Organo Gold Motivates With New Rewards Program

August 4, 2016

If there is one thing that can increase the liveliness of a business on both the customer and the provider’s side, it is incentive. Organo Gold has recently set up a rewards program for distributors and loyal customers. This rewards program was set up by Bernardo Chua as a strategic business tool. This is meant to expand the business as well as bring forth a lot of new customers and products. As a result, Organo Gold will expand as a business and more people will get to experience the health benefits of ganoderma, an ancient herb from Asia.

Organo Gold is the creation of Bernardo Chua. Bernardo is from the Philippines. He has discovered the healthy effects of the use of ganoderma. He has held the desire of bringing this herb to other parts of the world. One method that he has realized was effective was putting it into coffee. As a result, his company Organo Gold has taken off. He is therefore able to bring about a healthier life to people who have yet to experience the health benefits of this herb. Since it is included in the great tasting beverage, people are more likely to consume it.

Bernardo Chua has a great talent for business. As a result, he was able to successfully expand his business so that he can bring his coffee out to others. Among the most significant moves he has made was the expansion to Turkey, which was the home of the first coffeehouse. Another reason for its significance is that Turkish people have begun to take an interest in living healthy lives. Bernardo Chua is very passionate about health. Bernardo has won plenty of awards on account of his company. He has shown himself to be a very creative and innovative individual. The number of people who benefit from his product continues to grow, and his rewards program ensures that will go on for some time.