About Norman Pattiz

Pattiz’s PodcastOne is the most celebrated money-making media and greatest celebrity- infused hits morning show in the United States. Norman Pattiz, the Executive Chairman and Founder of PodcastOne is also celebrated on a four-page in-depth feature of the Forbes magazine Global Change Makers issue in 2016 May.Norman Pattiz is highly experienced in radio syndication and also is also the founder of Westwood; one of the most leading American traffic, entertainment, sports and news talk programming.

PodcastOne featured a legendary movie producer

During a recent show, PodcastOne featured Norman Lear; the legendary creator, director, producer, and writer of legendary World War II. Lear’s legendary films include Maude, Good Times, All In The Family, The Jeffersons and One Day at a Time. His films revolutionized and defined the American television and the morning show brought the boundary-moving and progressive intimate microphone voice to the weekly podcast.

The morning show took its listeners to exciting social issues, music, family, politics, current events and enlightening comedy conversation ride. Most of the topics covered everything that can be thought of and also featured unique everyday folk, politicians and celebrities’ perspectives. Other celebrities during this past show included Jerrod Carmichael and Louis-Dreyfu who talked about race in the media and basketball talents. America Ferrera and Amy Poehler were also featured, and they talked about triathlon training and religion respectively.

The Norman Lear Podcast was released on May 1st

The podcast debuted on May 1st, and new episodes were available each Monday on iTunes, the PodcastOne app and also at PodcastOne.com; which fans were allowed to pre-subscribe. Pattiz claimed that he had known Norman Lear and admired his works for a very long time and having him on the PodcastOne network was totally cool and gigantic. He was pleased to welcome another Norman aboard. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/norman-pattiz#/entity

About Norman Lear

Norman Lear, who was then approaching 95 years, had lived a talent-full life and was among the pioneering founders of television script production, creation, and writing of several emerging shows. Lear was so competent that nine of his shows have been aired simultaneously on the American television stations. Expanding beyond the screen, Lear has also founded other 300,000 American People Way liberal advocacy group memberships for the President Clinton National Arts Medal.Norman also purchased the original Independence Declaration copy and made tours with across the fifty states. New Subscribers can find Norman at @TheNormanLear on both Twitter and Facebook. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/normanpattiz


Alexander Gama Becomes One Of The Most Prominent And Awarded Advertising Agency Leaders In Brazil

August 22, 2017

     Alexandre Gama was born on June 1st of 1958 in Rio de Janiero. As the creator of Neogama he has become one of the finest advertising professionals in Brazil. His expertise in advertising is a combination of his talent and his education at the Propaganda from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado. Alexandre Gama took his first step into the world of advertising in 1982 as a writer. He began his work in copywriting in 1990 and was honored as Brazil’s most awarded writer. In 1999 his name became well known when Neogama was founded.

Alexander Gama has been awarded 26 Lions for his work in Film and Press. No other agency in Brazil saw the growth of Neogama within three years or won a Lion in their very first year. In 2002 Neogama was proclaimed as the agency of the year and in 2003 they were the first agency who was ever awarded two Golden Lions within the same year. Alexander Gama has won awards for his Brazilian advertising and as the Agency of the Year’s best Officer. His importance to Brazil as an advertising professional was proclaimed in 2007 and by 2009 he was one of the ten most prominent leaders in his field.

United Technologies: Shaping the Future with Louis Chenevert

United Technologies is the leading company when it comes to the development of and innovation in technology. The company has been focusing on investing in new developments that would transform the world as we know it. They are currently working on the innovation of air travel, space travel, and things in between. One of the most recent improvements that they made is with the aircraft engine, which they call the “Geared Turbofan Engine” or GTF for short. The GTF reduces the aircraft’s fuel burn by 16%, the emissions by 50% and the noise footprint by 75%. This is a major change in the airline industry, as planes are becoming for environment friendly. Major airlines have already purchased these engines and installed them on their aircrafts, making sure that the future of air travel will be safer and greener.

United Technologies believe that by investing time and money to ideas and concepts, they can soon become a reality that would help the people of the future. The GTF engine, for example, costed the company at least $10 billion just for its design and the development. But, this amount can be slowly recovered because airlines are now purchasing it for a great price. United Technologies is also believing in the capacity of the new generation to drive the world into the future that everyone has dreamed of – a place where life is easier and better. The company is investing in the new generation by sending them to schools as scholars, learning courses that would help them contribute something to the company. United Technologies managed to send thousands of people around the world to schools, and they have contributed significantly to the development of today’s technology.

