Of Truth

March 25, 2017

Human beings, the creatures that you and I embody, have been on the planet for anywhere from 2 million to 6 million years. Neanderthals, one of our ancestors, came before us and died out sometime in the early parts of human existence on this planet. Here is the million-dollar question — did human beings and Neanderthals kiss?

That is the kind of question that Clay Siegall wants answered. He is a scientist that believes in science above all else. So when an article about vegetarian Neanderthals pops up on NPR, he is quick to repost it on his blog. In case you were wondering, Neanderthals and human beings did kiss and scientists have gleaned the evidence off of mummified skulls.

I have to say that Clay Siegall’s blog is one of the most interesting things I have ever read. There is a lot from NPR and the NFL. Apparently, he really loves three letter acronyms that start with the letter N. The articles that he displays on his blog range from stars melting into black holes, microbes being investigated in space and unrestricted NFL free agents signing with the new teams. If it is science or football, Clay Siegall has the answer for you.

But it is his pursuit of scientific truths in cancer research that really sets him apart. In the 1980s, he began his career as a scientific researcher for cancer at the National Institute Of Health. It is here that he began to understand cancer as an incredibly diverse disease. Each cancer is unique in its own way and must be treated as such.

This knowledge led him to cofound Seattle Genetics, the largest employer in the biotech industry of the Pacific Northwest. He now leads over 1000 employees in a quest for better treatments for cancer and other autoimmune diseases such as lupus. They endeavor to understand cancer on a cellular level and develop drugs that target each unique cancer cell. The goal is to give oncologists around the world more options when it comes to drugs and treatments in order to better suit each individual cancer patient.

Renting Homes

One of the most common ways to get started investing in real estate is to rent out your home. There are many people today who are excited about all of the changes in this area that this can help you with. Not only that, but Arthur Becker has proven that he has what it takes to invest in the future with this strategy. This type of investing is not going to get you rich in a day or two, but it is going to allow you to build wealth over the long term. The monthly rent that you receive from your tenants can help greatly with all of various ways to make money. In addition, you can start to build your real estate empire over time to include many properties. If you can ever get one paid off, the cash flow that comes in from that one location is huge.


Arthur Becker


There are some people who succeed at a really high level in real estate. Arthur Becker is one of those people. Over time, he has proven to truly care about the lives of others in a variety of ways. Not only that, but he wants to start investing for the future with others. As the real estate market continues to improve, he is going to build on the success that he has had. If you are ready to start investing for the future, make sure to do your research on the front end. This can make a huge difference in the total success that you have with your investing plans.


Next Steps


Investing in real estate can be lucrative if you are willing to invest and put in the work. There are many people who are excited about all of the changes that are taking place in this area of the economy. Not only that, but Arthur Becker truly cares about the societal impact that he is making in the lives of other people today. If you are ready to start investing for the future, he is a great person to model yourself after. Over time, he has had a lot of success in this area.

OSI Group Vs The Competition

March 13, 2017

The food service industry is one of the largest and most competitive industries in the world. There are numerous food solution providers in just about every area of the globe. This is a multi-billion dollar industry on an annual basis as well.

Have you ever heard of OSI Group? Do you know what food solutions are? Well, OSI Group is one of the largest privately held companies in the U.S. and it’s one of the largest food providers in the world. There are over 20,000 employees that work in up to 65 innovative facilities. Did I mention that these facilities are scattered across 17 different countries.

The competitors just can’t handle the demands of the growing general public and that’s why so many food providers either go out of business, file for bankruptcy, or merge into deals with other food providers. OSI Group is no exception to the rule, but it has been on the positive side of business by actually fulfilling the acquisitions. Tyson Food Plant is the perfect example of a business acquisition as it has merged with OSI Group. This is an equal opportunity work place that is always on the look for passionate people who are enthusiastic about the business. The company also stands out when it comes to custom food solutions. This is where the competition drops the ball. OSI Flourishes with this service because it uses leading edge thinking and innovation to make all custom foods a reality.

This is modern day food solutions at it’s finest and OSI epitomizes it better than anyone else. The future is looking might bright with OSI Group leading the way and the company has laid a successful blueprint for other to follow.

