End Citizens United Fights Corporate Money

June 9, 2018

The political pushback continues. Debates as to whether Citizens United is right for the country or a demon in disguise continue on. The Supreme Court ruling in 2010 changed the political landscape.

Has a basic tenet of the Constitution of the United States been tampered with? Or does the court ruling level the playing field?

Citizens United may be a once in a generation supreme court ruling. The decision says free speech given to us by the constitution, is now extended to a corporate entity. Corporations can now influence the outcomes of elections without fear of reprisal from the government.

Both political parties say it gives the other an advantage. The Republicans believe the ruling will keep the Democrats from tying up campaign contributions. The Democrats feel the decision favors Republicans because of their deep pockets.

The reaction has largely been condemnation from everyone. Continuous polls show the American people are firmly in favor of limiting what PACs can and cannot do. The Democratic party platform advocates a constitutional amendment to reverse the Citizens United decision.

End Citizens United was created in March 2015 with the express intent of ending the Supreme Court ruling. The funding for End Citizens United has been a grassroots effort. The group is trying to do away with corporate contributions and their huge influx of money.

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End Citizens United sides with the Democratic party to stay in lock step with the American People. The group has the same goal as Democrats of a constitutional amendment to rein in the money.

End Citizens United has two strategies to accomplish their goals:

1. Support those candidates who want to reform campaign finance. The group does have Republicans in the fold, but Democrats are behind the move.
2. Begin targeting each state with their grassroots funding to build support.

Leadership of the group are savvy experienced political veterans. The political action committee has plenty of industry veterans on the staff and support from their board members.

• Tiffany Muller is the first and only president of the group. She has seen phenomenal growth with the PAC, as contributions have topped almost twenty-five million.
• Matt Burgess another veteran has a decade of political campaigns.

End Citizens United is currently gearing up for the next political cycle and beyond. The group counts nearly 130 candidates they endorse with a base membership of almost 380,000. The PAC seeks to support those candidates who are giving up corporate donorship.

The pledge is “No Corporate PAC”

George Soros Gives Back To The World

What He Wants For The World

George Soros has a vision for the world that he wants to complete. As a man who has made billions from international finance, he has decided to do everything he can to help others out and one way that he does this is through his work at the Open Society Foundation. The Open Society Foundation plays an important role in helping people across the world by giving support to immigration, to free trade, and other important issues.

How He Is Creating This

The way that George Soros sets about trying to promote Open Societies is by doing everything he can to encourage the creation of Open Societies by openly fighting for countries to adopt this model. his efforts have been successful so far and we can see examples of this in South Africa, Hungary and other countries. People want to see what they can possibly achieve and this is the best way so far for many of these goals to be done. Open societies are often misunderstood because many on the Right frequently claim that these undermine the will of the people. George Soros has proven that these ultimately benefit everyone. Read this story at Politico.com about George Soros.

Something For Everyone

Open societies work to the interest of everyone because they allow people to determine how they want to live their lives and where they will stand in life. This isn’t something you see every day, but it something that is important in the continuation of our world as we know it. We need to continue to do things that will allow people greater autonomy and ultimately allow them to choose how their lives will go. George Soros is only one guy trying to make it happen.

Fighting For Globalization

Globalization is one of the most talked about topics of our time, but there are many out there who try to do everything they can to stop it by giving people an inaccurate idea of what globalization would mean for the vast majority of people. George Soros wants to make sure that people understand that globalization will work to the benefit of everyone and gives everyone a chance to make a better life for themselves. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

The Future Ahead Of Us

There is a long road ahead for globalization and George Soros wants to do everything he can to fight for it. He sees the recent election of Donald Trump as an unfortunate step back, but he is willing to do everything he can to make sure that this doesn’t change the way that we operate. He wants to stop Trump from coming close to even enacting a single item in his agenda.

Learn more: http://www.biography.com/people/george-soros-20926527

You’ll Be Talking About End Citizen’s United For The Next Four Years

February 20, 2017

Corporations and wealthy people have bought your voice in politics. That is the message of End Citizen’s United, a Washington D.C. based PAC working to change the infamous Citizen’s United ruling from the Supreme Court in 2010.

The Citizen’s United decision essentially made it legal for corporations to funnel unlimited money to politicians as election donations on opensecrets.org. In other words, corporations have the same rights as individual people and can donate as much money as they want to elections. The inherent problem with the ruling was it opened the door for “dark” or untraceable money to be given to candidates with no accountability for its origination.

End Citizens United Steps Into The Fight
End Citizens United formed as a grassroots effort to change the impact of the ruling. Supreme Court decisions are usually the last word on legal decisions. However, there is a way to get around their judgments, by passing a constitutional amendment reversing the decision on Facebook.

End Citizens United is leading the fight against the ruling and garnering much support along the way. Founded in March of 2015, the PAC raised more than $2 million and established itself as a major player on the political game field. They also partnered with Hillary Clinton’s campaign, giving them exposure to more than 4 million supporters and financial partners.

Why End Citizen’s United Is Different
There are other PACs involved in campaign finance reform, but End Citizen’s United is taking a different approach on msnbc.com. They are actively seeking out and supporting candidates who support campaign finance reform. They fashioned a questionnaire given to all candidates asking for their opinions on reform. They post the responses of people they support so donors can see who receives their support.

End Citizen’s United also lives by the rules it supports. The company depends on, and receives, most of its support from a grassroots effort and small donations on endcitizensunited.org. They’ve received over 136,000 donations with the average donation being $14.86.
While End Citizen’s United focusses on reversing the Supreme Court decisions, they also hope to influence state and local campaign finance laws. Their end goal is to return the power of the people to the election process and not have corporations have the sole voice in politics.

Led By Experience And Passion
Veteran Political players comprise the leadership of End Citizens United. Congressman Ron Barber heads up their board. He has a 32-year career in government and has owned a private business for 22 years. The other board members are:

Jessica Vanden Berg
Christopher Massicote
Lanae Erickson Hatalsky

The election of President Trump has not stopped the organization from forging ahead on its mission. They continue to grow in support and political power.