Class Dojo Connecting Schools, Families, and Communities From Different Continents

June 8, 2018

Class Dojo is a classroom tool and app that connects teachers, students, parents, and school administrators to build classroom communities.

Using classroom dojo teachers can share ideas, communicate, and interact with students, parents, teachers, school administrators as well as other teachers, administrators, students, and classrooms from different states or around the world.

Class Dojo is convenient for teachers because they can use all the categories that are in the toolkit to prepare for the school day and to prepare their lessons and activities for their class or classes. The different categories in the toolkit include Directions where the teacher can put directions for assignments, projects, or tasks for the day. Teachers can play music for students to do work to or to take a brain break from classwork. There’s a noise meter so students can have a visual of how their voice levels are. There’s also a timer, and a category titled Today, where teachers can post or write schedules, assignments, and events for the day.

Class Dojo makes sharing, communicating, and interacting with parents very convenient because teachers and parents can download the app to there phones and computers. Teachers can post class and school announcements, videos, and events that are happening in the classroom or the school.

Students can also work on and make portfolios for different topics or assignments that are assigned by there teacher by adding photos and pictures.

Class Dojo allowed the students from an Illinois school to collaborate with students and their teacher from Africa and help them with their project.The students from Illinois donated school supplies to the students in Africa and the students in Illinois was working on the topic of kindness. Class Dojo provided a way for both classes to discover similarities and differences between there cultures.

Classroom Dojo is a great, useful, and convenient tool for schools, parents, teachers, and administrators both in the United States and around the world.

Most schools in the United States are already using Class Dojo.

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