Need to Invest in Gold

December 13, 2016

There are many reasons why one should consider researching more about the US Money Reserve and buying gold or other metals to safeguard their monetary savings. Paper money is just no longer as stable as we thought it was, if it really even was. Gold in particular is being encouraged because it’s been predicated that the price of gold will hit a record high soon. Ultimately, it would be wise to have a solid fallback, no pun intended, in case our current money system fails.


As said on the US Money Reserve website, there is a finite supply of gold. That means basically that the government cannot just print out more of it to suit its own needs. Because gold is a scarce resource, it will always be valuable. Through history, gold has always been and will always be reliable currency. It is being predicted that the value of the dollar will decrease and, in turn, gold’s will increase.


Additionally, the main website cited earlier,, goes on to state that now is definitely the time to invest due to all of the wars, tensions in the Middle East and other countries, threats of terrorism and nuclear war, etc. Since the global economy and relations are unstable at the moment, having a currency that is physically solid, sought after, scarce, and in demand will be more and more necessary. Those who choose to invest in gold are not only preparing for their future but solidifying and securing their current savings.


The US Money Reserve is physically located in Austin, Texas. They deal with gold, silver, and platinum. They employee specialists and professionals who can council those who want to invest and help them choose which metals to personally select. They even have a Facebook page with a phone number on it to contact them directly. A couple fun facts are that they have shipped over a million coins since being in business, and the coins are made by the U.S. Mint and “”fully backed by the U.S. Government.”” They have a money-back guarantee as well, so you can be sure that you’re making a refundable decision if you change your mind.


There are many different types of gold you can purchase from the US Money Reserve, including different types of coins as well as bars that come in different sizes, styles and weights. You can buy gold bars that come in 10 oz versions, 1 kilo, or down to 1 oz. You can also buy silver bars. A 13 ounce bar of gold currently goes for about $13,000 and the 1 ounce bar is being sold for about $1,300. A 100 ounce bar of silver is currently being sold for around $1,900 so it is clear to see why gold is the more “solid investment.”

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