Get Your Wiki Website Seeks to Simplify The Process of Creating a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is increasingly being used as an educational tool for students at the University of Sydney in Australia. A Times Higher Education article cites a quote posing that the task of writing essays and taking ordinary tests is “unappealing” for both students and academics. University of Sydney lecturer Rebecca Johinke explains “staff were motivated to experiment with Wikipedia by the sight of marked essays being left uncollected by students who were apparently uninterested in academics’ feedback.” 

One use of Wikipedia as a learning tool has been in the postgraduate course on Magazine studies. Students researched and listed Wikipedia pages for Australian women’s magazines. Part of the marks given for the project were based on the quality of the entry. In another example, an academic writing course tasked students with researching and writing entries on contemporary issues and, though not formally assessed, Wikipedia editors provided feedback. The article lists sociology, biology and chemistry as other studies using Wikipedia in their educational materials.

Wikipedia has applications in the business world as well. Well written, properly sourced Wikipedia business page creation can give your company a higher profile in Google searches, resulting in more traffic and increased profit. When you make a Wiki page it also provides credibility for your business while boosting your reputation. Women, LGBT, and minority owned businesses can particularly benefit from having a strong presence on Wikipedia, as these groups are heavily underrepresented among writers and editors and entries may be sparse or non-existent. 

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