OSI Food Solutions Purchasing New Brands

December 20, 2018

OSI Purchase The Tyson Plant

OSI Food Solutions has recently purchased a storage facility and food processing plant in the Chicago area. The warehouse was previously Tyson Foods and is approximately 200 000 square foot. OSI also has a plant in Chicago that is in very close proximity to the Tyson Plant. The purchase of this plant will go a long way in assisting OSI to expand its operations and grow. Kevin Scott who is the executive vice president of the North America branch of OSI issued a statement saying that the facility will help them meet the needs of their ever growing customers. He added that it would also contribute to the growth of their network in terms of manufacturing. The financial terms of the purchase were however not disclosed as well as what food products would be processed in the new processing plant. The Tyson Plant located in Chicago had previously been closed before OSI decided to purchase it.

OSI Purchase Flagship Europe

Flagship Europe is a food processing company located in the United Kingdom. The company serves its customers with pies, sauces, mayonnaise, and frozen poultry. OSI Food Solutions acquired the company from the Flagship Food Group in Denver, Colorado. The chief executive officer of Flagship Europe spoke stating that the purchase of the company by OSI will be of great benefit to Flagship Europe. This is because it will allow the development of the company due to the unlimited resources that OSI Group brings along with them. They hope that this cooperation will strengthen their place in the global market since OSI is a global brand leader. Also, the new clients that OSI brings with them will be a great addition to Flagship Europe allowing it to grow and prosper greatly.

The President of OSI Food Solutions David McDonald also spoke stating that Flagship Europe will be a great addition to the OSI family. This is because it will open up new opportunities for OSI in Europe and give them a strong market presence in that country. The products and services offered at Flagship Europe compliment that of OSI Food Solutions.

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