How Jeff Yastine’s Kennedy Accounts Will Save You A Lot of Money

Is it possible to turn five hundred dollars into more than a million? Is it possible to turn eighteen hundred dollars into ten million? Is it possible to turn one hundred and twenty two dollars into one hundred thousand? Yes, it has happened! How has it happened, you ask? Well, it has happened through the Kennedy Accounts, an investment opportunity that noted financial advisor Jeff Yastine talks about. Read this article at

Banyan Hill Publishing has done a lot of research into the Kennedy Accounts to try to find out if they are real or not. After all of their research, what they found out was astonishing! The Kennedy Accounts are real and totally legit. However, Wall Street does not want you to find out about these Kennedy Accounts. The Kennedy accounts, which were started by President John Kennedy as a way to jumpstart the economy when it was in serious decline, allows you to invest in companies through Direct Stock Purchase Plans, which are also known as DSPP.

There are around four hundred and fifty companies that allow direct stock purchases. Why does Wall Street want to hide these stocks from you? The answer is that they know that they will be cut out of the picture if you find out about these stocks. After all, these are called Direct Stock Purchase Plans for a reason. They let you buy stocks directly from the source. You do not have to go through a Wall Street broker anymore. They cut out the middleman. This costs Wall Street brokers hundreds of millions of dollars a year because they rely on the commissions they make as a middleman. Follow Jeff on Twitter.

However, what it means for you as an investor is that you will save money while having access to great stocks that have a great growth opportunity. You do not have to spend money anymore on broker fees, so it is a win win for you.

However, the treasure chest is far from over, says Jeff Yastine. Not only do you save on commission fees, but many of these companies will allow you to buy stocks at a discount, sometimes more than ten percent, usually around five percent. You can save a lot of money this way. Wall Street has tried to lobby for the deletion of the law that put the Kennedy Accounts into place since it was started. Read more: