Understanding Cancer Treatment and Your Options

January 6, 2018

Cancer, one of the leading causes of death in the united states and throughout the world. Can it be avoided? Yes. Can it be cured? Well that is where things get a bit more confusing but don’t worry we are here to help!

Currently there are 6 main categories for types of cancer.

• Lung
• Colon
• Breast
• Prostate
• Skin
• Oral

Some of the newer treatments available to cancer patients are not only safe but designed to target and neutralize the harmful behavior of cells and destroy current cancer. This helps to prevent cancer from further spreading throughout the body.

What is a Cell

Cells are made up of our DNA and Chromosomes to form our skin, organs, muscles and bones. Cells are the root core of every function of our body from healing a wound to breaking down the food we eat and turn it into fuel for our body.

Cancer affects the body at its core, the cell. Cancer causes cells begin to behave abnormally no longer able to follow the normal order of a cell. The cell becomes destructive and grows too little or too much. The cell no longer follows patterns and procedures as the body needs such as immune deficiencies, ability to repair, and production of energy for the body. Leading to further more serious complications such as the formation of deadly tumors.


Modern day treatments of radiation therapy and chemotherapy are some of the largest and most beneficial discoveries in the effectiveness of treating cancer. Radiation and Chemo Therapies have limitations where alternative methods may have to come into play.

Surgeries are minimally invasive used with laparoscopic equipment significantly reducing damage to tissue and organs. Designed to remove the cancer and Shorten the recovery time for patients afterward. Now we also have Precision Treatment, attacks the cancer at a molecular level. This helps to eliminate or reverse the abnormal activity of the cells leading to the formation of the cancer itself.

Amicus Therapeutics’s Growth And Success

September 26, 2017

There are businesses today that offer the best in the market at the most affordable cost. This goal is possible only because they put a lot of effort in developing the product they’re selling. With the right product that the company sells, they will guarantee the promise of growth and sustained revenue increase. This achievement is nothing new with Amicus Therapeutics


Amicus Therapeutics: The Brand That Lives Up To The Praise


Amicus Therapeutics is right now the best global biotechnology company that offers the trending but sustainable products that offer the best deals on the market. The company’s leadership in the biopharmaceutical industry also gave it the record of being listed on NASDAQ in 2007 under the trading symbol FOLD.


The success of the company was also because of how the managers of their former venture capitalists who helped handle the business’s assets. Some of these venture capital firms include Radius Ventures, Enterprise Associates, and Canaan Partners. All these contribute to the growth’s famous name and progress that many of the clients vouched for today.


The Numbers


With the company’s total equity reaching $50 million and with 92 employees that work with the enterprise, Amicus Therapeutics finds itself winning in the numbers game (https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Amicus-Therapeutics-Reviews-E26068.htm). It might be safe to say that the success of Amicus has something to do with the fact that its headquarters is in Cranbury New Jersey, United States, with the key people leading the company and giving it the leadership it needs.


These key people that provided important help to the company include John Crowley and Bradley Campbel, who are the CEO and the COO respectively (SeekingAlpha).


Corporate Management


Amicus Therapeutics is also successful today because of the strong contribution of Brandon Wustman, who held the post as Director of Exploratory Biology in the operations of the firm. It is also the secret of the company to provide the best treatment and care for rare and particular diseases, especially the ones involving the lysosomal storage disorders of the patients.


With Amicus Therapeutics‘ technology called Chaperone-Advanced Replacement THerapy or CHART, it can provide a platform for the development of enzyme replacement therapies that offer a lot of help to the wellbeing of a patient.

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