Felipe Montoro Jens shares CNI study Findings

There are more than 2796 works at a standstill in Brazil, and this is according to a study conducted by CNI. Within this number, more than 517 are infrastructure related and amount to 18% of the total can the cost about R $10.7 billion to the public confers, as illustrated by Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructure projects expert.

He says that within the area of infrastructure, sanitation suffers most with 447 enterprises affected during the phase of implementation. According to the author of the survey, Brazil invests little into infrastructure and plays a significant role in directing resources in the sector resulting from an excess of works that are interrupted before the shutdown ca consume resources that do not bring benefits to the society.

Felipe adds that the interruption of the construction of sports facilities, day-care centers, and preschools was also included in the CNI study, even though they are not complex and expensive. The study indicates that the discontinuation relates to among other factors, the technical problems, companies abandoning their works, budgetary and financial challenges, land ownership, and expropriation.

The study further attributes the government interruption of these projects to the economic crisis that Brazil is facing. Felipe Montoro adds that the fiscal deterioration and contraction of the investments has also affected the municipal and the state projects. This cuts investments and causes the interruption of an infrastructure project. Visit on his twitter account for updates.

The way out

CNI recommends six ways out of this problem. First should be measured, improve microplanning, evaluation of the best modality of execution effective microplanning, better-equipped teams, formulation of more balanced contracts and lastly, strengthening the internal control.

Felipe opines that the CNI study is part of the 43 documents on strategic matters handed to candidates running for the presidency. The National Confederation of Industry (CNI) was started in 1938 and is headquartered in Brasilia with a representative office in Sao Paulo. It is the highest body of the trade union of the industry.

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