Meet the spirited Brazilian Rally Driver-Michel Terpins

September 17, 2018

Born in the year 1979, Michel Terpins comes from a Brazilian family that values sports so much. His father, Jack Terpins, played for several years as a professional basketball player before he later decided to venture into business and his elder brother Rodrigo that is doing a fantastic job as a rally driver. He started off by participating in motorcycle races in the year 2002 and later he was attracted to rally driving. Michel decided to follow in the footsteps of his elder brother who was already experiencing massive success in rally driving.


His experience as a rally driver


In 2015, Michel Terpins and his brother Rodrigo Terpins formed a great rally team that they named Bull Sertoes and together they have participated in many races. For instance, they were part of the 22nd edition of the Sertoes Rally, competing in the category of prototype T1 in which they took the 7th position. They also participated in the 24th edition of the Sertoes Rally in which they were winners in stage two having gained experience from the previous editions.


He also went ahead to participate in the 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally which covered a stretch of 3,300 km making it one of the longest distances covered during rally driving in Brazil. In this race, one Maykel Justo played the role of co-navigator while Michel was behind the wheel. At the beginning of the race Michel Terpins was among the first, but later his car developed some mechanical hitches forcing him to slow down. Despite this challenge, he managed to be number ten in the race. For more details visit





Rodrigo Terpins is ranked among top Brazilian rally drivers who have competed and won several rallies. Michel continues to improve his driving skills through practice and to learn from his past races. He is currently driving T-Rex which is a modern car model fitted with a V8 engine that makes it easier for him to navigate through tough terrains at top speed. It has been a great asset to all his races as it has earned him several victories in his career as a rally driver.


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