Anthony Constantinou Has Garnered Many Distinctions Over His Career Including A Major One That He Achieved This August


It is becoming an increasingly obvious fact that Artificial Intelligence technology is going to play a major factor in the future of humanity. AI technology is already far more ingrained into the day to day lives of many people than they may even be aware of.

From our social media activity to searching on the internet, Artificial Intelligence technology, as it stands today, has become a major force working in our rapidly advancing world. Bayesian Artificial Intelligence is one of the most critical areas of AI research and some of the most important work within this field is being done in the United Kingdom at the nations prestigious academic institution Queen Mary University. Read This Article for related information.

At Queen Mary University, the prestigious Department of Bayesian Artificial Intelligence is under the direction of its department head Professor Anthony Constantinou. Anthony Constantinou serves as an esteemed lecturer at researcher at the university on top of his duties in terms of running this vibrant and continually busy academic department. Anthony Constantinou stands at the head of a college department that has constant action going on. There are numerous post-graduate and PhD students along with all of the critical faculty research that is being undertaken by Anthony Constantinou and his colleagues within the Department of Bayesian Artificial Intelligence.

Anthony Constantinou has a specific interest in doing research regarding topics such as decision making with an intelligent basis and also the topic of casual discovery within the field of AI. A quick glance at the activity going on in Anthony Constantinou’s department at Queen Mary College reveals that there are publications being put out and PhD studentships being offered. To top it off, Assistant Professor Anthony Constantinou has been named to the role of Turing Fellows.