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The Generosity Of Sam Boraie

March 6, 2017

One of the premiere companies for development in the northeast United States is Boraie Development. They are located in New Jersey and are currently focused on the city of New Brunswick. In the last five years they have come up with an excellent plan to revitalize New Brunswick. So far, the developments of facilities with multiple uses have drawn new residents to the area. Small businesses are now interested in the offices and retail spaces available. Boraie Development was also a major player revitalizing Atlantic City while it was in the process of recovering from the economic low.

The projects Boraie Development has already completed are at the beginning of the plans in effect for the revitalization. The plan is considered long term and will help the growth of New Brunswick ( into the future. In addition to the development of their own facilities they are also involved in partnerships for different ventures. Boraie Development has a proven history of working with experienced property managers and real estate development companies. They use these partnerships for the management and development of high end projects all over the country.

One of the most respected leaders of Boraie Development is Sam Boraie. His father was a real estate developer from Egypt named Omar Boraie. Omar was both the CEO and founder of the company. Sam has placed the focus of the family business on the development of new targets. He holds one of the Vice Presidency positions in the company while his younger sister and older brother are responsible for others.

A lot of Sam’s time is spent working at the family’s business yet he still finds time for numerous charities. The State Theatre in New Jersey is one of his most notable causes. He has a place on the Board in addition to many of the other localized businessmen. This theatre is known as a cultural phenomenon by the locals. They are responsible for numerous productions not only in New Brunswick but other cities in New Jersey as well. The State Theatre has no choice but to rely on donations. According to Bloomberg, many of these come from Boraie Development, the family or Sam Boraie personally.

Elijah’s Promise is another charity close to Sam’s heart. This organization is putting their efforts into stopping poverty in communities throughout New Jersey. The company has numerous worthwhile goals including helping the people in the communities find and keep satisfactory employment, helping in the creation and growth of businesses that encourage benefits for the community, having healthy and safe foods available and putting an end to hunger. Sam is on the board for this particular charity and is extremely involved in working on the planning for the future of the community.


Karl Heideck – Young But Experienced Litigation Lawyer in Philadelphia

February 23, 2017

Karl Heideck is an experienced attorney in PhiladelphiaLitigation lawyers are the ones who help their clients in civil disputes. These disputes can range from anything like unpaid bills to unfilled contracts, shipping cases, defective products, unsatisfied services, media, construction company claims and much more. The litigation lawyer will first try to settle the dispute between the parties through out of court negotiation. If that is not successful, the case will be required to be concluded through court litigation or some other resolution like arbitration or mediation. The litigator should be able to advise their clients on the most preferred method which is beneficial for his clients.

For a person to become a litigator, they have to earn a graduation degree with high GPA score. To get into a law school, he or she must pass the LSAT. One can specialize in one or more of branches like commercial litigation, personal injury law and more. Litigators are among the top lawyers in demand and work with its clients from the start until the end. They help their clients in negotiating agreements and settlements outside of court which are beneficial for both the parties involved in such cases. This is why for those looking for a litigator in Philadelphia, it is important to hire a qualified and experienced lawyer like Karl Heideck.

Karl Heideck is among the youngest lawyers in PhiladelphiaKarl Heideck is among the youngest lawyers in the city who is widely in demand because of his excellence and experience in law with a number of different law firms. He has experience in various areas of civil litigation, bankruptcy litigation, unfair competition and more. Karl Heideck passed the top of his class from Temple University School of Law. Karl is currently affiliated with Hire Counsel and specializes in litigation, compliance and risk management.

As an experienced litigator, Karl Heideck not only has an excellent academic background, he also has analytical and interpersonal skills. From his college years, he has practiced and developed his negotiating skills while working with some law firms and getting hands-on experience by working with some of the top lawyers in the country today. He gets to know his clients well and educate himself entirely to be able to resolve the dispute.

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You’ll Be Talking About End Citizen’s United For The Next Four Years

February 20, 2017

Corporations and wealthy people have bought your voice in politics. That is the message of End Citizen’s United, a Washington D.C. based PAC working to change the infamous Citizen’s United ruling from the Supreme Court in 2010.

The Citizen’s United decision essentially made it legal for corporations to funnel unlimited money to politicians as election donations on In other words, corporations have the same rights as individual people and can donate as much money as they want to elections. The inherent problem with the ruling was it opened the door for “dark” or untraceable money to be given to candidates with no accountability for its origination.

