“Consider investing in futuristic IOT technologies,” says stocks guru, Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly, one of Banyan Hill Publishing’s top editors, recently posted an article encouraging investors to invest in the future by considering upcoming technologies such as the Internet of things. Even though he always makes sure to warn his readers that doing so will be risky as some innovations never manage to see the light of the day, Paul states that futuristic technologies revolving around the area of the Internet of Things are the best investment choices that entrepreneurs can opt for while looking for areas to invest in.

He goes on to give examples of a few that are undoubtedly going to not only see the light of the day, but also receive a warm reception from the world such as the recent Pratt & Whitney PW199G plane engines which pack more than 5000 individual sensors that generate up to 10 GB ever second! This innovation is likely to take over the world because no matter how fast our devices are, none can generate 10 GB of data in one second. Most of them often take days to do so, and according to experts, such innovation is enough to fill an average modern apple computer with data in ten seconds.

Having such an engine on an airplane will significantly increase the efficiency and safety of air travel and at the same time improve the durability of the plane. Besides enhanced air travel, according to Paul Mampilly, IOT technologies also go a long way in helping us take care of Mother Nature. He cites several examples such as smart home appliances which automatically turn themselves off after they are left on for a long time hence helping conserve energy and the new AT &T smart irrigation system which significantly reduces water wastage in farming thus helping preserve this precious mineral for future use.

Why investors listen to Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is famous in the stock and business arena thanks to his expansive knowledge of how the market works. The Fordham University graduate has been a critical player in this scope for more than two decades now and has worked with top shelf companies in Wall Street, such as Deutsche Bank and Kinetics asset management. This has seen him gain a lot of insight on which stocks are the best and the ones that investors should steer away from immediately. While working with these firms, Paul proved to be an incredibly useful asset. For instance, he helped increase Kinetics hedge fund to about $25 billion thus enabling the firm to gain 26% annual returns from the fund. Paul Mampilly boasts various achievements, but he’ll forever remain a valuable asset for investors as he gives them tips on the best stocks to invest in through his Profits Unlimited Newsletter which currently has over 60,000 subscribers.

Jeunesse Global helps people around the world defy age with Instantly Ageless

As prolific entrepreneurs Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis approached their 70th birthdays, the successful couple began contemplating handing over the reins of their current business and trying out retirement. They finally took the leap in September of 2009, vowing to spend more time with each other and their grandkids. But it didn’t take long for the innately industrious duo to realize that endless days of nothing in particular to do were not their idea of a life well lived. Within just two weeks of officially retiring, the couple that had spent five decades building some of the top companies in the North American direct-marketing business had already started another business.

This time, however, Ray and Lewis were doing things a little differently. Already having more money than they could spend in three lifetimes, Ray and Lewis weren’t looking for a way to accumulate further wealth. Instead, the couple wanted to make a life statement, creating a magnum opus that would spread economic opportunity around the world while contributing real breakthrough products to the area of health and beauty. Under this philosophy, Jeunesse Global was formed.

It quickly became apparent that the company’s mission statement and the couple’s formidable skills at building companies from the ground up were an explosive combination. Within its first year of operation, Jeunesse Global had done nearly $1 million in sales. By its fifth year, the company was selling tens of millions of dollars in products and had a global salesforce in excess of 1,000 people.

All along, the secret of the company’s success has been its great products. One example is the firm’s Instantly Ageless age-defying micro-crème. Instantly Ageless is designed for busy professionals who need salon-quality skincare but who have neither the time nor the money to spend at weekly salon appointments.

Made with the company’s patented APT-200 molecule, Instantly Ageless is capable of removing wrinkles, preventing the formation of new wrinkles and restoring youthful elasticity that has been lost to the natural aging process. Instantly Ageless is widely acknowledged to be among the most powerful means of erasing years or even decades from a user’s apparent age.


Investor Igor Cornelsen Gives Crucial Tips For Investing in Brazil

Today, Brazil is positioning itself for investors to hop back on board with the growing of the country’s financial sector, and the perfect person to look to when it comes to being an expert in Brazilian investing, is investment manager, and former bank executive, Igor Cornelsen. Regardless of the past, Igor Cornelsen has always had faith in Brazil having a major impact in the economic industry worldwide. He has been able to retire in Florida, and is giving some of the most valuable tips so others can have the opportunity to do the same. While in Florida, Igor Cornelsen has a company named Bainbridge Investments, helping foreign investors find different avenues to benefit from regarding the economy in Brazil.

In South America, Brazil is the king, playing a major role in Latin America’s economy, regardless of it being part of South America, that is not known for being part of the Spanish-speaking Latin America. Igor Cornelsen has some crucial tips that he has learned and applied, that can have a start up company turning profits with the potential to gain even more revenue, when they are able to get acquainted with local people in Brazil, and connect with the natives, if they are wanting to be successful in receiving monetary gains. Another crucial tip Cornelsen mentions, is when it comes to how the currency exchange works in Brazil, it is imperative that investors educate themselves thoroughly, on avoiding the obstacles that are predicted they will have to face. Read this article at affiliatedork.com about Igor Cornelsen

With the way today’s social media’s presence is today, investors are able to have a better understanding on what the people of Brazil want, taking into account that the people there are in love with social media, helping them along with research. Over 200 million people are inhabited in Brazil, making it an attractive market to get into for multinationals and anyone across the globe. Check: http://reporterexpert.com/brazilian-investment-star-igor-cornelsen-three-tips-help-retire-florida-just-like/

Shervin Pishevar Explains What’s More Dangerous Than Ma Bell in Tweet Storm

At the beginning of February, venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar decided to go on to Twitter in order to identify his thoughts on several things. Amongst these were what he felt to be more dangerous than Ma Bell. Ma Bell was a monopoly in the United States that ran for decades before it broke up into smaller phone companies. It ended up being what was best for consumers and it allowed a large number of new companies to enter the marketplace.


Shervin Pishevar sent out several tweets regarding the monopolies in the United States. He identified these to be Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet (the owner of Google). Each of these, in Shervin’s opinion, is a monopoly. Further, the United States government has allowed them to grow in order to have as much power as they currently have.


They have more power than Ma Bell, primarily because they are stifling startups. They also have more access to data than any sovereign has, which is dangerous all on its own. Shervin Pishevar identifies that the monopolies use their power overtly and covertly. It’s also easy to see cities begging for Amazon business. With the United States allowing these monopolies to rise and using cash abroad to repatriate their power, it will be difficult to take them down.


Shervin Pishevar sent out a total of 50 tweets, with almost a dozen of them having to do with the monopolies. He references Ma Bell on more than one occasion because everyone recognizes the phone company for being one of the greatest monopolies in the United States.


There is a warning in the tweets that the “robber barons” will destroy one startup after another. If the monopolies do not get their absolute power restrained, it may be difficult to see new tech startup companies appear, which can lead to a significant setback when it comes to innovation.


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