Jeremy Goldstein: The Importance of Picking the Right Compensation Method

April 12, 2018

Compensation is something people don’t really understand when it comes to simple work days. Compensation is more something people think about after someone’s wronged them and they want restitution. Restitution and compensation is not the same thing, but people don’t always know that.

A more accurate understanding of compensation would be to think about stock options at a company. That’s how people used to understand what compensation was. Now, stock options are on the brink of being phased out of the corporate world and replaced with lesser compensation methods. Most companies are phasing out stock options because of fear.

They won’t admit it openly, but they’re scared of losing too much money. Most of them say it’s not about money; it’s about something else, but it’s about money. Things in the business world are always about money and getting rid of stock options is no different.

Companies want to find a cheaper way to give their employees benefits. The main problem with stock options is that they take too long to figure out and time is money. Other compensation methods are easier and employees prefer them to stock options anyway.

Every company has the right to choose their own compensation method, but Jeremy Goldstein doesn’t like so many companies making this decision because they’re scared. He would prefer that they talk with their accountant and choose the right strategy instead of acting too quickly. There are so many types of stocks that people don’t know about.

In Jeremy Goldstein’s opinion, the best stock to use is a “knockout” option. Knockout options come with all the advantages of their counterpart with none of the disadvantages. Knockout options allow companies to cancel the option if the stock value has been low for a certain number of days, at least one week.

Jeremy Goldstein knows what he’s talking about when he recommends knockout options. He has more than 15 years of executive compensation experience. After working a similar firm, he founded his own law firm in New York. Learn more:

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