Fabletics – What Does Fabletics Offer?

June 2, 2017

Fabletics is a unique brand that delivers only the best activewear on the market at the best prices. For one small monthly price, women get access to the right activewear outfits that best suit their needs and what they are looking for. The brand is focused on giving women of all kinds of sizes the chance to get quality activewear. Kate Hudson who is known for being the face of the brand wanted to help inspire of every size to get back in shape and remain active in their lives. Fabletics strives to reach out to women of all ages, and this is why Demi Lovato even created a recent campaign with the company to inspire young women to stay active.


Fabletics is creating a great set of real stores in physical locations to provide their fans with a place to actually get their clothes in a store. This is going to allow for people to get to try on the clothes and actually go window shopping if they want and scan the clothes so they can buy it all online if they so choose to. Fabletics is so beautiful and gives such a great set of options for women to just try everything out.


Fabletics is going to change how they work with their online store because they are going to be integrating so much of the store into their physical location. It’s like the best of both worlds for everybody who is a part of the company. Fabletics is going to continue changing the industry in their own little way because of how they do business.


Kate Hudson is proud of what she has done for the company. She played a huge role with the creation and development of the brand. She continues to be with the company, and she takes her time every week or so to help with the brand and what they are going to be doing next. The truth is that she plays more than just being a model for the brand. She actually checks up on sales development, product merchandising, and also deciding which products decide to stay on their shelves or not. Kate Hudson is a big fan of the company, and she strives to pay attention to every little detail that only somebody like her can do. Hudson is very powerful with what she does in the brand because she does oversee a lot.

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