Jeremy Goldstein: The Prominent Corporate Lawyer From New Yrok

May 2, 2018

People who are on the lookout for good lawyers are always faced with a number of dilemmas when it comes to finding the right legal support for their case. People always want a good lawyer, but because they are the kind of professionals that only come to mind in times of need, it can be harder to find the right ones on such short notice.

The internet is one of the best places to be able to find a lawyer that is right for the case that you are involved with. Because people often tend to review the services that they go in for, it can be easier to determine if a lawyer is right for you or not.

However, there are always those times during which people struggle to find the right lawyer for the job. Even the reviews that are available online might not be sufficient to convince a person to hire that particular lawyer.

With the view of making the entire process a lot easier on those looking out for a lawyer, the New York Bar Association decided to come out with a plan of action that would make the task of finding a good lawyer a lot easier. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase

The organization decided to implement an online system that would list all of the well-reputed lawyers that are registered with the organization, and who are known to provide a high quality of services to those who come to them.

Several well-known names have been listed here, one of which is the well known corporate lawyer from New York, Jeremy Goldstein.

Jeremy Goldstein has been a part of the New York City Bar Association for several years. He is considered to have an incredible reputation for the work that he has been doing and for the companies that he has worked with.

The area that Jeremy Goldstein specializes in is in the field of corporate law and is something that he has been working in for several years. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein:

Corporates across the city of New York have opted for the services that Goldstein provided to help them with their legal matters, and to seek legal aid. Because of the work that Goldstein has done, several businesses have been able to benefit and grow.

Jeremy Goldstein leads his law firm that goes by the name of Jeremy Goldstein and Associates. It is a well-known firm that has gained an impressive reputation for the work that it has done and for the clients that it has been able to serve.

Is Renting Coworking Space Right For Your Company?


Coworking spaces also known as shared office space is a phenomenon that is becoming more and more popular. If you are unfamiliar with coworking spaces it is basically sharing office space with other companies instead of having your own private office. There are many benefits to sharing office space with other firms and entrepreneurs. I discuss the benefits as well as the downsides to coworking space so you can decide if it is right for your company.

One of the greatest benefits of shared office space is that you will be surrounded by other like minded creative individuals that you can collaborate with on projects. Some companies find that when their employees are in a shared office environment their productivity increases, they become happier and they develop connections with the other people. You can find new business partners, new potential customers and even new employees from working in a shared office space.

Another major benefit of shared office space is that short term leases are available. Businesses are given the ultimate flexibility when it comes to lease lengths. For example you can lease a desk for a month or a couple of months. When leasing private office space most of the terms have to be locked in for a period of two or three years, essentially trapping you into the office space you agreed on. This can be problematic if your business rapidly expands and you need more office space, but you have a contract for several years. With co-working space you can quickly lease more office space to adjust to your needs and expansion.

Unlike private office space, in coworking space leases you won’t pay for the utility bill and have to worry about coffee or office supplies.

The downside to leasing coworking space is that once your company reaches a certain size, it may be more cost effective to lease your own office space. Private office space allows you greater control over the policies of the office. You can also customize your own space and foster company culture which can help productivity.

Workville is a company that offers shared office space in New York City. Located near Times Square, the company offers coworking space in a luxurious setting at very affordable rates that are perfect for small companies and startups. Renting a desk costs only $500 a month while a dedicated desk costs only $750 a month. Mail delivery, internet, phone and printer service is included in Worville’s coworking office space.