Roseann Bennett On Running A Center For Those In Need


Family and marriage therapist Roseann Bennett took her love of helping people and created a company that would directly help those who needed her help.


Roseann Bennett is the driving force behind her business, making sure all the programs and employees are functioning and running smoothly. Roseann Bennett, together with her husband Todd;  is the Co-Founder and the Executive Director of the Center for Assessment and Treatment. It was Bennet’s long term dream to create the center, and it all came together in 2009.


What does it take to run a charitable organization? A lot of commitment, passion, organization, and much more. Roseann Bennett takes on therapy for individuals and groups, does crisis management, treatment planning, and case management. It can be challenging, but Roseann Bennett does is flawlessly. She attended Seton Hall University and earned both MA and EdS degrees in psychological studies and Marriage and Family Therapy. This education led her to her current career.


Roseann strives to be a balanced therapist by taking time for self-care. This means every once in a while taking some time out for a massage, a weekend away, or maybe even reading a bit each day. She stay motivated and productive Roseann is focused on helping her patients with her presence and full attention. She also takes a moment to think about solutions to problems, she is trying to solve. This technique is used by many people. Sometimes stepping away is what is needed to come to a conclusion. Go Here to learn more about Bennett.


Bennett is a self-proclaimed old school person when it comes to writing things down. She prefers to use paper and pen when jotting down notes compared using technology to get the job done. One of the newest therapies that Roseann has incorporated into her center is Canine-Assisted Therapy. It works really well with children because they feel comfortable with the furry counterpart.


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Roseann Bennett Uses Her Skills To Help Others


Roseann Bennett is known by many for her work in helping others to achieve success in their marriage. She has been in the industry for years now, and that makes her experienced and one of the best people to help those facing problems in their marriage. Roseann used to operate from her home before she decided to start a center which has been helpful since it began. She has been working with adolescent families and those having issues in their marriage, and the career has been fulfilling because she loves her job.


Roseann Bennett discovered that she might not help many people from her home, so she decided to start a center. She began the Center for Assessment and Treatment in 2009, and since then, she has used it to help a lot of people who were facing problems in their lives. She also decided to start a blog which she has been using to talk about women and the problems they face in life.


The first thing she does after waking up is to check updates from her computer. She does this because she wants to know the first thing to be attended to when she gets to her office. She has to ensure the clients are okay because they are vital to her. Roseann Bennett is happy when her clients progress positively. Running such an organization is not an easy task, and that is why Roseann Bennett has been working hard and using her leadership skills to help her team at the center.


Roseann Bennett is a successful therapist, and her main work is to attend to her customers with various problems. She also has to check on those who have already started the therapy to see if they are doing well. Roseann Bennett believes in providing the right solution to those who need it, and that is why her job has been successful since she began. Her work is involving, but Roseann Bennett also creates time for her family. Go Here to learn more.


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