Louis R. Chenevert, once the chairman and the chief executive officer of United Technologies, have also stated that the future of the world is now in the hands of the younger generation and everyone must support them to create the world that we have long dreamed of. Under the leadership of Louis R. Chenevert, United Technologies managed to become a stronger technology company, gaining more clients, including the United States Military. Through their technologies, the world have become better, but United Technologies stated that only time will tell when they will stop innovating.

José AuriemoNeto’s Contribution to the Brazilian Real Estate Market

August 7, 2017

The Brazilian real estate market has been on the rise with the rising population. The lucrative business has been fueled by the raising economy in the southern American country. Both commercial and residential properties are on a high demand. JHSF is one of the Brazilian companies that have fully maximized on this opportunity and it has since grown in all commercial dimensions. JHSF is the first developer to deal with recurrent income assets. Specializing in developing shopping malls, hotels, and airports among other properties, the company has made a name for itself in the Brazilian market to become one of the best there is even on the global front.

At the helm of JHSF’s leadership is the great CEO José AuriemoNeto. The company has become very influential in the Brazilian market. José AuriemoNeto is the current CEO of JHSF and his contribution to the growth of the company is impressive. He is a graduate of the Fundação Armando ÁlvaresPenteado University located in São Paulo. He joined the company in 1993 and five years later he was credited for developing on of the largest shopping mall. The mall was a huge success making him one of the most sought after developers in the region. Since then, he has been very instrumental in the success of the company leading it to greater projects.

One of Neto’s major contributions to the company’s high profile portfolio is the role he played in the company’s project, the ParqueCidadeJardim. This is the largest and high level mall in Brazil which Neto is credited for. He believed in the dream and encouraged his father who was the current president of the company back then to take it up. Before the signing of this major project, Neto had been successful in several other projects. He also runs an affiliate company, the Parkbem, which handles the company’s parking lots. He has become a very successful investor leading his company in signing major complex real estate projects. His business acumen is quite impressive and his risk taking nature has seen him grow into an enviable real estate developer.

Read more about JHSF: http://www.valor.com.br/empresas/4821338/venda-de-ativos-da-jhsf-em-2016-supera-r-15-bilhao

The U.S. Money Reserve Will Hold An Important Conference

A couple of weeks ago, the U.S. Money Reserve announced that the company will hold an Emergency Gold Conference led by its President Philip N. Diehl. The purpose of the special event is to inform select members of the public the substantial benefits to buying gold.

The president plans to also address popular concerns like cybercrimes, world-wide terrorism, and the current financial crisis. As the former U.S. Mint Director, Mr. Diehl is more than qualified to discuss these pressing issues during this invitation-only conference.

The primary goal at U.S. Money Reserve is to educate its customers on the advantages to owning alternative forms of wealth. According to Mr. Diehl, many people are unaware of the importance to buying gold during an unstable economy as the price of gold is directly correlated to current events.

For those who are worried about the uncertainty of the marketplace, Mr. Diehl and his team at U.S. Money Reserve urge people to consider buying United States government-issued gold, silver, or platinum coins as soon as possible. The Emergency Gold Conference will discuss in specific details the importance of buying gold now.

Since 2001, the U.S. Money Reserve has established itself as a noteworthy company who has helped thousands of people protect their assets with physical gold. In fact, many past clients are in a great financial position today because they utilized the advice from the experts at this company.

As a result of the business’ well-known success, attendees of the conference can rest assured that they will be given useful and accurate information to acquiring gold, which is also referred to as wealth insurance. Mr. Diehl will also provide a new U.S. Gold Report at the event. The report will further emphasize the importance of buying gold by relaying domestic and international issues.

Led by long-term President Philip Diehl, the U.S. Money Reserve prides itself in maintaining professional relationships with over 400,000 satisfied clients. Also known as America’s Gold Authority, the company succeeds in offering excellent precious metals that can enhance virtually any wealth-building portfolio.

The business’ profound success is the result of extremely proficient team that is composed of account executives, numismatic experts, coin research professionals, and order verification personnel.

The U.S. Money Reserve is also equipped with departments that focus on customer relations, vault/shipping, inventory, and compliance/standards. These trusted professionals will ensure that potential customers make sound decisions regarding buying the right precious metal for their unique needs.

Porfirio Sánchez Galindo Leads Televisa

July 29, 2017

Porfirio Sánchez Galindo is providing direction to Televisa. This way he will be helping Televisa to improve its proposal for readers as well as customers. He is also helping them to improve their existing range of channels. Currently, Porfirio Sánchez Galindo has been appointed as the Editorial General Director here. He had been the Director of Special Projects here for nearly eight years. The strategy of Porfirio Sánchez Galindo is to win the audience, advertisers as well as markets.


