Dog Food Companies Make it Easier to Feed Dogs Well


It seems like yesterday that dog food was thought of as something that was either dry or unrecognizable as food. This came form the days that companies thought that dog food had to be vastly different from the food that humans eat. However, it is well known that dogs eat a lot of similar foods that humans eat. Recently, companies began to explore this and thus created dog food that bears more of a resemblance to the food that humans eat. In fact, one of the philosophies is that dogs should be allowed to eat like their owners.

Among the premium dog food companies that offer dog food products that bear a huge resemblance to the foods that humans eat is Purina. Purina offers dry dog food. However, the highlight of Purina is their wet Beneful dog foods. Beneful food that they prepare actually looks and tastes like foods that humans eat. Dogs get to enjoy some of the same great taste that their owners enjoy. The products from Beneful are made from ingredients that could actually be seen. For instance, if the product is said to have rice in it, the dog and the owner could actually see the ingredients.

Beneful has product listings on the website which show what their products actually look like. Among the ingredients and recipes that are available is chicken tomatoes and wild rice for their “Incredibites” products. This flavor variety is actually made with real chicken. Purina actually takes the actual meat of chicken and puts it into the can for the owner to feed his dog.


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  1. The nutrition on these product is very helpful for the dog. The dog will appreciate its owner for feeding him premium food that offers real benefits to the dog. It could be a cause for rejoicing that do have a lot to add to their kitty.

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