Matt Badiali Says Demand Growing For Silver

October 28, 2018

Should we be paying more attention to Silver? Geologist and natural resources expert, Matt Badiali says absolutely. The Penn State graduate has these ahead-of-the-curve insights that draws attention to Matt Badiali’s common-sense approach when it comes to investing in precious metals, and according to Matt Badiali, our attention needs to be on Silver.

The price trend of silver is less in the spotlight than gold. One reason for this lies in the different production volumes, but what many people miss sight of is that silver is not just for producing coins.

Products with silver content include electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, TV sets and solar cells. The industry uses around 50 tons of silver annually in these product groups alone. Further fields of application are automobiles, office technology, housewares, and medical technology.

Examining The Demand

Matt Badiali points out numerous industries use silver, and one of the most important is the medical field. In fact, silver has been proven to be antibacterial: it is therefore not only used as a coating on patches, but now there are also hospital and doctor’s clothing with silver fibers, which have an antibacterial effect.

The trend worldwide is to equip antimicrobial medical devices and the greatest potential is in hygiene-sensitive areas. Health-sensitive areas include, for example, hospitals or care facilities. In addition to medical devices such as implants and catheters, professionals need to protect work surfaces, curtains, protective clothing and work clothing, and silver is being infused for these reasons. The technology is based solely on the antibacterial effect of the positively charged silver ions and demand is growing.

Badiali also points out that the demand has grown over the last five years. But experts warn, gold prices are increasing and this could push more investors to purchase silver, triggering a rise in the prices, so it makes since to buy now while prices are low.

Matt Badiali is a long-time traveler, getting first-hand knowledge by researching and reviewing mining opportunities. He’s published hundreds of posts and can be found at Banyan Hill Publishing, pinpointing what investors should do next.

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