Exploring the Illustrious Career of Ken Goodgame, the Retail, and Marketing Guru

December 22, 2016

Kenneth Goodgame is a self-respected merchandising concept expert in the retail industry. He has revolutionized numerous businesses over the course of his long-spanning career. His overzealous nature has earned him a superb reputation in the business circles. Everyone he’s ever worked with has positive things to say about him. Utterances like, “Ken always gets the job done, perfectly” are commonplace amongst his many clients.

Appointment to True Value

Three years ago, Ken’s Midas touch was once again in play at the retail behemoth, True Value Inc. The company works in partnership with well over 4,000 of independent retailers spread out all across the nation. The organization has withstood the tests of time to emerge as a strong and a vibrant business.

The success of True Value has to do with their well-thought of strategies and policies. For instance, shaking up the leadership team and bringing Mr. Kenneth Goodgame on-board was an ultimate game-changer in their outlook.

Consumer-Focused Policies

Since joining the establishment three years ago, the profits and the overall efficiency of the global supply retailer shot up, exponentially. The restructuring move witnessed three new executives joining the board. They included Abhinav Shukla, the V.P, and the C.O.O, Tim Mills came on as the Senior Vice President and finally, Ken Goodgame was hired in the capacity of the Senior Vice President and as the Chief Marketing Officer. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame: http://citrite.org/kenneth-goodgames-retail-game/

Destination True Value Model

Together, the executives bring a wealth of experience which aims to continue the strong growth of the more than 4,000 independent global retailers. Their prime concern was to pump life into the project dubbed as the Destination True Value Model. Once they secure the necessary financing, they plan to expand the DTV model to higher heights.

About Ken Goodgame

Prior to joining True Value, the senior retail executive worked at Ace Hardware. His main forte lies in coming with innovative consumer-centric strategies which lead to better performances in a company. He specializes in developing both short term and long term CPG programs which are ideal for new products penetration into the markets.

Mr. Goodgame is an alumnus of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He studied Marketing and Finance. His experience in the retail sector spans back some impressive 20 years. He’s also worked with global brands like Home Depot, Black and Decker and Rubbermaid Cleaning Products.