Vinod Gupta: The Secret To Business Productivity


Vinod “Vin” Gupta can be described as a self-motivated, well-rounded businessman. After the transformation of a $100 bank loan into a $680 million sale of a company, Vin accumulated his vast operational experience to create his current venture, Everest Group.


Everest Group majors in supporting the operations of under-performing assets, providing venture capital for the database technology sector and supporting distressed companies to become profitable. Vin is known for his charitable nature, having built a Girls’ school in his village to provide access to Women’s Education and created numerous fellowships for future students in the science, business, and management sectors.


According to Vin Gupta, his business changes in accordance with the advancement of technology and the demand for databases on new platforms. Vin admits that the need for location mapping and database technology has risen incredibly within recent years. In future, Vinod looks forward to seeing the methods with which the potentially intuitive technology will provide instantaneous information to individuals who are not aware of the database information they are searching for. Read This Article for additional information.


Vin Gupta maintains his productivity by focusing on long-term goals, metrics, and growth, to which he advises that it requires the dedication of time, energy and the thoughts that those long-term goals deserve. Vin mentions that the secret of maintaining a strong team is by frequently engaging the members, keeping them updated with company-related news and also making the members feel like they are part of the bigger picture. He admits that recognizing employees’ input and seeing them as a vital part of the operation’s success highly motivates individuals and makes them feel right about their production.


To continuously grow his company, Vin and his team are involved in the combination of poorly performing assets, learning about aspiring technology-based startups and increasing the portfolio of the company. Vin is especially keen on the selection of companies work with and the manner with which to reverse a failing business into a profitable one.


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Vinod Gupta Made $100 Into A Multi-Million Dollar Company


Vinod Gupta, an Indian-American entrepreneur is quite an example of someone who’s done more with less throughout his life. He had little resources to work with when he began his company, InfoUSA, but over the years Vinod put his innovation and strategic planning to work to build a company generating over $700 million in revenue. He was able to find new ways to market business-to-business information and compiling up-to-date database that adapted to new technology over the years, and he’s also been a part of philanthropy that he’s contributed over $50 million to.


Vinod Gupta came from a working family in a remote Indian village known as Rampur Maniharan, and though they had very little money, they were able to get him through high school and accepted to the Indian Institute of Technology. From there, he came across the opportunity to enroll in graduate school in the US and then took a job at a marketing research department of a mobile home manufacturing company.


Through a series of events here that had Vinod Gupta digging through yellow page phone books and needing to find information about potential company clients, Gupta was allowed to take that information and sell it to the company’s competitors. Using $100 to invest in mailers, Vinod Gupta began selling the information and that was the beginning of InfoUSA.


Vinod Gupta sold the yellow page information to other mobile home dealers first, but then he included automotive dealers and suppliers, HVAC companies, and other industrial clients. Eventually his company had a database of every US yellow page phone book and it became publicly-traded on the NYSE. Gupta sold InfoUSA for $680 million in 2010, but that was far from the only accomplishment he had. See Related Link for additional information.


He also helped start several business schools and polytechnic institutes back in India, and he contributed to US university scholarships. Gupta also has worked with the “Clinton Global Initiative”, and at one point he was a Consul General to Bermuda.


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Roseann Bennett On Running A Center For Those In Need


Family and marriage therapist Roseann Bennett took her love of helping people and created a company that would directly help those who needed her help.


Roseann Bennett is the driving force behind her business, making sure all the programs and employees are functioning and running smoothly. Roseann Bennett, together with her husband Todd;  is the Co-Founder and the Executive Director of the Center for Assessment and Treatment. It was Bennet’s long term dream to create the center, and it all came together in 2009.


What does it take to run a charitable organization? A lot of commitment, passion, organization, and much more. Roseann Bennett takes on therapy for individuals and groups, does crisis management, treatment planning, and case management. It can be challenging, but Roseann Bennett does is flawlessly. She attended Seton Hall University and earned both MA and EdS degrees in psychological studies and Marriage and Family Therapy. This education led her to her current career.


Roseann strives to be a balanced therapist by taking time for self-care. This means every once in a while taking some time out for a massage, a weekend away, or maybe even reading a bit each day. She stay motivated and productive Roseann is focused on helping her patients with her presence and full attention. She also takes a moment to think about solutions to problems, she is trying to solve. This technique is used by many people. Sometimes stepping away is what is needed to come to a conclusion. Go Here to learn more about Bennett.


Bennett is a self-proclaimed old school person when it comes to writing things down. She prefers to use paper and pen when jotting down notes compared using technology to get the job done. One of the newest therapies that Roseann has incorporated into her center is Canine-Assisted Therapy. It works really well with children because they feel comfortable with the furry counterpart.


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Vinod Gupta Explains His Journey To Success


Vinod Gupta is the perfect example of how someone can make it in life with very limited resources through hard work and dedication. Mr. Gupta was born in India but never limited himself to living in his home country. Instead, he went to the United States to advance his education. After completion of schooling, Vinod Gupta took a $100 loan and used the funds to establish a business that he would later sell at $680 million. Vinod Gupta had noted a gap in the industry that required to be filled, and he never hesitated to do so. Mr. Gupta established InfoUSA, and the company outgrew the principal expectations to become a large firm. He is the current CEO of Everest Group. Recently, Mr. Gupta gave an interview concerning how he’s managed it through the years to become one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the country.


In the interview with IdeaMensch, Mr. Gupta explained how he noted a market gap and strived to close it. Vinod explained how after completion of school, he started working at a firm that provided mobile home manufacturing services. Mr. Gupta was tasked with compiling a list of clients in the country who would be potential buyers of the company’s services. During that period, such a list was not in existence. Vinod Gupta worked hard to compile it and later used the list and some $100 that he had borrowed from a local bank to establish his firm. This company was called American Business Education. The company grew immensely over the years, and at the time of its sale, it was sold at a value that no one would have expected. Go Here for additional information.


Vinod further explained that the recent technology growth had boosted many businesses. He explained that companies that have embraced technology in their operations are set to reap big. To remain relevant, Vinod Gupta said that his business continually embraces the newest technological advancements. Mr. Gupta also said that he prefers to put his best efforts towards the long-term success of his business. For this to happen effectively, Vinod Gupta delegates the leadership of his firm to trustworthy managers and this frees up time for him to concentrate on other business affairs.


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