Chris Burch Is An Owner Of One Of The World’s Finest Hotel Locations

January 11, 2018

Chris Burch came from modest beginnings in upstate New York to become a major real estate investor whose portfolio includes some of the world’s most exotic vacation destinations. The latest such place he’s bought is Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia. This started out as a hostel that Burch bought from New Jersey owners, and it’s become a major hotel with fancy architecture and wondrous amenities, and palm trees, waterfalls, nature trails and white sand beaches to explore. Burch has put $30 million into building this resort, and he wants it to be a place that lasts for his future generations.  Related article on

Chris Burch’s entrepreneurship was first seen in a sweater sales gig that he started back when he was still in college. What he would do is buy custom-made sweaters at a nearby factory for $10, an then resell them around campus and the local neighborhoods for $15. The business picked up a lot more customers than Burch expected and soon it became a million-dollar fashion company named Eagle Eye Apparel. Eagle Eye apparel opened up more than 50 stores nationally and became a popular brand throughout its existence. Burch would sell the company in 1998 and move on to other ventures.  Refer to for a related reading.

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One company he became a partner with was the Internet Capital Group, a financing business that made a lot of investments in early internet-based companies. He also was a managing partner in Tory Burch’s fashion, a brand that once debuted on Oprah Winfrey’s show. Burch also was a partner of the Faena Group, an Argentina-based company that was famous for the Faena Hotel + Universe. Burch started buying million-dollar homes in the mid-2000s including one in Southampton, NY that he bought for $14 million and resold for an $11 million profit. He currently manages investments through Burch Creative Capital which funds brand new innovative companies and also is the holding company for his hotel properties.  Browse on to keep up-to-date with his latest cool offering to the maket.

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