Marc Sparks; a Businessman, venture capitalist, and philanthropist Guru

August 10, 2016

Mark Sparks is a humble man with an incredible business acumen. However, it has not been a bed of roses for this accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist. He hailed from Austin, Texas and ventured into the world of business and entrepreneurship soon after receiving his high school diploma in 1975.

Over the years, he has created many unique and thriving startups in telecommunications, real estate, and capital investments. He has sold, bought and maintained ownership of a number of companies. These include Timber Creek Capital, Blue Jay Wireless, Cobalt Real Estate Services, Bonn Oir, Uncle Marc Food Delivery, Splash Media, and Boxstar LLC which he still owns to date.

He also used to own Agency Matrix, Reliance Healthcare, and GlobalTec Solutions. Some of his companies were launched just last year. This shows that Mark Sparks is truly a force to reckon with in the business world who is able to adapt to changes. He attributes his immense success to his resilient nature and firm belief in God.

In 2014, he wrote a book in which he shared his knowledge and strategies with the world. The book is titled They Can’t Eat You which is available on Amazon. In the book, he chronicles his humble beginnings as a ‘C’ average student who beat all odds to become a successful entrepreneur with a small budget and limited resources. The book is available both in soft copy and hard copy. Read more: Marc Sparks (Author of They Can’t Eat You) – Goodreads

According to hsi book sold on Amazon, Mark Sparks is an extraordinary individual who has a positive attitude and a strong work ethics. He also has a big heart as evidenced by the numerous charity ventures that he is involved in. These include donating to a Texas-based homeless shelter known as The Samaritan Inn, helping Dallas youths through get a high school diploma with The American Can!. At he donates both his time and money to this program. He also builds houses for the less fortunate through Habitat for Humanity, and assists disadvantaged youths with his Sparky’s Kids Foundation.

He also mentors aspiring entrepreneurs and imparts useful knowledge, tips for success and leadership skills on them. His key advice to them is to keep things simple, have confidence in their products, have a sound business strategy always and have a unique idea that can help distinguish them from their competitors.

Besides mentoring, he is also a venture capitalist which means that he gives businesses with a potential future capital to help get their ideas off the ground. He recruits these entrepreneurs through his Spark Tank initiative.

To qualify for funding, ambitious entrepreneurs have to pass certain criteria. They have to prove that they offer unique services; they have already made sales and have concise strategies that outline how they will use the funds. Most of the businesses that he supports end up becoming successful and life-changing to the beneficiaries.

Mark Sparks believes that anyone can be a successful. It is evident that his philosophy and strategies work going by the successful strings of companies that he has managed to start and develop.