Omar Boraie Brings the People

February 9, 2018

Omar Boraie is known as the man who built an entire city through his grit and determination. Omar Boraie has always loved New Brunswick, New Jersey. He has been like a father to this forgotten city, and because of his tender love, New Brunswick is the hustling and bustling economic center that it is today.

Omar Boraie was struck with inspiration during his travels across Europe. He saw cities such as Munich, London, Paris, and Madrid. He noticed how influential the cities were because of their economies. He knew that New Brunswick, New Jersey was capable of achieving greatness if somebody just worked tirelessly to achieve it.

When Omar Boraie returned to the United States of America, he told all of his friends his dream for New Brunswick. He laid out for them a four-step plan that would help New Brunswick become a thriving city. He knew that he had to bring the families to the area. He knew that he had to secure the job market. He knew that he had the form a powerful group of people who would make New Brunswick their number one priority. And he knew that he had to bring back a strong middle-class.

Omar Boraie mainly helped the area become family-friendly by working through church organizations and nonprofits. Many of these nonprofits and church organizations held free events for families in order to build a loving community. Check out to see more.

Omar Boraie began working with factories and businesses such as Johnson and Johnson to bring jobs back to the city. He began by getting these businesses to stay and also to open up more factories. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Omar Boraie then created the necessary think tank by approaching the power players throughout the city. He looked for large donors, the city Mayor, the President of both the Rutgers University and New Jersey state, and many influential nonprofit leaders. This coalition made it the vision of each of their organizations to help New Brunswick in their own way.

Omar Boraie completed his plan of making New Brunswick thrive by bringing back a strong middle-class. His strategy was simple. He knew that young professionals could not afford higher class buildings on a starting salary. Because of this, Omar Boraie built upper tier real estate sold it for upstart professional prices. This brought in lawyers, doctors, and architects who are just starting their families because the prices were so competitive for them.


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