Daniel Taub Says That Israel Will Partner With Gulf States

April 4, 2018

Is Israel safe from Iran? The former ambassador of Israel to the UK, Daniel Taub, said that Iran can still make a bomb as a result of the Geneva deal. He said that it is likely that we will see Israel making alliances with countries in the Middle East that it formerly had no peaceful relations with in order to counter the Shia alliance that Iran is setting up. The other countries will want to band together to counter that alliance, and Israel will be their ally in that regard, as they all have a common enemy.

Daniel Taub was very clear about the Geneva deal. He said that it doesn’t do enough to prevent Iran from making a nuclear bomb. Therefore, Israel may see that making alliances with other countries in the Middle East is necessary. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.embassymagazine.com/biog/biog_countries/biog_emb37_israel.html and https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2012/may/08/boycott-israelis-tuc-bigotry

Those other countries, which traditionally did not want to have anything to do with Israel, may decide that it is in their best interests to make a deal with Israel as well.

This is something that would not have been thinkable just a short time before. Nobody would have thought a few years ago that Israel can be making an alliance with Saudi Arabia or other Gulf states. Traditionally, they have been hostile to Israel.

However, these countries know one thing, and that is that Iran poses a threat to them that Israel does not. Therefore, they will choose to partner with Israel to counter the force of Iran. Of course, Israel is continuing to put pressure on the Americans and other countries to fix the deal and stop Iran from making a nuclear bomb. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Daniel Taub said that we can see that there is an axis of evil that is being formed in the Middle East. This axis is running from Tehran to Syria to Gaza. Other countries in the region are taking notice of this.

They are realizing that although they have some differences with Israel, it is in their best interests to partner with Israel to overcome all the other challenges that they face together from Iran and the axis of evil.

Daniel Taub was a celebrated ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom. He was a speechwriter for Israeli President Chaim Herzog. He is also a scriptwriter for a popular Israeli film. He has written articles for many publications.