The Brown Agency Re-Launches As Top Modeling Agency

September 7, 2017

The Brown Agency launches from the former ownership and operation of Heyman Talent-South. It is one of the few full-service modeling agencies and one of the few in Texas. They have been proudly serving their customers for over 50+ years and now operate under a new name. They have several years of experience in the modeling industry and know how to service their clients with professionalism and dedication. They see the beauty of each of their clients and work diligently to help them achieve their modeling goals. The Brown Agency has openings for both young and professional adults into modeling.

They are one of the most trusted and respected and modeling agencies in the industry. BA ensures their portfolio offers a wide list of talent in the local area and nationwide. Their offices will still remain headquartered in Austin, Texas. A part of their growth strategy is improving their services for the needs of their clients and modeling scouts. They can help you land a great part in a hard to get scene with a picky producer or help you as a first-time lingerie model. Clients are screened to ensure they are providing dedicated, professional, and elegant talent on a large scale.

Justin Brown, will lead as a well-respected CEO and President, of the new Brown Agency and was one head of the Wilhelmina Austin. According to Market Wired, the combination of the two companies has allowed them to expand their services and become one of the only upscale modeling in Texas. Experience an exciting opportunity to be in the modeling industry with the best leads and absolutely the highest standard of professionalism. They take pride in making the best selection or their clients. A formal celebration of their relaunch is currently underway. The capabilities of them both will give you an unprecedented experience in modeling.

Enjoy a leading commercial talent agency that puts the needs of their clients first. Their talent options host real talent and model opportunities. They guarantee to represent you and help you find a job, if you’re under contract. The contribute to helping you be successful in your modeling career. The Brown Agency will help you choose clients which will make a difference in your career. They are very passionate and active in their field. An active agency will help will you find a great connect to your modeling destiny and take charge of your craft.

You’re invited to do an online search to learn more about their exclusive services and features designated to create the industry’s next top model. Take your modeling to the next level in the hands of the absolute professionals of the relaunched Brown Agency where they can recognize the worth of real beauty.