Communications Solutions Being Provided By Securus Technologies

September 20, 2017

Securus Technologies always knew how important communication is to the facility operations. I know how it affects the safety both inside as well as outside the Facilities. This impacts the revenues, as well as overcrowding too. Besides, communications directly impact the inmates, their friends and family members besides their wellbeing.


This is why Securus Technologies provides the Secure Call Platform™ (SCP). This is a call management system which can be considered as being central to any kind of communications management solution. This way Securus Technologies has provided its customers the benefits of operating on a digital network that is centralized and hence offers several advantages.


Such a platform by Securus Technologies provides greater flexibility. In this way, it becomes possible to control the phone of any inmate from any location in the country. Hence, the prison authorities are able to exercise much greater control. There is on-site control that is being provided over investigations, as well as communications. This helps to keep a check on the inmate activities too. Besides, it helps in the identifications of culprits so that notifications can be issued and crimes can be prevented from taking place.


This platform by Securus Technologies has helped to increase efficiencies. This is because all the facilities as well as operations can be managed from a single access point. Besides, all kinds of investigations as well as reporting can also be managed easily due to a single point of access that can be inside the facility or even outside these facility walls.


In this way, convenience increases in a big way. Now investigators along with administrators were able to access any file, or task, or feature of this platform any day and at any time. in this way, the crime fighting abilities of the authorities are increases immensely.


Securus introduces the latest Technology in Correctional Facilities

October 3, 2016

Securus technology has been in the forefront of inmate communication. The company boasts of the best networks, the largest client pool, and have made major investments in telecommunication equipment and facilities.


Their latest project is video visitation technology. The technology allows the caller to interact via live video feeds with the inmates. This technology has been in development for some time and surely it will revolutionize the way we communicate with our loved ones in correction facilities.


With the new technological advancement from Securus Technologies, inmates will be able to share in the daily lives of the people that matter most to them. The technology will allow the streaming of live events so that those fathers and mothers in prison shall enjoy and celebrate important life events such as their children’s birthday parties.


Securus has been in the forefront of championing and finding ways to keep the inmates in touch with their families. They do this by developing platforms that encourage more communication with the inmates and in a cost effective manner.


One of the challenges of the challenges of visiting our loved ones in prisons the costs associated with transport and the time we lose in the traffic jams and airports. The money spent on transport is more compared to using the services of video visitation. Hence the technology solves not only the cost issue but also the time lost because video visitation can be done from the comfort of our living rooms.


Communication with inmates helps in releasing tension in jails. It also helps in keeping the corridors of the jails crime and gang free because the inmates are busy and their minds occupied by their loved ones.


Securus Technologies has been offering innovative telecommunication services to correctional facilities for the past four decades. They offer a variety of services ranging from a simple telephone call, emails, voice mail services, and the innovative video visitation services to the people held in jail and their contacts from outside the prisons.



Part of how Securus keeps up with the competition is always rolling out new products and investing in communication infrastructure. In 2016, the company announced that it invested more than $600 million in patents, technologies, and acquisition of other companies.


The technology giant was founded in Texas in 1986. Its headquarters are still in Dallas, Texas. Securus employs hundreds of Americans and has business agreements with more than 2 thousand correctional facilities in the country.