Knowing More about the Entrepreneur, Investor, and Philanthropist; Mr. Ara Chakerian

July 20, 2018

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur and an investor who is known to possess a big heart. He serves as a managing partner at ASC Capital Holdings LLC. The firm focuses on investment of early-stage healthcare institutions. He is also one of the biggest founders of TMS Health Solutions, where he is also a member of the board. Because of his competent skills, Ara Chackerian has been instrumental in modeling the health sector.

The foundation of TMS Health Solution

In an interview, Ara Chackerian shaded light about the establishment of TMS Health Solution, saying that the idea came about after they came to a conclusion together with his business partner that there was a gap in the healthcare industry to offer quality patient care when it comes to diagnostic disorders. Because of his extensive experience in outpatient diagnosis, he decided to establish a facility that was going to enhance service offered in the society.

His background and entrepreneurial interest

Ara Chackerian comes from San Francisco which has really paid off in his entrepreneurial pursuit. He keeps on treading through the rough and dangerous, but stimulating path of representing his achievement and dream as an investor and philanthropist. Due to his spanning career, which has gone on for decades, one would say that he really knows a lot that people who are learning in the medical field have not studied yet. Right now, he has fascinating endeavors in the healthcare technology adding to his knowledge that it is good to put one’s cards on the desk when dealing with matters related to health. You can visit vimeo to see more.


His perception of digital healthcare

Ara Chackerian has always shared his impression about digital healthcare. In an interview, he went on to state that the digital healthcare applications could improve values of medical services around the society. He added that patients suffering from depression have communication problems when it comes to speech and communication pacing. Ara continued to point out the fact that such issues require algorithms. This would assist patient’s communication with physicians in dealing with the deterioration to advance the health of the victim. You can visit his Facebook page.


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