End Citizens United Steps Into The Fight
End Citizens United formed as a grassroots effort to change the impact of the ruling. Supreme Court decisions are usually the last word on legal decisions. However, there is a way to get around their judgments, by passing a constitutional amendment reversing the decision on Facebook.

End Citizens United is leading the fight against the ruling and garnering much support along the way. Founded in March of 2015, the PAC raised more than $2 million and established itself as a major player on the political game field. They also partnered with Hillary Clinton’s campaign, giving them exposure to more than 4 million supporters and financial partners.

Why End Citizen’s United Is Different
There are other PACs involved in campaign finance reform, but End Citizen’s United is taking a different approach on They are actively seeking out and supporting candidates who support campaign finance reform. They fashioned a questionnaire given to all candidates asking for their opinions on reform. They post the responses of people they support so donors can see who receives their support.

End Citizen’s United also lives by the rules it supports. The company depends on, and receives, most of its support from a grassroots effort and small donations on They’ve received over 136,000 donations with the average donation being $14.86.
While End Citizen’s United focusses on reversing the Supreme Court decisions, they also hope to influence state and local campaign finance laws. Their end goal is to return the power of the people to the election process and not have corporations have the sole voice in politics.

Led By Experience And Passion
Veteran Political players comprise the leadership of End Citizens United. Congressman Ron Barber heads up their board. He has a 32-year career in government and has owned a private business for 22 years. The other board members are:

Jessica Vanden Berg
Christopher Massicote
Lanae Erickson Hatalsky

The election of President Trump has not stopped the organization from forging ahead on its mission. They continue to grow in support and political power.

How Fabletics Is Dominating The Online Fashion Retail Industry

February 20, 2017

In just four years, movie star Kate Hudson’s Fabletics brand has been able to take over the online fashion retail industry with its clever business strategies and deep understanding of its target customers.


Today, the company is worth over $250 million and boasts several brick-and-mortar stores across the country. Despite the brand’s plan to launch additional physical stores across the world over the next few years, the company remains largely based in e-commerce. Its major selling point is the convenient and unique subscription service model.


On the Fabletics website, you can find hundreds of athletic apparel staples like jogging pants, leggings, sports bras and hoodies. While many athletic apparel brands offer the same products, customers choose Fabletics because the clothes are both stylish and high in quality, not to mention incredibly affordable. Fabletics clothes are made with high-tech fabrics that are resistant to sweat and are incredibly comfortable to wear during intense workouts. The variety of styles, prints and colors also makes the Fabletics website the ultimate destination for any woman who loves to consistently add to her workout apparel wardrobe.


Another thing that makes Fabletics unique is that it encourages customers to join a clever VIP membership program. Upon signing up, members fill out a survey so that Fabletics can determine their tastes and preferences. Then, for $49.95 each month, members receive a full workout outfit in the mail on a monthly basis. This convenient way of purchasing clothing is what has launched the business into success.


Joanie and Heather of signed up when they discovered what a deal the brand was offering. VIP members receive their first outfit for only $25. Upon receiving their outfits, they were delighted by the high quality and cute styles of the clothes.


When Fabletics launched several brick-and-mortar stores last year, business experts were surprised. With consumer data indicating that more and more consumers are shopping online instead of in physical stores, many considered physical stores to be nearing obsolescence. However, Hudson opened the stores using the “reverse showroom” strategy that had proven to be a success for tech giants like Apple.


This “reverse showroom” concept uses physical stores to encourage more online revenue. When a customer walks into a Fabletics store, they can observe and touch the clothes and see for themselves that the brand makes high quality products. Then, they are encouraged to sign up to become a VIP member. When they try anything on in the dressing room, it’s added automatically to their online shopping cart.


Instead of aiming to earn a tremendous amount of revenue in physical stores, Fabletics stores serve the purpose of redirecting customers to the online VIP membership program. Fabletics online user data dictates which items go into each store. Regional sales trends determine what types of items should be stocked in different locations throughout the country. If a certain Fabletics item is trending on social media, that item will be featured in stores for a period of time.


The strategy has paid off. The brand now earns more than Amazon’s fashion department which is certainly no easy feat.