Freedom checks – how to manage debt from the holidays

When people come back from the holidays, the probability that they have accumulated huge debts is always high. These people borrow to have a good time with their families. They will want to pay for the best vacation destinations, do shopping, travel a lot, and organize parties even though they have not saved enough money for all these activities. It only hits them that they are in deep trouble when the holidays are over, and they have to go through credit checks. What should such people do? Experts suggest the following approach in addition to getting freedom checks.

Check the balance on your cards

Probably, you were too busy enjoying your time during the holidays that you never checked your balance. Now that you are back and need freedom checks, you are required to take stock of what you have left. When you know the balance, you should get in touch with the credit card companies and ask them about interest rates. It is good to know the interest rates because the Federal Reserve allows banks to change these rates any time. It would be much better to work with figures that you know than working in the darkness only to be hit with disappointments later.

Do you qualify for balance transfers?

When you have balance transfers, you are allowed to stay for 12 months without paying any interest on your cards. This is an excellent opportunity especially now that you just came back from a season of massive spending, you need some time to reorganize your finances, and you also need freedom checks. As you will find out, not everyone qualifies for these transfers, and so, you have to make early inquiries. Be careful when agreeing to a transfer because the implication is that you should be able to pay the loans before the 12 months elapse to pass c.

Whether you get freedom checks or not, you should plan on how to start paying the loans on your credit cards. This process requires a slow, calculated approach because you do not want to commit any financial mistakes that will lead to further problems.


James Dondero: Argentina’s Financial Hope

August 30, 2018

Latin America has had its fair share of financial disparities. Being plagued with scandals and all other sorts of corruption, most of those countries have not truly recovered and are sitting in poverty. Argentina was spared from the financial ruin that other countries in their region faced. With most of the population being highly educated, and has managed to come out from under financial stagnation. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

James Dondero, the co-founder of Highland Capital, saw Argentina as an investment and it was not a loss. He sent a dedicated team to Latin America to help get the country back on track. Mauro Staltari is one of the people on the team helping to make Argentina better than what it is. There are teams in Buenos Aires and São Paulo that believe the economic growth in Argentina will flourish and surpass the other small countries there. The teams believe that they have what it takes to not only be an investment to pour into but to also help pour into others. That is what Argentina is striving for. Dondero has always seen this beautiful place as an opportunity to help not their economy but others as well.


President Macri made changes in order for Argentina to come out of its slump. He took away the policies that were holding the country back from being a financial giant. He decided to raise the energy tariffs that were never changed in over 10 years. Currency control was also taken away. Now the people can invest without hindrances. The global market is where everyone wants to compete including Argentina. Visit to know more about James.

Thanks to Dondero and his team wanting to see Argentina thrive, they have officially entered the global market. The president’s strategies worked. Now this country can be a part of real economic competition and become a respected country.