Trabuco- The Traditional Weapon Used During Medieval Times

February 28, 2018

The Trabuco machine was a discovery made in the fourth century by the Chinese engineers. During the middle age, kingdom armies used traditional crude weapons of war such as swords, axes, bows, and slings. The introduction of the Trabuco, therefore, came as an added advantage as the Trabuco would cause massive destruction by hurling stones at the opponents. The kingdom armies used the war machine as it was more advanced and would shoot missiles to longer distances inflicting injuries and demolishing the protective wall of their enemies.

The Phases in which the Trabuco Existed

The Trabuco war machine existed in two different ages whereby the very first was the traction Trabuco while the advanced one was the balancing Trabuco. The war machine operated using the physics application of converting potential energy into kinetic energy. The working mechanism of the siege machine was adopted from the sling established to launch heavier loads. Further, the traction Trabuco usage was a very involving exercise as the short arm beam required the use of people to pull the slings to launch the missiles. Again, it was even more challenging to operate the larger Trabuco machines as it needed more people to help in shooting the projectiles.


Moreover, the Trabuco war machine was later acquired by the Europeans during crusades in the 600 AD according to It was then that the ancient traction Trabuco was advanced to incorporate counterweight measures rather than using villagers to assist. Further, the balancing Trabuco became popular among the Europeans, and they used it extensively to cause damage in Europe. Also, the war machine was used in religious conflicts where the Christians and Muslims around the Mediterranean used it during crusades among themselves.

The Trabuco war machine further evolved where the latest ones to be constructed were large enough to hurl heavier loads. The large ones would hold more than 140 pounds while the largest recorded could accommodate up to 400 pounds. It would also shoot distances of more than 80 meters away which is why they caused massive destructions, especially in its later stages before its abandonment. With the discovery of the gunpowder, the traditional machine became a historical weapon only used in the study of physics in schools.

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