Televisa is a leading company in the world of Spanish media. It is distributing its content in the United States as well as Mexico along with 50 other countries. All this is being done through its pay-tv brands as well as television networks, besides the cable operators, along with the other services. This way Televisa has a very big market to cater to. Now they have Porfirio Sanchez Galindo as their CEO to guide them. Now Televisa is on a path to success under his supervision. It is important to know the background of Porfirio Sanchez-Galindo in order to understand how he has been able to produce such excellent results at Televisa.


Porfirio Sánchez Galindo has a good track record at Televisa. Academically, Porfirio Sanchez Galindo has done software research. This is from Carnegie Mellon University. His executive education is from Standford. He has a BS in Applied Mathematics. This is from ITAM. All these academic accomplishments have helped him to achieve success in his professional career.


His areas of work include advertising, besides broadcasting, as well as media & entertainment, along with television, and such other types of telecommunications. His work here has helped Televisa in achieving revenue that has crossed $10 billion. There have been many more accomplishments too for Televisa. He provides unprecedented leadership as the CEO of Televisa. Under Porfirio Sánchez Galindo, Televisa is managing over 10,000 employees who are working globally. Due to all these reasons, Porfirio Sánchez Galindo has become an inspiration for upcoming businesspersons all across the world. His leadership style, his quest for excellence, his hard work and integrity have led him to where he is today.

Robert Santiago Builds the Manaira Shopping Mall

July 25, 2017

Robert Santiago is an exceptional entrepreneur residing in Joao Pessoa. Robert is behind the great Manaira Shopping Mall in Brazil. He has participated in different businesses including manufacturing however the Shopping Mall has been his greatest success.


Robert’s aim for building the Mall was to provide the people of Joao Pessoa with an option for a family fun day. According to Robert, most residents prefer the beach, but with the Manaira Shopping Mall, they now have an alternative. The Mall has been designed with great options suitable for the entire family.


Santiago was born in 1958 in Joao Pessoa. Robert attended the Marist College in Joao Pessoa and later received his degree in Business Administration from the University of Joao Pessoa.


History Manaira Shopping Mall


Robert began the construction of the Manaira Mall in 1987. It took two years for the Mall to be concluded and the inauguration of the Mall was held in 1989. Manaira Mall is one of the best shopping Centers in Brazil and the largest in Joao Pessoa. The Mall has been present for 26 years, and improvements are still being done.




The Mall is full of entertainment features that provide fun for all people regardless of the age. There is an electric-operated amusement park with different games. They have included state-of-art equipment.


The Mall also includes a bowling center with six tracks. The center also has a strike bar that has a relaxing environment for you and your friends. The strike bar offers assorted drinks including cocktails.


There is the Cinemapolis center that has 11 theaters. The movie theaters are designed with the latest technological features. They also have comfortable seats that give you a perfect view often theater screens. The people also have an option of using the VIP theaters which has three screening rooms. The cinema has been designed with a bar that offers drinks and popcorns.


The Manaira Mall has a children area; the pirlimpimpim. It is a playground that provides fun activities for children. You can leave the children at the playground as there are 24 supervisors and two managers.


Many great additions have been done on the Mall over the years. The most successful option is the Domus concert hall. It is the largest Mall in Joao Pessoa and provides opportunities for artists to perform their songs. The Mall was established in 2009 and is located at the Mall’s rooftop. It contains two floors the Mezzanine and ground floor. The ground floor is spacious and can host around 8,000 people. The floor can be used for various activities including Wedding anniversaries, birthday, and graduations. The Mezzanine floor offers private cabins and lounge with dressing rooms.


Food Court


The food court has been improved to provide space to cater for the increasing number of people. Manaira Shopping Mall contains a gourmet court with a steak house and also a burger space. The food court is spacious enough, and it provides different cuisines from across the world.

How to get Business Success through Advertising; Lori Senecal’s Tips on Advertisement Success

July 19, 2017

Advertising is a fundamental principle for the success of any business. According to Lori Senecal, an ideal advert must have a clear message that inspires action in a certain target group.

The advertisement field is dynamic. To keep up with new developments in the field, the participants must be willing to adopt vital changes. The changes include internet marketing, innovative strategies and use of real people. Lori Senecal has been hailed as the most successful advertising mogul.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is a powerful business leader. She is the current Global CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky (CP+B). Her excellent managerial skills have pushed the company’s revenue up by 21% since she assumed office in 2015. The Advertising Age recognized (CP+B) among the “Creativity Innovators of the Year”.

