George Soros Shifts Fortune to Charity.

January 10, 2018

It is becoming increasingly clear that the political divide in the United States is wider than it has been in generations. This was made evident when George Soros, a world-renowned investor, and philanthropist, was lambasted by conservative media when it was revealed through financial disclosures that he had donated nearly $18 BILLION to charity. Soros, the founder of the Soros Hedge Fund, shifted the vast majority of his wealth to charity in response to the rising tide of darkness that the rise of Donald Trump had brought to the forefront of the American political scene. Soros founded the Open Society Foundations back in the ’70s in order to help push progressive values around the world while also seeking to bring humanitarian and social aid to those in need — no matter what corner of the globe they were born in. Despite this noble pursuit, Soros has been continually demonized for his work.

George Soros was born and Hungary but he and his family were forced to flee during the Nazi occupation. This early life experienced help to establish a few important tenets in Soros’ life. He learned early on that there was value in fighting for the good of your common man and that there were very real dangers of unchecked and violent populism and nationalism. Seeing the brutality of the Nazi regime up close led Soros to study the concept of the Open Society and this would inform his later pursuits in both politics and philanthropy. Soros would create the Open Society Foundations as a response to what he felt was his obligation to help out the rest of the world. The OSF has been there for the Roma people who have been persecuted throughout Europe. The OSF has been there for those that struggled during Apartheid era Africa. The OSF even mobilized a response team during the recent Ebola epidemic. Still, Soros and his foundation find their way to the center of every right-wing conspiracy theory.

George Soros first found his way to the center of unsubstantiated and wild conspiracy theories back in the early ’90s when he made a stunning $1 billion by shorting the British pound. Since then, Soros has become some sort of financial bogeyman for whoever needs someone convenient to blame though the blame is almost always partisan in nature. Soros further fell under the crosshairs of conservative media giants when the billionaire progressive spoke out against George W. Bush and his march to war in Iraq after the deadly and tragic 9/11 attacks. Now, Soros is the convenient pincushion conservatives need someone to sic their followers after.

Most notable about George Soros’ donation of $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations is that he is creating a face for what has become known as the resistance against Donald Trump. Soros was a constant source of reality when people laughed during Trump’s rise as the GOP nominee. Soros never laughed, instead he realized that Trump would be a real problem for America. Soros’ recent decision to move his finances directly to charity show the biggest indicator that he’s willing to stand up against Trump’s devastating regime.

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Louis Chenevert’s Business Successes

September 12, 2017

Louis R. Chenevert is one of the most successful CEOs in the world. Apart from being the former CEO and president of United Technologies corporation he also was Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee of The Business Council from 2011 to 2012, president of UTC’s subsidiary Pratt & Whitney in Canada as well as working for Goldman Sachs as an Exclusive Advisor in the Merchant Banking Division. He has one of the most impressive resume and achievements for a man who studied product management in the university in Montreal Canada.

He has been awarded numerous times for his achievements in the manufacturing industry most notably, he was named Person of the Year 2011 by Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine, he received an Honor Award from the National Building Museum as well as being awarded an honorary doctorate by his former school HEC Montréal.
His achievements have stemmed from his career successes which can be traced back to GM where he started working shortly after completing his undergraduate.He began his career as an assistant before moving up the ladder to become production general manager. In 1993 when he left after 14 years he moved to Pratt & Whitney Canada as a product manager here he was responsible for overseeing production. He worked in this position for six years and was then promoted in 1999 to the level of president Pratt & Whitney (Canada).It was during his tenure in this position that he proved his worth to the company by streamlining production and growing the revenues. In 2006 he was appointed CEO of the parent company United technologies Corporation and all its subsidiaries.
The appointment came at a time when manufacturing was facing unprecedented difficulties witnessing massive layoffs especially of engineers as companies moved to cut cost which also included outsourcing manufacturing to other countries.
His strategy was rather different as he chose to retain all manufacturing in the united states as well as hire highly skilled staff to help in the revamping of the company.His strategy started to pay off when in 2012, United Technologies purchased Goodrich for an estimated eighteen billion.This strategy was based on his belief that by merging Goodrich and Pratt & Whitney he would achieve the technological might to create the best aerospace products for the industry and this led to a united being able to lock down som of aviation’s biggest manufacturing players such as Embraer.

The Popularity Of George Soros Is On The Rise

September 10, 2017

George Soros is a popular person as he founded Soros Fund Management LLC. Besides, he is a billionaire too. His reputation is based on his being a high-level hedge-fund manager. He supports refugees and their rights publicly.

George Soros is an American citizen who lives in Katonah, New York. In September 2016 he publicly declared that his foundation would be investing $500 million in companies that are started by refugees or migrants. Besides, George Soros would like to give special consideration to migrants who are arriving in Europe.

He is popular due to his philanthropy too. Already George Soros has invested millions of dollars in these ventures. There is a personal reason behind this. George Soros was born in Hungary while it was under the Nazi occupation. He had to flee his country. He did several menial jobs till he got admitted into the London School of Economics.

After passing out, he joined a merchant bank. He established a hedge fund on Wall Street in 1969. Today he is known for his knowledge in investing. His personal fortune exceeds $13 billion. This is one of the reasons why he is able to exert a deep influence in the field of politics. George Soros has even managed to topple a few regimes around the world.

His strong influence on American politics is evident to all. This is much more than just monetary influence. He has a missionary zeal as he wants to make the world a better place for all to live in. He feels that all the money that he has acquired is a part of some divine mandate. Hence he is guided towards completing that mission as he is destined to do so.

There are several books written by George Soros. All these books and all his interviews depict the exaggerated view that George Soros has of himself. He feels that his destiny is to change this world and make it better for all.

George Soros had realized very early in life that money can make a huge impact on this world. Hence he decided to make a lot of money. After this, he decided to embark on his social mission to make this world a better place for everyone to live in.

He believes that America must become better. This is because social justice belongs to everyone. George Soros founded The Open Society Foundations in 1984. He established these in Central Asia along with Eastern Europe initially. At that time, he realized that due to his wealth, the political leaders found him interesting enough and wanted to meet him. George Soros fights for various agendas that include war against drugs, besides anti-death penalty and much more.

About George Soros: