Jeff Yastine’s Journey to Career Success

November 10, 2017

Jeff Yastine is Total Wealth Insider’s editor. 2015 saw Mr. Yastine join Banyan Hill Publishing to become its editorial director. He has spent more than twenty years reporting on global finance and big investing.


Yastine holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in electronic journalism. The training he got from the University of Florida has served him well, raising him to the pinnacle of journalistic and management success.

His Career at Public Broadcasting Service

Yastine landed his first job at PBS in 1993. He worked as a senior correspondent for the next 17 years. He combined interesting business stories with the most effective visuals for the benefit of his audience. He reported on BP oil spills, Cuba’s attempt at privatization, and Hurricane Katrina.

He met and interviewed people like Michael Dell, Warren Buffet, and Sir Richard Branson. Yastine learned invaluable investing lessons from them.

His Stay at Oxford Club LLC

He left PBS, also known as Nightly Business Report, to work for Oxford Club LLC in early 2011. He was responsible for the company’s financial newsletters. Yastine also served as a consultant in the Club’s financial seminars and marketing projects.

His Newsmax Media Career

Yastine ended his career at Oxford Club LLC to become Newsmax Media’s financial newsletters director in 2013. He worked with them for two years.

As Banyan Hill Publishing’s Editorial Director

As Banyan’s editorial director, he highlights profitable economic opportunities for his audience. He expertly breaks down the complex into the easy-to-understand. Investing and finance are not the simplest of subjects after all.

Achievements and Awards

He has identified great investment opportunities. He has spotted winning small-cap growth stocks. He has noted re-organized companies poised for tremendous growth. Yastine saw the approaching mid-2000s real estate crisis and warned his readers. He was among the first to point out that the rising bubble would soon burst. He also covered the historic Panama Canal handover in 1999. Moreover, he has reported on key national events such as the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

He was a nominee for a Business Emmy Award in 2007. Together with other NBR reporters, he won in 2002 an award for excellent financial journalism. His team had been reporting on the U.S. bond market.

Jeff Yastine does more than journalism. He is an authority on business and investing. His readers profit massively from his accurate information delivered at the right time. His has been a remarkable career.

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