Chemicals, Climate, & Haircare

January 27, 2017

Having great looking hair isn’t by chance unless you have superior genetics. To some degree, we’re all a bit vain, but in a good way. A person’s hair health is a reflection of self in which we’re all scrutinized no matter the color, race, or creed. According to this Wiki article, there are many variables in place that can dictate the way your lustrous locks appear. The weather can play a huge role in how your hair appears depending on climate conditions. Understanding your climate type can be very advantageous if you’re seeking perfection, but one of the best things you can do is by preventive maintenance.

Using “gentle” shampoo and conditioning is a great way to start, but these exact products can be hard to find in this cluttered market. Haircare products from some of your favorite brands can be harmful with long term use. Aveda, Pantene, L’OrĂ©al, Olay, and many more are no exception to the rules since many of these products actually contains dangerous sulfates. A perfect example of this is if you read the label of most products, it will advise you to stay away from open flames. These sulfates, being of a synthetic structure, can and will explode if you’re in dire situations. Luckily there is a brand that takes away all doubt and this brand is known as WEN hair by Chaz.

This haircare line by Chaz Dean is safe for all conditions thanks to it’s organic structure. These are powerful, yet gentle natural ingredients which offers the user Grade A nourishment. These ingredients are mother nature’s little secret and they outperform any chemical structure product. WEN by Chaz gives you moisture, less tangle, decreased sebum production as well as making your hair much more manageable. With over 40 Million units sold, WEN by Chaz Haircare Products are a true testament of the brand’s success. Need Wen hair care? Order a bottle on QVC online today.

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