Career Profile

Prior to joining (CP+B) IN 2015, Lori was the president of MDC Partner Network. She was in charge of marketing the company’s operating model and encouraging cross-collaboration throughout the network. She impressively executed her mandate at the company which led to the development of strategic vision. She encouraged the tremendous growth of the institution and established more networks for the benefit of the company. Check out Salary to know more.

She also served as the Global Chairman and CEO of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal (KBS). Her brilliant leadership catapulted the agency to the top list of agencies to watch for three consecutive years. The company was also named as the best company to work for in New York.

Lori is credited for award-winning ideas when she was the president and chief innovation officer at the McCann Worldgroup. She was the brainchild behind the TAG Ideation targeting the youths in her marketing strategy.

Philanthropy and Social Work

Lori has actively campaigned for the inclusion of women in leadership. She has participated in various conferences including the 3% conference. She talked at the conference to raise the number of Creative Directors in the US from 3% to 11%. She is passionate about creating more leadership positions for women.

She founded the Isaac+ Award to award students’ inventions and innovations.

Recognition and Awards

Lori has been recognized for her outstanding performance in various positions she has held. She was awarded the Quantum Leap Award during the Game Changer Awards in 2014. The award was in appreciation of her creativity and innovation.

She has also been named as “the woman to watch” by Ad Age.

Follow her on Twitter

Reference: http://www.thedrum.com/news/2017/05/16/how-cpb-getting-its-miami-mojo-back-with-brazilian-twist

The Future And Business Successes Of Sawyer Howitt

July 15, 2017

     Sawyer Howitt was very young when he developed a keen ability in understanding a businesses financial and operational needs. He has been an invaluable resource for the Meriwether Group. He also learned how to appreciate the unique soul of a brand and use the resonance to form a connection with the consumer. Sawyer Howitt has begun to build a reputation that he is capable of any task. He has the ability to complete complex spreadsheets, take excellent notes during a key meeting, accurately perform filing and understand nuanced presentations. There is literally no job he considers to be too big or too small.

Sawyer Howitt is in his second semester as a senior. He has focused all of his studies on internships and succeeding in finances and business. He went to work at the Meriwether Group as a Project Manager in 2017. He has continued his work with various projects and is still trying to change the way commerce will be operating in the future. He is also interested in the way business development will have to adapt to be able to keep up with the changes in technology.

Sawyer Howitt has involved himself in different philanthropic courses. He has been a consistent champion in mentoring the younger generation and is a fighter for the rights of women. Sawyer Howitt is also involved in leading an ethnic, international study group. He has built an impressive work plan that is a combination of finances, customer service and business. He wants to further his career in the business world as an entrepreneur and will be attending the University of California, Berkeley. His classes will begin in the fall semester of 2017 and his plan is to graduate from the Entrepreneurial Finance degree program offered by the school.

Sawyer Howitt has observed and learned a lot regarding entrepreneurship from his father. Some of the other executives at the Meriwether Group have assisted him in his education and he has gained even more knowledge from entrepreneurs who have already built and succeeded with their own companies. People believe he has a bright and successful future ahead of him.


Visit https://www.pinterest.com/sawyerhowitt/ for more.

Give Traveling Vineyard A Try!

July 15, 2017

Do you like wine, and want to know more about it? Do you want to make some money from home, and get started in a good business, but just don’t know where to turn?

If you like to have a glass of wine now and then, look no farther. Traveling Vineyard lets you own a business from home and have wine tasting parties. The way it works is very simple.

When you when you decided to have a wine tasting party at home, The Traveling Vineyard supplies you, as a wine guide, with everything you need to have a successful wine tasting party. They supply a wine tasting kit with all the necessary ingredients to lead to on the road to not only having a fine wine tasting party, but on the road to making money as well.

The wine kit will contain party invitations, wines, snacks, and even order forms. A wine guide will show you and your party-goers which snacks go with which wines the best, and will have a tasting to show how it works.

Industry analysts show that about 80% of all wine sales are impulse sales; that is, a person purchases a bottle of wine on an impulse, simply by looking at it and holding it in their hands. Think of the sales possibilities at a wine tasting party where the people have actually had a chance to taste the wines, and have agreed to come to the party knowing they will be presented with the opportunity to purchase the very wines they have tasted!

Now that you have some customers, you are well on your way to making money. Ask one of your friends to host a party for you and invite his or her friends. At that party, you meet more friends and customers, and the person hosting the party for you is rewarded with free wines and other gifts.

You have added new customers, and you have repeat customers coming back. The more you put into the business, the more you will get out of it. Selling wines is easy. They almost sell themselves.

Give The Traveling Vineyard a try. You will not be disappointed.

Read more about Traveling Vineyard: https://36creative.com/work/traveling-vineyard