OSI Industries: Spreading the Success Fragrance in Food Industry

OSI Industries is regarded as a premier food provider internationally. The company is trusted even by the leading brands in the world for their quality and consistency in their products and services. David McDonald is the president of this great company while Sheldon Lavin serves as its chief executive officer and chairman. OSI IGroup has been able to cut through incredible growth curve. This has been effective because of the input from various sectors and team members. David McDonald is among the pillars of the company who have undergone phases of growth as the company grows. He landed at the company as a project manager after college and rose to his current position. David is the chief operating officer and president of this unique company.

OSI Industries stands out as an international leader in the industry of food. It is a story of growing from grass to grace. It started out as a butcher shop that was run by a German immigrant in Chicago. As years went by, in mid-century, OSI Industries attained the levels of being a major regional meat distributor for the well-known McDonald restaurant chain. This won the company great reputation and many other clients came along forcing it to expand its production and supply. As a result, OSI Group has aggressively embraced new ways and ideas to ensure expansion and growth do not go below their targets. They have set up new facilities to cover various places in the United States and another part of the world.

OSI Group has grown from being a local firm to be a global firm. Through the leadership of David, OSI is expected to steadily encounter much expansion than it has accomplished today. Some of the achievements include the purchase of the Flagship Europe and Baho Foods. Others include Tyson Foods. These acquisitions and expansions have been made effective through quality leadership and use of reliable innovative technologies. Sheldon Lavin is the executive that has expansively accelerated the growth of OSI Industries. He has ensured that OSI Industries remains committed to sustainable food production within the food industry and market. It continues to shine a star and innovator in the food industry.

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