Kerrisdale Capital Management CEO Sahm Adrangi Is On The Rise

November 11, 2017

Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Executive Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management. Adrangi attended Yale University, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Adrangi uses publishing research to explain Kerrisdale Capital’s views on stocks. Adrangi finds out information about the business prospects of different companies. Adrangi initially became known for revealing the fraud taking place in Lihua International and China Marine Food Group, among others. Adrangi has looked at the valuations of Northern Dynasty Minerals and First Majestic Silver, among others. Adrangi has also given his take on Globalstar, Dish Network, and Straight Path Communications.

In recent times, Adrangi has emphasized the biotechnology sector. Kerrisdale Capital has looked into companies such as Zafgen and Bavarian Nordic. Adrangi has also been paying attention to the mining and telecommunication sectors. Adrangi started his career in finance, working for Deutsche Bank. Adrangi has also worked for Chanin Capital Partners and Longacre Management. Adrangi has taken a leadership role during business dealings with Lindsay Corporation Management and Morgans Hotel Group. Adrangi has been a guest speaker at a number of high profile events; including the Sohn Conference, Activist Investor Conference, and Distressed Debt Investing Conference. Adrangi has been featured on CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post, among others.

Recently, Adrangi made headlines when it was revealed that Kerrisdale Capital Management raised millions of dollars from investors simply through betting against one stock. Analysts consider the Kerrisdale fund to be innovative and unique. Kerrisdale is planning on using the funds to short stock a new company. The next step for Adrangi is to develop a thesis that will be supplemented by data. Kerrisdale has started buying stock in the new company.

Kerrisdale Capital has established a reputation of betting against companies and making the efforts public. Kerrisdale has raised over a half a billion dollars.

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Chris Burch’s Five-Star Resort Is the Best Hotel in the World

October 19, 2017

Chris Burch, a world-renowned entrepreneur who has founded or co-founded dozens of companies, invested in many others and launched several global retail brands, is now shifting his focus towards the hospitality industry. Alongside James McBride, an acclaimed hotelier, Burch bought a hostel located on a beachfront in Sumba a remote Indonesian island. After their 2012 acquisition, the two spent $30 million to renovate the hostel, reopening it in 2015 as Nihiwatu Resort. The following year, Travel + Leisure voted Nihiwatu, the best hotel in the world.

About The Nihiwatu Resort

Nihiwatu Resort, which also goes by the nickname “The Edge of Wilderness,” is located on the West Coast of Sumba Island in Indonesia. The resort consists of 27 private villas that include Raja Mendaka which is Burch’s private residence. The section of Nihiwatu has the main house as well as four additional villas, which have their private plunge pools. The resort also has two twin-story tree houses connected by a bamboo bridge. Each of the villas has a bedroom, bath, and balcony. The main treehouse has an infinity pool and living area.

Speaking to Business Jet Traveler shortly after the resort opened its doors to visitors, Burch says that he bought it for his children and as something he hopes can be preserved and used to give back to the local community. He noted that Nihiwatu has turned into more than he expected. The resort is now the island’s largest local employer. Part of the profit realized by the hotel is donated to the Sumba Foundation, which is an organization that undertakes a variety of projects in the local community.

About Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. He actively invests in several businesses that span an array of industries. Chris also co-founded Tory Burch, a luxury fashion brand. Chris Burch is a firm believer in the power of brands, and currently brings his sense of marketing and keen sales mind to his business interests that span the apparel, hospitality, consumer goods, financial services, and technology industries.  Additional reading on

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The investment philosophy at Burch Creative Capital expresses Chris Burch’s entrepreneurial values as well as his vision for emerging opportunities in the market. The firm applies support and scale, imagination, incubation, and creativity resulting in disruptive businesses, which have a direct, lasting and positive impact on the lives of the consumers. Check the website, click on   Mr. Burch’s intuitive knowledge of consumer behavior, as well as direct sourcing experience, has enabled him to build a long track record of success.  Check for an overview of his diverse investment.

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