Defending the Vulnerable in the Society

The vulnerable individuals in the society lack people to turn to in the society. The society lacks opportunities for the vulnerable people to access different services from the government and other institutions. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase and Michael Larcey | Twitter

Accessing services is challenging for the vulnerable groups including immigrants. Immigrants lack opportunities because of the state of their citizenship in a country. Accessing services for immigrants is not simple as compared to citizens.

This has brought about the need for organizations that represent their needs and enables them to access different services with ease. Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund is a fund set aside to enable the immigrants to access services comfortably. Standing up for the vulnerable people in the society encourages them to become committed citizens. Lacey & Larkin Fund encourages immigrants to embrace a patriotic nature of the country where they find refuge. The fund caters for their basic needs and facilitates their comfortability. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

This fund was created by people who had firsthand experience with being immigrants. They were inspired to create the fund after they lost a partner. The fund also gives financial support to other partners who support the immigrants in other different aspects. This enables the needs of immigrants to be met at various levels.

The fund is available to law firms that represent immigrants in courts. The expense of their advocates is catered for by the firms that access the Lacey & Larkin Fund. This fund caters for the whole process from filing a case to the point of getting a verdict of a case.

This enables the immigrants to access different services. The cases of the immigrants get solved accordingly. This enables them to access citizenship in the long run. The fund also supports the firms that support the settlement of immigrants.

This enables them to have an easy time to own shelter once they get into new countries. The fund supports companies that champion for civil, human, and migrants’ rights. This makes them equally represented in the society.

The representation of the vulnerable in the society promotes inclusive development. This is through the promotion of policies that are pro-vulnerable. The immigrants can develop themselves while in their new country. This enables them to move on in life despite the challenges that they experience in life.

This should encourage more companies to invest in social impact driven projects. This is because they influence the society positively and also have access to funding. This supports the companies and the vulnerable people because they can be comfortable in the country. Enterprises that are founded for the purpose of social impacts should develop projects that support the vulnerable individuals in the society.

The projects support the vulnerable individuals in the society. Lacey & Larkin usually make arrangements for walks and open days. These projects actively voice the challenges that the vulnerable people go through in the community. This in turn supports the development of the society. It leads to inclusive development in the community because the vulnerable people are equally represented.

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